What Are Drip Marketing Tools?

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The goal of drip advertising is to increase sales by repeatedly exposing the recipient of the advertisement to the advertised goods and services over time. In drip marketing, pre-written messages are delivered using a variety of mediums, including email, direct mail, and social media.

A study of 2,000 people found that half of us are engaged in “a never-ending search for products, services, and content to support behavior changing.”

A drip campaign can support this behavior. Drip campaigns can also be effective because they’re targeted, meaning they’re based on a specific action and can be personalized.

Automated email campaigns—AKA drip email campaigns—can save you endless repetitive work and remove the potential for human error.

You set it up once, and then any customer who takes a specified action will get a series of emails, in the exact order and cadence you specified.

Whether dates or actions trigger them, many examples of drip campaigns could work for your business.

Drip emails can accompany each potential customer through your sales pipeline.

From welcome drips, onboarding sequences, lead nurturing campaigns, and abandoned shopping carts to new product recommendations.

Lack of personalization, ineffective subject lines, and random follow-ups — all this can delay or even compromise the deal. Drip email software helps eliminate this risk.

For you, we’ve researched the top effective drip mailing services used by sales reps in 2022.

If you run a small business, corporation, or are an employee at one, this blog post might open your eyes.

Why Do Businesses Use Drip Campaigns?

Besides marketing campaigns making everything quick, Drip campaigns are important to most internet-based businesses for at least two reasons. First, they’ll save you a lot of time.

Automation is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.

Instead of having to write a multitude of content that is essentially the same, you can spend your time creating new, more effective nurture or drip campaigns.

Second, your audience gets the exact content they need at the right time.

At the core of all email marketing tools is the ability to send emails. You can use pre-made templates or make your own if the design is important to you.

There are fewer options than some other competitors, so decide how important pre-designed templates are for your business.

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Benefits of Drip Marketing

Drip marketing reduces the cost per customer acquisition by an average of 33%.

What’s more, leads that go through a drip marketing funnel will spend 47% more, as found by a Forrester Research report.

The “events” that make up a drip marketing strategy are mostly emails which is good because the average ROI of email marketing is 3800%.

But if you want to take things further, you could also include:

  • Landing pages

  • Display ads (mostly through retargeting)

  • Webinars

  • Blog posts

  • Videos

  • SMS messages

  • Phone calls

  • Direct mail pieces

Email drip campaigns also come with Email Finder, Email Verifier, and a free CRM offered on the same platform.

One of the great things about drip emails is that they are automated, so you don’t have to worry about writing new email content and manually sending it out daily.

Instead, you write the copy for a specific drip sequence, and you’re ready. You can link your drip campaigns to social media ads or calls to action on your blog.

When a person clicks on the link and subscribes, they’ll automatically receive the first in a series of automated emails.

You might need to tweak your strategy and experiment if you’re seeing less-than-ideal engagement with your email marketing efforts.

What Is Email Drip Campaign Software Used For?

A drip marketing campaign might be based on someone:

  • Placing an order

  • Attending an event at your store

  • Signing up for a webcast

  • Registering for a report or white paper

  • Abandoning a shopping cart

  • Engaging with customer service

  • Not placing an order for a while

How Do You Create A Drip Email Marketing Campaign?

A drip email marketing campaign needs to include the following steps:

  1. The idea behind your email campaign

  2. Draft the content of the email as per the priority

  3. The content should be informative/should have a CTA button or anything that can prompt the user to take action

  4. Decide the right time and day to send the campaign

Before You Pick Drip Email Software

To choose the best tool, you need to know your company goals, priorities, target audience, budget, size of the team that will use the tool, and many other internal business factors.

But we also suggest paying attention to the combination of features influencing conversion and the platform’s price.

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Woodpecker saves time spent on outreach and turning cold leads into loyal clients. Features include:

  • Follow-up automation allows you to use email templates, schedule follow-ups, set triggers, detect replies, set auto-replies, etc.

  • Email personalization: Send emails one by one with the desired frequency, use custom fields and snippets, and send emails from MS Exchange, Gmail, or Office 365 to give them a human look.

