Disney Plans To Craft Christopher Columbus Series

Author Stephen Graham Jones who has long disapproved of Christopher Columbus, has done something that can only be described as “modern.”

Jones channeled that youthful confusion & anger about Columbus into a new comic book series called Earthdivers, about a bloody quest back to 1492. 

IDW said Sunday the first issue has already gone into a second printing. There’s a TV series in development at Disney.

Earth has become an environmental disaster in 2112, the super-rich are gone, and Native Americans find a cave in the desert that allows them to travel through time. 

An emissary is sent to the past to kill Columbus, who they see as the source of their problems.

Here’s what the article states –

Jones himself isn’t sure he’d go through the portal to hunt down Columbus. “I’d be worried I’d bring the flu back and wipe out the 15th century,” he said.

Hollywood wants in on “Earthdivers,” too. According to Jones, he received several offers before Disney-owned 20th Television optioned it for development into a series. Jones said he will be an executive producer on the “Earthdivers” show.

Jones said it could wind up on streaming service Hulu, which has become a hot spot of sorts for stories about Indigenous people in the Americas, including FX’s coming-of-age dramedy “Reservation Dogs” and “Predator” prequel “Prey.” He’s a big fan of both, and he’s encouraged to see more Indigenous people in media.

Read the full story here

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