disguise Announces Cloud Solution For Entertainment Industry

Introducing disguise Cloud, a cloud-ready media & entertainment app. You can collaborate remotely across any M&E project with disguise Cloud’s FREE starter plan. 

When it comes to simple video playback or complex 3D projects, disguise Cloud makes collaboration easy.

You’ll soon be able to share media files more securely across time zones with disguise Cloud’s built-in passphrase protection, multi-factor authentication, expiration links, and watermarking. 

You’ll spend less time worrying about IP leaks & more time iterating.

Here is what the article states –

“The Cloud platform will offer a unified disguise login, enabling one-click access to all of disguise’s cloud services as well as disguise Designer software, the ultimate software to visualize, design and sequence projects from concept to showtime. Cloud Login offers multi-factor authentication as standard for added security and lets users access the disguise Cloud using their existing social login credentials.

Another major application available on release is disguise Drive – a web-based storage space which allows teams to upload and review all their project media securely. disguise Drive supports images, video and 3D file formats including .fbx, glTF and .obj and has Smart Folders to organize files by type, recently added or any other custom parameter in just a few clicks.”

Read the full story here

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