Why You Should Use Kennected To Not Miss LinkedIn Message Responses

The LinkedIn inbox is one of the most important parts of the entire platform. It’s where you can communicate with your leads and convert them into paying customers. You can also set up meetings and demos to start building that relationship. It’s where most of your LinkedIn outreach happens.

Marketers and entrepreneurs who actively use LinkedIn for their outreach often find their LinkedIn inboxes cluttered. You could easily get lost in the sea of messages if you don’t keep it under control. Even worse, you might miss a few important messages if you’re always dealing with a full LinkedIn inbox.

Customer engagement is more important than ever. If you’re missing messages here and there, you’re missing out on potential conversions. If you miss a lot of responses, it will impact your revenue in the long term. Not to mention that you wouldn’t be able to make the most out of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

If LinkedIn is one of your primary channels, you need to optimize your inbox. Here we will talk about how you can stay engaged with your leads without missing a single message.

The Problem with the LinkedIn Inbox​

First, let’s talk about why this is a problem for a lot of marketers. If you have less than 500 connections on LinkedIn, this might not apply to you as much. Your inbox may be easy to organize.

But since you’re reading this, we can assume that you’re sending out a lot of messages and getting a lot of responses thanks to your outreach.

For starters, the fact that you’re getting a lot of replies is a good thing because it means LinkedIn won’t think of you as a spammer. They will see your high acceptance and engagement rate, so they won’t restrict your account.

But the problem with getting tons of replies is that now you have to manage so many different conversations. In between answering those messages, you also have to keep an eye out for new ones. It quickly becomes very stressful and time-consuming.

On top of all the responses that you’re getting from leads and prospects, LinkedIn also gives you news, job alerts, InMails, sponsored posts, and many other messages that clutter your inbox. If there’s a particular message that you want to answer, you’ll have to do a lot of scrolling to get to it.

The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more flooded your inbox becomes. So if you want to stay on top of your messages, here are a few solutions.

Understand the Basics of your LinkedIn Inbox​

If you don’t know where to begin, you should first understand how to navigate your inbox. Knowing the basics will save you a lot of time.

Learn how to use the filters. When you check your inbox, you see all of your messages, both read and unread. This is the default view. But if you click on the drop-down arrow next to “All Messages” you can apply a filter based on different categories including Archived, Unread, My Connections, and Spam.

These filters are very helpful when it comes to keeping the chaos under control. The Archive is for when you’ve read a message but want to view it again in the future. You can keep your important messages in the Archives for easy access.

LinkedIn does not allow you to create your own folders in your inbox, so this Archive feature is very useful. Just click the Archived link on the left side of your inbox to access your archived messages.

The drop-down dots above your LinkedIn messages can be used to delete, mute, add participants, report, and mark messages as unread. While the LinkedIn inbox is not as versatile as email, it still has plenty of features that make it easier to navigate.

Clean Up Your LinkedIn Inbox​

Your goal here is to reach “inbox zero”. This is an email management philosophy that is all about keeping the inbox nearly empty—if not totally empty—at all times.

You should think of your inbox messages as tasks that need to be completed. One way or another, they serve as a to-do list for marketers. You may have to reply, send a follow-up, or just delete the conversation entirely. It all depends on who you are talking to.

If you want to stay ahead of your task list, you need to keep it clean. Having a giant list of tasks is stressful and somewhat annoying. Keeping your LinkedIn inbox at zero will make you more productive and efficient.

If a message requires you to do something, you can archive it and deal with it later. You can also set it as unread if it requires a thought-out response. But if you can do it in less than three minutes, reply to it right then and there.

Delete messages that don’t require any action on your behalf, as well as messages that aren’t related to your LinkedIn outreach.

Your inbox may be visually overwhelming, but only if you don’t separate the urgent conversations from the non-important ones.

Manage Your Group Message Updates​

Marketers and business owners often join LinkedIn Groups because they are full of high quality leads. It is also easier to engage with them because LinkedIn lets you message people who are members of the same group.

But this is another reason why your inbox is so easily flooded. If you are actively using LinkedIn Groups, you should update your setting preferences. Whether you prefer individual emails from particular Groups or you would rather not receive messages from Groups entirely, you can change your settings accordingly.

Just go to the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section under your profile, select ‘Communications’ and then choose ‘Set the frequency of emails’. This will show you a list of groups you are part of, and you can change your preferences from there.

Use Kennected So You Never Miss another LinkedIn Message​

Automation can make your life a lot easier in so many different ways. And that also applies to the way you handle your LinkedIn inbox.

Kennected is the best automation tool out there because it is safe, effective, and it brings you a stream of connections, meetings, and appointments on autopilot. When you start a Kennected campaign, you can send messages to all your target prospects automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them yourself.

Once a lead responds, Kennected lets you jump right into the conversation and start building that relationship. Kennected’s response tracker makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your messages. This way, you can focus on talking to your leads instead of drowning in the sea of replies in your inbox.

You don’t have to sit around and wait for people to reply to you. Kennected gives you smart prospecting on autopilot, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Imagine being able to send personalized messages to hundreds of people in your target demographic. You can even set up multiple sequences to target different groups of people. That’s the power of Kennected.

Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you can get their email, contact number, and other information available publicly, right in your Kennected dashboard. This makes your outreach so much easier.

Imagine being able to craft an offer that is exclusive to LinkedIn: one that they can’t find online or on Groupon. You can send them a personalized intro message, and whether they buy something right away or just connect with you, you win.

Kennected lets you send personalized messages and follow-ups that will actually get you replies. We can help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost than mailers. Kennected can help you grow your business.

If you’re using LinkedIn to reach your leads, you need to stay on top of your LinkedIn inbox. Kennected helps you do all that and more. Book a demo today to learn more!

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