Direct Mail Tips for Small Businesses

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A successful direct mail campaign involves many factors, and this article will outline some of the best practices needed for digital marketing and each direct mail marketing campaign you launch. For local businesses, it is best to keep your direct marketing plans rooted in what your business can provide for the community.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What direct mail marketing is

  • How to structure door direct mail

  • Best practices for mail marketing efforts

  • How to best reach your target audience through direct mailing

  • How to streamline your direct mail marketing efforts

  • How Kennected uses direct mail advertising to reach customers

Read on to learn how direct mail marketing performs in the context of your business, as well as direct mail tips for small businesses.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is the usage of letters to communicate with your clients.

Direct mailers rely on direct mail marketers to help craft their messages from their business to send out to their customer base.

For small businesses, the direct mail industry is a great place to foster relationships and send correspondence.

Here is just a few of the items that direct mail marketing can provide for your business:

  • Sending promotional materials

  • Using digital marketing

  • Sending out digital advertisements

  • Including coupon codes

  • Using graphic design tips and personal touches

  • Helping to drive traffic

  • Cost effective

  • A high response rate

  • Target based communication efforts

As a small business, it is especially important to foster relationships with your clients.

When you take the time to bond with your customers, a few good things happen.

First, your client is more likely to employ your services for a longer period of time.

Second, they are more likely to recommend your business to a friend.

Third, they may even promote your services on social media themselves.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to foster these relationships with ease.

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How to Structure an Email Campaign

When it comes to direct mailings, you need to first have a plan before you start writing your mail campaign.

To ensure the campaign’s success, take a moment to outline what you want this specific email campaign to accomplish.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the point of this message?

  • Where will this drive traffic to?

  • How will this message be received by my clients?

  • Is this content better suited for physical correspondence?

Having the purpose of your email campaign nailed down before you begin writing will help to streamline the process.

Keep the potential customer or existing customers in mind at this stage.

Always be thinking about how your messages will be received and if they accomplish your goal or fall short.

Best Practices for a Direct Mail Piece

There will often be times where you have a piece of content already created, and you now need to decide if this content is suitable for email marketing or another channel.

The simple question you need to ask yourself is this:

Is this content long or short form?

Long form content is suited for a direct mail campaign message, while short form content is usually not.

There are exceptions to this rule, so use good discretion when deciding what to do with your content and message lengths.

As a general rule, email messages are meant to be lengthier, while short form content is better suited for social media channels and ads.

When you have a longer piece created, use it for either direct mail marketing or email marketing.

What a Direct Mail Campaign Should Accomplish

Direct mail marketing should accomplish the following items:

  • Reach new customers with valuable information

  • Connect your local community

  • Contain event promotions

  • Include registered trademarks

  • Reach the right audience

  • Include a call to action

Small business owners who utilize direct mail marketing see greater response rates and outreach than with any other form of marketing.

In the current digital marketing age, direct mail marketing makes you stand out from the rest of the companies utilizing solely online communication efforts.

While direct mail marketing is a great way to communicate with clients, you also need to be utilizing email campaigns and other digital marketing forms.

What Content Should Not Go In Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

The only content that should not go in a direct mail marketing campaign are images and captioned graphics.

As a general rule, direct mail marketing does not include any images or graphic design tips.

Stick to the written word when sending direct mail.

Since these mail pieces are going directly into the recipient’s mailbox, it is best to keep correspondence simple and straightforward.

Use direct mail to your advantage and stick to longer form pieces.

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How Kennected Structures Direct Mail Campaigns for Success

As a cost effective method, Kennected uses direct mail campaigns for outreach and feedback purposes.

It can be very helpful to send out a paper copy of a specific article or piece of content that we find beneficial for our clients to have.

We use direct mail campaigns sparingly but effectively.

Use direct mail when applicable and watch your client relationships blossom.

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