Woodpecker also has a free trial. For 14 days, you get full access to all the features and can send up to 150 cold emails for free.


AWeber is another affordable email marketing service. You can select from 700 templates and get access to a drag-and-drop editor.

Aweber is the best for small businesses that need a simple marketing automation tool with not-so-advanced features.

Although it is not the best in the market, it still has features and tools you need that will prove beneficial for new marketers.

Its entry-level plan comes with a 500-email limit, but there’s no limit to the number of subscribers.


GetResponse has 500 templates, and you can browse through a stock library filled with over 1000 images. The price of the plans increases as your list gets larger.


Regarding social media integrations, iContact is much better than its peers, so it is a great option for managing social media marketing channels.

iContact offers the fundamental features that every basic email marketing service does:

  • Drag and drop editor

  • Reporting tools

  • Email analytics

  • Segmentation tools

  • A/B testing

  • Salesforce compatibility

iContact is a great plus for small businesses and professional internet marketers.

Also, if you do not want complex automation but rather simple ones, then iContact knows how to do it.

You can use this tool to optimize your simple campaigns and get the best out of them.


Maropost is an email marketing software that helps you connect to your subscribers mainly via email, social, SMS, and web notification.

It is evolving to focus on eCommerce businesses and adding extensive reporting to its suite of features.

It has a drag-and-drop editor, but it lacks a bit of flexibility when it comes to heavily visualized emails. No doubt that it’s great for text-based emails.

With Maropost, you can create complex customer journeys and send targeted messages. The best part is that you will get key metrics for emails that are part of journeys.

This will help you optimize your campaigns.

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Thanks to NiftyImages, Hyperise, and Hippo Video integrations, allows you to personalize the email copy and the added images and videos.

It boosts the reply and engagement rates and helps you convert better.

The right email will go to the right person based on their actions (opens, URL clicks, or scheduled meetings).

It will maximize your email delivery, open reply rates, and minimize conversion time.

Use professionally written effective email templates to launch your campaigns asap. With a free API method, you can perform actions with prospects lists, campaigns, view statistics, etc.


The free account, which gives access to send 20,000 emails to 2,000 contacts per month, is impressive.

Campayn specializes more in organizing email newsletter campaigns to send updates to all kinds of email subscribers.

Constant Contact

Another oldest and most popular email marketing services company, Constant Contact, has helped millions of companies reach their customers.

The service also lets them collect, promote and track events, publish listings, and promote promotions and offers on social media.

This innovative service helps you find new customers, drive repeat business, and generate referrals.


While many options on this list either integrate with a chat app or include their own, ActiveCampaign stood out with its native live chat feature that plugs into your website or Facebook Messenger, and even allows you to send emails to a subscriber from inside the chat app.

It’s a great way to encourage your visitors to connect, build trust, and build your email list since you can automate email opt-ins through the chat app.


Sendloop is easy-to-use yet powerful self-service email marketing software designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce businesses.

Sendloop’s editor is a drag-and-drop editor with 80+ email templates. According to most reviews, it gets a good reputation because of its easy-to-use editor.

Sendloop’s automation features also allow you to customize JavaScript. You can trigger emails automatically based on certain user actions, like site visits, sign-ups, email opening, etc.

You also get single or double opt-in confirmation, Google Analytics integration, email preview, and social share.

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Use MailChimp’s automation tools to nurture and convert leads and turn shoppers into loyal customers.

MailChimp is a popular option for small businesses. It’s easy to use and is known for offering a simple way to do email marketing.

It comes with a range of templates and some advanced marketing automation. MailChimp has custom plans, which is a competitive factor to consider.

Mailchimp’s pricing starts cheap but gets costly as your audience increases. You can sign up for a forever-free plan that allows you to access only a few features.

You can send up to 12,000 emails and host 2,000 subscribers on the free plan. Only the higher tier plans come with multivariate testing to measure the impact of various emails.

Remember that the free version of Mailchimp limits you to one-step automation.

That’s great for automating your welcome email and other similar drips. 

