Free Drip Campaign Tools

Several examples of free drip email campaign tools include:

  • Sendloop

  • Vision6

  • ConvertKit

  • Maropost

  • Mailchimp

  • SendinBlue

Among the channels that have remained somewhat the same is email. B2C and B2B marketers use email as their top channel for content marketing.

Eighty-seven percent of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers use it to nurture their audience. It can even amp up your other marketing channels like social.   

A drip email marketing service is a must-have. However, not all email marketing services offer it. So here are the best drip email marketing software that won’t disappoint you.  

There are many options out there if you’re using drip marketing automation.

It’s hard to keep up with business needs with some tools when they’re overpriced, hard to use, and lacking features.

Even leaders in marketing automation could have an annoying interface or produce static newsletters.

From lead generation to customer retention, drip email marketing software takes care of everything.  

Drip email campaign marketing should be on your list if you want a profitable and high-converting business.  

There are plenty of free email marketing tools out there that can save you time and money.  

Drip email software –which may already be part of your email marketing tools — is a great way to send brilliantly timed and uniquely personalized emails

In our quest to learn more about drip email marketing automation, there is no doubt a considerable amount of work that goes into creating and scheduling drip email campaigns, ensuring they are deployed correctly.

From tools that ‘just’ send emails to full-featured CRMs with marketing automation that also offer drip email, you’ve got a lot of choices. 

Here’s a heads-up on finding the best drip email marketing app for your needs. 

What Are Email Marketing Campaigns?

An email drip campaign is a series of emails sent automatically to your subscribers, based on a set of parameters.  

Drip emails aim to get the right information to the right person at the right time. It’s like running your business on autopilot.

So it’s awesome that you’re looking for drip emails.

It sends a series of automated emails based on a set of predetermined criteria to your email list subscribers. You can make these automations as simple or as complex as you want. 

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation involves automating marketing processes and developing campaigns across multiple channels.

Businesses can automate messaging across email, web, social, and text with marketing automation. Messages are automatically sent, based on workflows.

Workflows may be based on templates, custom-built from scratch, or modified mid-campaign to improve results.

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What Types of Emails Are Sent Through Drip Email Software?

You can remind your old and new customers about your brand through drip email software. 

Existing customers might get emails about new products or updates about past purchases, but new ones might get emails telling them to sign up or buy something. 

Who Uses Drip Email Marketing Software?

Anyone who wants to build their email list can use drip email marketing software, from marketers to e-commerce owners to bloggers. 

It’s great for nurturing your leads, getting lost customers, or reaching out to new ones.  

What Is A Drag And Drop Editor?

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can make emails easily by adding particular blocks in a template and changing the colors, styles, sizes, and locations.

What Are Sequences?

Sequences are schedules for email campaigns. 

Adding automation to your sequence will allow you to build more advanced actions (like segmenting subscribers who take action on your email or removing them from a campaign when they buy).  

Timing Is Everything

You should send drip emails at least 12 hours apart (each) and no more than seven days apart (total). People won’t read them if you send them too often.

If you wait too long between emails, they’ll become frustrated. You should schedule your emails to go out every day at the same time.  

Why Don't Companies Manually Make Email Campaigns?

Creating a great-looking email from scratch is one of the biggest challenges. If you don’t have efficient tools, you might spend hours creating emails that look terrible.

You’ll lose productivity, and your email marketing ROI will suffer. Most companies don’t want to invest in a tool to simplify the process, so they settle for this.

But email marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tons of free email marketing tools you can use.

Benefits of Drip Email Marketing Software

Regular email campaigns can help you tackle your leads’ pain points with useful and relevant content.

By doing this, you’ll establish yourself as a reliable source of information in your niche and earn people’s trust with your future business offers.

