Disney & AMC Combat Dipping Viewership With Collaboration

There’s a lot at stake for AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC -0.50%) with the changing landscape of movie-viewing habits. Additionally, it has a lot of influence. 

It recently announced a partnership with Disney (DIS -0.19%). It’s a win-win for both companies. See how and why it works.

AMC CEO Adam Aron tweeted an image of Disney+ perks like AMC theater screenings. Disney movies have been playing at AMC theaters for decades. 

The AMC theaters at Disney Springs are among Disney World’s resort areas.

Disney’s partnership with AMC could affect Disney+ Day screenings & special concessions for Disney+ subscribers in the long run.

 Future events could involve other limited releases or direct-to-stream releases at AMC. 

Streaming has become a bigger part of how people watch movies, so viewers have more options now. 

Here is what the article states –

“This is a short-term fix for AMC, and if nothing else, could get applause from its large fan base of retail investors. AMC stock gained 15% after the initial Disney announcement. However, between continued losses, fewer films, and changing viewer habits, this mother of all meme stocks remains risky as an investment.

Disney stock, on the other hand, has more to gain from this kind of arrangement, as it feeds into its entertainment cycle. Disney has exceeded its pre-pandemic revenue, and it’s poised to continue growing.”

Read the full story here

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