How Do You Develop A Sales Enablement Strategy

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An effective sales enablement strategy is developed through working closely with your sales and marketing teams to aid the sales process. The sales enablement process is rooted in aiding your sales team, so using their needs to structure sales enablement strategy is a good idea.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement strategy is

  • What elements make sales enablement strategy important

  • How to streamline the sales process

  • Best practices for marketing and sales teams

Read on to learn more about sales enablement strategy and how to develop a method that works well for your business.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales reps with the necessary resources, materials, and content management system to help them sell more effectively.

As a sales organization, it is extremely important for your sales team members to have resources to refer to throughout the sales cycle.

Some sales enablement strategies that can be used to benefit your sales reps include:

  • A detailed list of sales enablement initiatives

  • A customer relationship management guide

  • Sales enablement content

  • Graphics containing industry knowledge

  • Set sales goals and sales tactics

  • Various sales enablement tools created specifically to aid sales enablement leaders

A successful sales enablement strategy will be constantly changing and evolving to accommodate your sales team and their improvements on the sales floor.

Start with a small but well-structured sales enablement plan, and continue to evaluate this plan frequently.

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What Makes a Sales Enablement Strategy Important?

Your sales enablement efforts are extremely important for your business for a few reasons.

  • You can employ sales enablement software to aid your sales force around the clock

  • A strong sales enablement strategy will result in more deals

  • Sales enablement success is not limited to your sales force

  • A designated sales enablement team can be created and used to streamlines sales processes

  • Marketing and sales teams will work together to solidify the sales pipeline

Ultimately, your sales enablement strategy is bigger than just aiding your sales team in their selling efforts.

A winning sales enablement strategy advances sales enablement goals, but it also unites sales organizations and supports the buyer’s journey.

Make sure to view sales enablement strategy as an ongoing process, especially when equipping sales teams with sales content and sales readiness training.

How to Streamline the Sales Process

When you create a sales enablement strategy, the main goal of this process should be to increase the efficacy of your sales processes and make them smoother for sales reps and customers.

With this in mind, there are a few sales enablement services that will help streamline the sales process:

  • Use your marketing team to your advantage

  • Monitor sales conversations for feedback purposes

  • Create set sales enablement programs for different sales reps

  • Create graphics for the entire sales cycle

  • Follow each phase of the customer journey to see weak points

  • Focus on sales content optimization

In some ways, your marketing team owns a sales enablement strategy.

Your marketers will provide sales reps with all of the necessary content and resources that they need to be successful.

In doing so, your marketing department is developing a sales enablement strategy and aiding each sales conversation, essentially generating revenue through their assistance.

Use your marketing department to your advantage throughout this process!

Best Practices for Sales Reps

Since your sales reps are at the heart of the sales enablement strategy, make sure they are doing all they can to improve themselves as well.

Even if your sales enablement strategy is working well and producing solid resources, it is still up to your sales representative to implement this content and use it to their benefit.

Here are some of the best practices for your sales team to implement:

  • Focus on individual and collective sales performance

  • Embrace frequent sales training

  • Focus on the buying process and how to streamline it for leads

  • Use customer facing teams whenever possible

  • Capitalize upon marketing efforts

  • Use sales tools effectively

  • Be sales leaders every single day

The most important item here is that your sales teams must use the resources provided to them effectively.

If a piece of content isn’t working, it is up to your sales reps to let your marketing team know so they can go back and adjust accordingly.

Sales enablement strategy is built upon solid communication and teamwork.

Make sure that a collaborative environment is created and fostered everyday.

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How Kennected Uses Sales Enablement Strategy

Here at Kennected, sales enablement strategy drives what we do every single day.

Our sales force is a huge part of what makes our business thrive, and our marketing department is equally important.

Sales enablement strategy serves to unite these two departments and make everyone better in the process.

When you implement a sales enablement strategy, you’ll see the benefits of this unification right away.

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