Additionally, drip email software can boost your company’s productivity by:  

  • Saving time and money

  • Providing targeted market segmentation & personalization

  • Helping you build and nurture relationships

  • Boosting audience engagement & loyalty

  • Helping you convert leads easily

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The Sendloop plugin helps you automate your email marketing campaigns. Automation features let you customize JavaScript with Sendloop.

You can send emails based on certain actions, like site visits, signups, opened emails, etc.  

You get unlimited email delivery, lead generation, email marketing campaigns, and more with Sendloop.

Other features include single or double opt-in confirmation, Google Analytics, email preview, and social sharing.


The Vision6 email marketing tool does more than just online promotion. Online marketers and agencies will appreciate this emailing and SMS tool.

 The site has pre-made templates you can use, plus a drag-and-drop editor.

Email marketing campaigns can be designed, sent, analyzed, and tracked globally.  

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot, known best for its marketing automation platform, recently introduced a free email marketing tool. 

You can send kickback emails from lead offers, thank you emails after purchases, or current campaign emails.  


Maropost has a lot of ways to connect with your subscribers, including email, social, SMS, and web notifications.

The eCommerce software is evolving to focus on businesses and give you more reporting options.

There’s a drag-and-drop editor, but it’s not as flexible regarding emails that require a lot of visuals. However, it’s great for text-based emails.

Bloggers and sellers use ConvertKit for drip email campaigns. The forms are created creatively and look great anywhere on the website. It’s a great way to do opt-ins.

Get new subscribers’ consent by adding checkboxes to the signup forms. 

Choose from a few templates or design your landing page in a few seconds. You’ll have a hands-on editor to help you choose text, color, etc.

It has a visual workflow builder where you can drag and drop stuff like emails, delays, conditional branching, segments, etc., on the canvas to build your journey.

You can choose from these platforms if you want to send email drip campaigns. 


Their automation feature lets you set up drip campaigns with several triggers and actions so that you can send thousands of well-timed, highly-personalized emails to your audience.  


MailGet is the cheapest email marketing software on our list, with many advanced features. Multiple SMTP services can be connected at once.

Drag and drop lets you create eye-catching emails without writing code. You can use most SMTP services with it.  

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You’ve probably heard of Mailchimp, a leader in email marketing tools. Email marketing features like email creation and scheduling are included in their free plan.

Smart recommendations make this a great email marketing tool because they give audience insights that help you create better campaigns.  

All their plans also include Google Analytics integration and SEO tools. You also get unlimited pages and bandwidth.

You can also build product catalogs, manage orders, tax and shipping configurations, and more with Mailchimp’s online stores.

If you use Mailchimp free, you can only automate one step.

It’s great for sending your welcome emails and similar drips, but if you want to use their full automation builder with time delays, conditionals, and more, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.  

Mailchimp’s email editor is one of the best. This tool has a lot of integrations to suit everyone, from bloggers to eCommerce to business owners.

With the freemium plan, you get built-in email marketing and CRM.  


With Mailjet, you can build effective email marketing campaigns. Create responsive emails from pre-designed templates and impress recipients no matter their device.

You’ll love how easy it is to collaborate with a team on the platform. 


Moosend is an excellent email marketing tool.

Moosend helps you automate repetitive tasks to save time. You can design behavioral email campaigns based on subscriber information. 

The advanced segmentation feature helps you send highly targeted emails that increase open and click-through rates.


Powered by Amazon SES, EmailOctopus is a simple email marketing tool.

The free plan isn’t as feature-rich as some other free email marketing tools, but it allows more emails per month than most of them.

You can send out unlimited emails from any email address you want. Small agencies or entrepreneurs who represent other brands would love this.

You can also integrate third-party apps like MailOptin, WordPress, and Zapier to move customer data around seamlessly. 


Omnisend is a platform that lets you integrate all your communications tools in one place.

The free plan only includes email, but small and medium businesses can use it just fine for email marketing efforts.

You can automate your email delivery based on customer behavior, and schedule them for when your customers are free.

