How To Download Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Keep track of your prospects & customers by exporting your LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads into a spreadsheet.

Use the spreadsheet to sort & filter your leads & to track your interactions with them. 

Leads can be exported by clicking the ‘Leads’ tab at the top of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


  1. Select each lead you want to export.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Export’ button at the top & choose ‘CSV’ from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click ‘Export’ when you’re done.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

You can connect with potential customers & track your progress with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Businesses can increase sales AND brand awareness with it.

Companies in LinkedIn Sale Navigator search results have reviews, product descriptions, company bio, company descriptions, website links, and seller details like email, phone, and social media links. 

It also integrates with other CRM systems, so you can manage your sales pipeline easily.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is essential for any sales professional looking to get the most out of their LinkedIn account.

Sales Navigator Core

Sales Navigator Core is the basic version. Contact & company searches, lead recommendations, and InMail credits are included.

It’s a handy way to get familiar with Sales Navigator if you’re just starting.

Sales Navigator Advanced

With Sales Navigator Advanced, you can see how many people have viewed your profile, track the searches you save, and get weekly lead tips.

What Is The Best Way To Use The LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

With Sales Navigator on LinkedIn, you have two options:


  1. Gathering business emails (Dux-Soup or any other tool), then email marketing them

  2. Direct messaging/networking with your target audience/decision-makers.

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Can You Export Leads From A Sales Navigator List To Excel?

Yes, definitely. All these leads can be exported to Excel (as a CSV file). You can send your leads directly to a CRM like Salesforce or Outreach.

Besides lead lists, you can also export saved searches & regular searches in Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator alone won’t do it. LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn’t have a native feature for exporting leads. You’ll need a Chrome extension to export leads from Sales Navigator.

How To Export Multiple LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lists

It’s easy to combine multiple lists in one Excel file. Enter the URLs of all the lists you’re interested in into column A of Google Sheets.

It’s easiest to export searches by copying & pasting them into a spreadsheet when there’s no export feature.

It’s a time-consuming project, but once completed & maintained, it can be hugely beneficial. The other Sales Intelligence vendors all support Excel downloads & CRM enrichment. 

Collecting the data & putting it in an Excel spreadsheet will help you get the desired results. 

You can also export account searches from Sales Navigator. Go to the ‘Account Lists’ tab instead of the ‘Lead Lists’ tab. 

HubSpot Integration

With HubSpot, you can attract, engage, and delight your customers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is ONE way it does this. 

With this integration, you can send personalized outreach to your contacts. HubSpot lets you send personalized outreach, including InMails.

HubSpot also shows you who your common connections are. You do this by looking at shared interests or experiences.

When you’re trying to get introduced to a new lead list, this info will help you find someone appropriate to contact. You won’t waste time contacting people who aren’t relevant.

You can also get more details about your key accounts. Because of this collaboration between the two services, you don’t need other tools or software.

The Sales Navigator Search Results Limitation

There are 25 prospects per page, & LinkedIn only shows 100 pages of 25 results on Sales Navigator (25*100=2500).

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Sales Navigator & Salesforce

Salesforce can be integrated with LinkedIn, so businesses can automatically import LinkedIn data into Salesforce.

You’ll be able to see your LinkedIn connections in Salesforce & vice versa. 

Salesforce provides detailed information about your prospects when you search for them on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Your CRM software & Sales Navigator update in real-time. You can also leverage Sales Navigator information from your CRM with embedded profiles for Salesforce & MS Dynamics. 

Salesforce does NOT offer the option to export account & lead information from Sales Navigator into a CSV or XLS file.

If you have Sales Navigator Advanced Plus, you can sync all the leads & accounts between Sales Navigator & Salesforce.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

This tool allows you to download all the information you need from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. By using LinkedIn data, you can boost your marketing campaign.

You can extract leads from search query builder results.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is supported & updated according to LinkedIn updates. You don’t have to worry about data quality.

Business Leads Crawlr has a daily limit of 2000 records, so you can Crawl data from thousands of businesses in a day.

LinkedIn Profile Extractor helps enterprises, small & medium-sized businesses, freelancers, marketers, and web admins get readable & scalable LinkedIn data.

How To Get Phone Numbers From Sales Navigator

Rocket Reach is convenient if you want to export Sales Navigator leads with phone numbers. You can find email addresses with Dropcontact, but not phone numbers.

You need to format your data to respect Rocket Reach requirements. To do that, you can upload your CSV to Google Sheets and:


  • Change “Prospect LinkedIn URL” to “LinkedIn URL”

  • Change “Full Name” to “Name”

  • Change “Company Name” to “Current Employer”

Why Is It Important To Provide Websites To Email Finders?

If you don’t give an email finder a website directly, it’ll search Google for you.

When you give the email finder a really specific name (like Welcome To The Jungle, for example), it won’t have trouble finding the right website because there aren’t too many companies named that. 

Meanwhile, if the company name is something generic like ABC Digital Consulting, there’s a chance many companies have the same name & dozens of websites exist.

What Does Wiza Do To Export Lists of Leads?

The platform Crawls your list & then puts the contacts in a spreadsheet. You can download this as the “People” document.

Wiza will look at the company names in your search & search all over the web for your contact’s email address. It can be their work email, personal email, or generic company email!

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