Does Klaviyo Do SMS?

Klaviyo SMS is a platform designed for short message service, meaning that Klaviyo does SMS marketing quite well and is designed for performing SMS functions.

In this article, we’ll cover the following aspects of Klaviyo SMS and SMS marketing:

  • SMS marketing and SMS messages

  • Specific aspects of Klaviyo SMS and how it works

  • SMS subscribers and how to engage with them

  • The difference between SMS and email marketing

Read on to learn all about SMS conversations, the ins and outs of an SMS campaign, and the best ways to use SMS messaging to your advantage from the moment you launch your campaigns.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a service designed to support any text messages that are sent from your business to your client base.

This form of digital marketing is best used for short code, transactional messages, and sending time sensitive information from your business through a text message.

Since SMS messaging is rooted in text messages, this marketing strategy relies on the format of the text message to create value and purpose for the customers.

Your messaging can include:

  • A welcome message for new clients

  • A link to your website to increase online trafficSMS and MMS messages, including photos and videos

  • Early access to product updates to provide value for your SMS

  • Two way communication channels for you and your clients to interact with one another

Above all else, SMS messages are designed to create a better way to communicate with your clients, as well as delivering important information concerning your business.

Let’s take a closer look at Klaviyo SMS to see what makes them different from other SMS providers on the market today.

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Specific Features of Klaviyo SMS Marketing

In 2022, Klaviyo is considered one of the leading SMS providers available today due to their unique SMS approach and integration strategies.

As a marketing service, Klaviyo is designed to help you stay up to date with any SMS updates and the service is dedicated to making sure that your SMS campaign is as successful as possible.

Here are some of the unique Klaviyo SMS features:

  • Access to an academy newsletter

  • New help center guides and articles to aid your SMS goals

  • Templates for transactional messages and MMS messages

  • Metrics on each SMS message, including the open rates, response rates, and date on new help if applicable

  • A toggle menu designed to organize your documents and templates

  • A database that holds any trademarks of Klaviyo inc, trademarks or registered content, and any messages that have been sent and received by your business

  • SMS consent and compliance rules compiled for your convenience and SMS safety

They also have a feature that allows you to “subscribe to the academy,” meaning that you’ll also receive up to date news on the Klaviyo service while using Klaviyo for your own campaign purposes.

When it comes to managing your messaging campaigns and getting started with SMS marketing, using Klaviyo and their software is a great place to start.

What are SMS Subscribers?

Before you can get started on your SMS messaging, you first have to create your list of SMS subscribers.

Start with your existing customers.

You’ll likely have a solid customer list already built through social media, past service, and other avenues that have put you into contact with a large bank of clients.

Get a phone number from each of these clients, and begin building your SMS subscribers from there.

Once you have your customers and their phone numbers added into your subscribers list, you can begin with your SMS marketing.

However, before you launch headfirst into your SMS correspondence, you first have to obtain something called SMS consent.

SMS consent refers to the written and explicit signup form that must be obtained from each phone number in your SMS list.

This process involves an opt in feature sent to each number that provides one of two options: an opt in (the option to sign up for your SMS campaign and messages) and an opt out (the choice to not receive any messages from your business).

Your initial signup form must include both of these options to ensure that your customers are not receiving unwanted SMS from your business.

It is also a best practice to use a multi step form of obtaining consent, serving as another way to make sure consent is being properly recorded.

This can take the form of a double opt in, or the inclusion of an opt out feature in every message you send from your company.

Making sure to keep consent and the best interests of your customers central to your SMS is a great way to keep your messaging focused, helpful, and beneficial to everyone involved.

What Are SMS Messages?

Your SMS messages are the text messages that guide your text message marketing campaign and drive it towards your client base.

These messages are delivered from your software directly to the phone number of your client.

Your campaigns will take place within a specific marketing channel, helping you keep your messages organized and clearly displayed.

Let’s outline the best ways to use your SMS messages for your SMS subscribers:

  • Sending numbers product updates and service discounts

  • Keeping clients updated on your brand and any changes within it

  • Sending an article, link to your website or social media pages

  • Sending an automated message with last updated service/products

  • Collect data from messages through surveys, customer engagement, and customer outreach through their own responses

What is great about SMS messages is the fact that they can be so different and vary from message to message.

You have the ability to cater your SMS to your SMS subscribers through your business text messages, helping you collect data from your customers through your campaigns and better reach your client base.

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What is the Difference Between SMS and Email?

It is very likely that you already use email and social media platforms for your marketing purposes, but text message marketing has the ability to reach customers quicker and more effectively than either of those options.

However, there is a need for both SMS and email, so let’s outline the differences here.

Ways to use email marketing:

  • Send long form content out to your clients

  • Have a weekly newsletter that details client wins and product updates

  • Send articles and blogs through email

  • Serves as a storage bank for important documents and scheduling

Another great benefit of email marketing is that it is completely free.

The most notable distinction between email and SMS is that email is free and better suited for long form content.

Due to the format of the text message, it is best to include short form content for SMS marketing and long form content for emails.

Here are some ways to use SMS:

  • Send messages to a toll free number

  • Have access to your subscribers and provide special information for them

  • Use the channel to connect with clients and connect them with one another

  • Show your brand persona through your SMS

  • Link to other resources for the convenience of your subscribers

In some ways, SMS is more versatile than email marketing despite the limited space you have to deliver your message.

Make sure to use both email and SMS to your advantage while keeping their key distinctions in mind.

How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing

At Kennected, we pride ourselves on our ability to reach our customers through both email and SMS.

It is extremely important to have a communication channel that invites back and forth dialogue through SMS, and it is also important to send emails with long form content.

Services like Klaviyo SMS are essential in helping businesses expand and get started with SMS marketing and improving what they have begun with email marketing.

The sooner you start utilizing SMS, the better!

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