Inside your Omnisend account, you can find a prominent sales dashboard, with tabs that separate the information by Live View (who is currently visiting your website) and Advanced Reporting for Campaigns and Workflows.

From there, the tools for helping your eCommerce business only get better. 

E-commerce stores may find it difficult to stand out and earn new subscribers in an era where opt-in forms are everywhere. 

The Omnisend signup form has the standard static boxes and a “wheel of fortune” pop-up that gives your website visitors unique coupons and discounts. 

You can use its comprehensive audience insights to send more relevant email marketing messages.  

Django Drip

Zapier’s development team created Django Drip to handle email. It’s great for drip emails, updates, newsletters, etc. You’ll have to pay for your transactional emails. 

You can host Django Drip for free. Once that’s done, you’ll need to use an email service like Amazon SES, Mailgun, or Mandrill to send your messages.

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Starting a drip-email campaign occurs in just a few steps with MadMimi. 

Choose the contacts for delivery, specify the time intervals, and MadMimi will handle everything else. 

Benchmark Email

With Benchmark Email, you can design responsive emails that look great no matter your device.

If you need to add images to your email, you can edit them on the platform. You can add effects, stickers, and text with the email editor. 

Choose from many pre-designed templates based on industry, event, type, and style. HTML gurus can even build emails from scratch using the code editor.  


You can create and send emails with SendinBlue to capture leads, attract new customers, set up drip campaigns, track emails, monitor and analyze reports, and more.

The drip emailing feature automatically sends emails at a set time or according to user behavior.

With SendinBlue’s free version, you get 300 emails per day to deliver to unlimited contacts each month. Get the pro version if you need to reach out to more people.

SendinBlue has three paid versions; the Lite costs $25/m for 40k emails. You can get Essential for $39 for 60k emails, Premium for $66 for 120k emails, and $173 for 350k emails.  

Every plan comes with a mobile email designer, email template library, email and SMS personalization, SMS marketing, and A/B testing.


SendPulse offers multichannel marketing, but its email marketing feature is the most popular.

You can easily customize tons of professionally-designed email templates using a drag-and-drop editor. 

Then you can schedule these customized emails to go out automatically based on user behavior, event triggers, and other factors. 


Funnelbake enables you to automate outreach, nurturing, and closing in the sales funnel.

You’ll be able to automate follow-ups, customize your email templates, schedule messages to be sent later, and so much more! 


With Pepipost’s SMTP relay service, you’ll get your emails sent in under three seconds to their intended recipients. 

The dashboard shows you your email campaign’s performance in real-time after you send it. You’ll see how many opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces you’ve gotten.


MailerLite is one of the best free email tools, thanks to features like landing page and popup builders. 

Along with the drag-and-drop email builder, it has a rich text editor and a built-in photo editor so you can make stunning emails.

Make responsive landing pages to match the emails you send, increasing your conversions.  

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The features in Sender help you run an effective email marketing campaign.

You can get all the features with the free plan, with the only limitations being the subscribers and maximum emails per month. 

It makes a point to be GDPR compliant since all its servers are based in the EU. It’s easy to create stylish emails with this software.


Small to midsize businesses can use RedCappi for email marketing.

This drag and drop email editor lets you drag and drop emails, build custom email campaigns, schedule emails, and manage contacts. 

Your email marketing campaigns can also be analyzed in real-time so that you can adjust your workflow, optimizing it.

Using RedCappi with social media can boost brand awareness, lead generation, and more.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to upgrade to a paid plan to get most of these free email marketing tools. 

Marketers and small businesses can make their most while saving time and money.

Despite your business needs, you’ll find that the paid plans are affordable and flexible enough to fit your budget.

There is a reasonable price point on all these apps, and most charge based on the number of subscribers. Your #1 pick may no longer make sense financially as your email list grows.

You’ll have to do some research here. Integrate your email drip campaign software with the other tools on your stack. 

By fine-tuning your email strategy, you’ll reduce the amount of manual work.  

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