Still, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan to take advantage of their full automation builder with multi-step drip campaigns that include time delays, conditionals, and more.


If you need automation in multiple steps, Flodesk is an excellent Mailchimp replacement solution.

It is possible to send an email to more than one person year without any additional charge. When it comes to budgeting, it is more cost-effective and easier.

Flodesk is one of the exemplary examples based on a simple but elegant email application. It doesn’t have complex features or a steep learning path.

Once registered, it will present you with a minimalist display, and the list includes three options for selecting an email address:

  • Forms

  • Workflow

  • Audience


Drip works seamlessly to integrate your customer data from eCommerce stores like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

You can use this data to power marketing strategies like targeting customers on what they buy, browse, and click across your store.

With pre-built playbooks like welcome series, abandoned cart, and post-purchase campaigns – you’ll be able to get started driving more sales in just a few clicks.

And if you’re looking to build something custom? You can start from scratch with their powerful, visual workflow builder.


The simplest way to create a workflow for your drip campaign is to use the premade workflow templates. You can choose anyone, depending on your goals and needs.

You can also create a workflow from scratch by going to the visual workflow builder and dragging the blocks you want to use.

You can use tags and scoring to track user behavior and optimize further communication flow.

GetResponse is a great email marketing service if you want to capture leads and nurture them.

The added functionality of webinars and eCommerce features make it even more powerful and worthwhile.

It is a great option for anyone looking for an all-in-one marketing service that offers sophisticated automation because Getresponse is the way to go.


Funnelbake is an email-sending tool that helps automate the sales funnel’s outreach, nurturing, and closing process.

With this CRM, you can automate follow-ups, personalize email templates with custom fields, schedule emails to be sent later, and much more!

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Every online user is inundated with opt-in forms, making it difficult for an eCommerce store to stand out and earn new subscribers.

Omnisend includes the basic static signup boxes and dynamic “wheel of fortune” pop-ups that deliver unique coupon codes and discounts to your website visitors.

As you build out your email content within the easy-to-use automation builder, you can insert dynamic product content directly from your eCommerce store.

A prominent sales dashboard is front and center inside your Omnisend account, with tabs that break down the information into Live View (who’s currently visiting your website), and Advanced Reporting for Campaigns and Workflows.

From there, the tools to help your eCommerce business only get cooler.

HubSpot Email Marketing Software

HubSpot’s email marketing software is part of a CRM platform.

The email marketing software is highly intuitive, and the native CRM integration allows you to easily personalize your emails so you can get better conversions.

In tandem with that, you also have access to a free form and popup builder to capture new contacts, and you can create high-converting landing pages, add a live chat or chatbot to your website, and more.

The platform is truly designed to help you scale and grow. ‍ ‍

The idea is for you to have all the tools you need to run a smooth email marketing campaign and your entire marketing and business operations.


Basic split testing is also available in Drip. You can test:

  • Subject lines

  • Send times

It’s not quite as thorough as some competitors who offer multivariate testing but is still sufficient for most uses.

Run sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns that are proven to drive more sales – all with zero coding skills required.


You can optimize your emails further by analyzing data provided through intuitive dashboards and heatmaps.

Dashboards give you key metrics – open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribers – for the overall campaign and hourly performance.

Heatmaps give you data on which CTAs and links people click the most, so you can use these patterns across your campaigns and even broadcasts.


ConvertKit is feature-rich and easy to use. In their free tier, you can send one-off emails, create landing pages and opt-in forms, and even sell digital products from inside ConvertKit.

A paid account unlocks the drip campaign functionality, which ConvertKit calls “sequences.” Sequences are simple email campaigns released on a schedule.

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Sendinblue uses an interactive workflow editor. For a first attempt, choose a preset template or select ‘custom’ to create something entirely new.

Once you define how the drip campaign will work, you can pick the templates for each step. The logs section shows how contacts respond to emails in workflows.

This useful tool is called Workflow Logs. The reports show where the subscriber is in the workflow at the moment. The metrics are also available in the Reporting Dashboard. is a visual workflow generator you can use to develop drip sequences. You can easily drag the same blocks around on your computer.

