What are the Disadvantages of the Cloud?

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Cloud is a huge network of remote servers all over the globe with a distinct function. The global network of servers is merged to operate as a single entity through Cloud computing. Cloud services include storing and managing data, running applications, and content delivery. So, businesses are switching to cloud computing technology as it offers solutions to various business processes.

Cloud computing enables access to files and data online through any internet-enabled device. You can access your data or files anywhere and anytime you need them. So, you don’t need to carry your personal computer wherever you go. Nevertheless, cloud computing has its share of disadvantages and risks.

Below are some of the downsides and risks of cloud computing that could affect your business.

Probable Downtime in Internet Connectivity

Cloud computing heavily depends on the reliability of internet connection. Any business that wants to switch to cloud computing must ensure the availability of steady internet connectivity. If your internet connection suffers frequent outages, cloud computing may not work for your business. When there is no internet, cloud computing is offline, and you are offline.

Additionally, cloud computing will not work smoothly if the internet connection is slow. The quality of cloud computing servers is an important consideration. You should source for quality cloud providers if your business is to reap the benefits of cloud computing. The best cloud computing service providers also experience server outages at times.

The biggest obstacle to cloud computing is thus the internet connectivity. If the internet path to your cloud provider experiences any hitch, you will be disconnected. In particular, developing countries and remote areas are likely to lack good internet access. Since the only way to cloud computing is the internet, businesses in such areas may not benefit from cloud computing advantages.

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Level of Security

Is your data safe with cloud computing? One of the vital functions of cloud computing or internet computing is storing data. As a result, using cloud computing applications that involve storing confidential data may expose the data to other users. Cloud storage can be easily accessible over the internet.

Consequently, your cloud computing data can be accessed from anywhere on the internet in case of a data breach through hacking. Despite established cloud providers developing sophisticated data security systems, they have suffered immensely from security scandals.

Moreover, data breaches via hacking have been commonplace even in presumed secure companies. Thus, Cloud technology is not entirely secure, and your business data could be compromised. You have to decide if the level of security offered by cloud computing outweighs its possible security risks. After all, there is no system without disadvantages, and cloud computing is not an exception.

Cloud Computing Inflexibility

The cloud service provider you select is critical. Some of the applications offered by your cloud service provider may not be compatible with other systems. Some cloud applications are inflexible and cannot easily transfer or convert information into another system.

In some instances, a cloud service provider can deliberately lock in customers. Therefore, it is almost impossible or expensive for you to migrate to another cloud provider. You should insist on retaining ownership of your data when sourcing cloud services from a vendor.

More importantly, ensure the cloud infrastructure of your vendor can allow the addition or subtraction of cloud computing users. Also, make sure your cloud vendor offerings match to present standards. Avoid cloud computing vendors with non-negotiable business contracts at all costs. Such can be detrimental to your business growth and expansion.

Cost Comparison

At the start, a cloud computing application may seem cheaper than an in-house installed software. While cloud applications don’t demand large capital outlays to support cloud infrastructure, they may lack some features. At times, in-house installed software has been found to have more features. Some of these features may be crucial in your business processes.

Eventually, you may need to customize your cloud-based application software to suit your business needs. Thus, you will have to incur extra costs. At the same time, moving your custom in-house software to the cloud comes with huge expenses for re-writing. You need to dig deep into pricing plans to determine whether a cloud application is cost-effective. In doing so, you should also consider the possible future expansion of your business.

For instance, if the limits of a given cloud-based application are exceeded, then the next tier price maybe double. Usually, the devil is in the details regarding most cloud computing services contracts. From the outset, the cloud services contracts may look cheaper, but they actually may not.

Yet again, one of the disadvantages of cloud computing is paying an annual fee. Desktop software can be cheaper, especially where an up-to-date version is not needed regularly. You only pay a one-time fee in such instances, and the software is yours for good.

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Technical Problems

It is worth noting that cloud computing does not allow you to have control over it. If you encounter any difficulty in cloud computing, you have to contact customer service. Besides, customer support for cloud computing is not guaranteed round the clock. Again, you may need to pay to get some of your cloud computing problems resolved.

Which Type of Business Can Experience Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

The majority of online marketplace companies are the most likely culprits of the disadvantages of cloud computing. Such companies carry out most of their transactions online.

A major downtime of the server can bring huge losses to any enterprise that relies heavily on online transactions. For example, any significant server outage can result in the loss of millions of dollars for a company like Amazon. The same can be said of Alibaba, Airbnb, and other e-commerce marketplaces.

Another sector that is vulnerable to the disadvantages of cloud computing is health companies. Health companies deal with patient data which requires a high level of confidentiality and privacy. Yet one of the disadvantages of cloud computing is less security. The easy accessibility of cloud storage data over the internet means data can leak to the public.

Law firms can also experience data losses while using cloud computing. Companies that offer legal services deal with very sensitive information and data. Hence, any law firm using cloud computing services should use trustworthy cloud providers.

How Can You Overcome the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

While there are some disadvantages of cloud computing, there are also numerous advantages. Some of the benefits of cloud computing can help your business to grow. Besides, some improvements are being made regularly in cloud technology. So, the future of cloud computing is bright, and any business may not do without it.

As a business owner, you should find the best cloud service before switching to the cloud. To overcome the disadvantages of cloud computing, select service providers that guarantee the security of your server. Your provider should also provide offerings that suit your business needs. In addition, your provider should have an adequate cloud-based infrastructure.

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Cloud Computing Can (Likely) Fit Your Needs

Cloud computing offers a great opportunity for businesses to do away with IT management costs. The many cloud computing advantages out weights its shortfalls. Subsequently, as a small business owner, you can live with the shortcomings of cloud computing while reaping the full cloud computing advantages.

Small businesses may experience huge security issues with having business data online. So, you may start your cloud computing slowly. Choose a few business applications to replace with cloud computing as you do the monitoring. As you become accustomed, you can take full advantage of cloud computing.

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