The same method can be combined by sending emails, SMS, and email to the user. To create an email, you are free to use a template.

When coding HTML from scratch, you can use drag-and-drop editors, or HTML.

The Visual Workflow Builder enables users to drag and drop elements, including email delays, conditional branching, and segmenting.

The Power of Comprehensive Statistics

Comprehensive statistics help you keep an eye on what’s working in your campaigns and what you can improve.

Monitor your open rates, CTR, and other indicators to A/B test and strengthen your email campaigns.

This feature allows you to connect your drip email service to other online business instruments, enhances your mailing strategy, and reduces manual work.

The more integrations, the more freedom you have.

Is Marketing Automation Worth It?

You may wonder where you’d find the time to manage an email marketing strategy while running your business.

Email marketing automation helps businesses run successful campaigns without manually sending a new batch of emails each day.

You will need to devote time to defining your goals, and an effective email marketing strategy demands commitment and dedication.

But once you create your content and decide on your triggers, email marketing automation software takes over.

The most basic form of email marketing automation is an email autoresponder.

An email autoresponder is an automated response to recipients who’ve taken a specified action, such as filling out a form or purchasing a product.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing can take many forms, like educating users on your service, helping them use certain features, or offering them free trials.

A lead nurturing campaign can increase your sales and purchase value.

The folks behind the marketing automation app Drip say that when brands nurture leads, they get 50% more sales-ready customers.

What Is Lead Scoring?

To help direct resources, many marketing automation tools use lead scoring.

Lead scoring is a methodology used to identify the most valuable leads based on their engagement with your content.

And email isn’t the only communication channel that can benefit from marketing automation.

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What Are Welcome Emails?

When someone new joins your audience, it’s a key moment to make a good impression.

With welcome drips, you can share everything about your business that a newcomer needs to know.

You can also use welcome emails to follow up with someone you met in person, like at an event you hosted—for example, a trunk show, wine tasting, or sale.

A drip campaign can effectively keep new audience members posted on upcoming events, sales, or other activities and make them feel like you share their values.

Upping Your Drip Email Marketing Game: Behavior-Based Drip Emails

Behavior-based drip marketing has similar concepts to simple autoresponders. 

It is a marketing strategy to build subscribers’ trust in your product or service, which will turn them into clients.

Usually, these campaigns use an email series with an alternate channel. There are huge differences between simple emails.

Segmenting behavior is another game: the planning, creation, and execution of behavior-based drips are strategically challenging.

These strategies require detailed planning, advanced technology, and technical knowledge.

Segmenting Through Link Clicks

Yes, fake surveys segment your subscribers by clicking a link, but these surveys are usually rarely used.

The ability to track which type of links people click on the most is also an equally useful technique. Suppose they implement email campaigns in their software company – CRM.

Leads subscribe via your website sign-up form and get a huge uncategorized list of visitors who enjoy your site.

Don't Segment Just To Segment

Okay, now you understand many of the different segmentation methods. Of course, the more complicated your system, the better it looks.

You will work harder with more of a segment you created and be more productive! Remember: segmentation is not useful; it should be proportional to the email list size.

Too much segment development can be dangerous and overload sensitive systems too.

Should You Segment Emails Based On Age Or Gender?

At some point, after locking down a solid drip marketing strategy, you might have enough people on your list to dive into some advanced personalization and segmentation.

And that’s where things get complicated. With hundreds of triggers, IF statements, tags, and email variations, you will end up with algorithms.

Our advice is to not segment by age or gender if you’re a blogger or software company.

If you’re an eCommerce store with different collections of products, aimed at specific genders, it’s important to segment along those lines.

Try targeting audience segments based on user characteristics like visit frequency, the likelihood of clicking on certain content subjects in a newsletter, how long ago they signed up, how often they visit your premium services page, or how long they’ve been paying customers.

Email marketing app Drip also points out that great lead nurturing campaigns use evolving profiles and segments:

  • Ask your users for more data

  • Track how they interact with your current drip campaigns

  • Adjust or create new segments using those figures

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