Demand Generation Specialist

Demand generation specialists develop, operate, and evaluate lead generation campaigns to drive qualified leads into the pipeline.

Hiring a dedicated demand generation team may be an investment, but it may be one of the smartest investments sales leaders can make when setting the stage for long-term success.

If you’re considering becoming a demand generation specialist or hiring one, continue reading for valuable tips.

Preferred Experience

There is an array of experience one must have when applying to a demand generation manager position:


  • A Bachelor’s degree in communications, business, marketing, or another related field

  • If the candidate doesn’t have a degree, employers will look for 3-6 years of marketing experience

  • Utilized social media platforms for lead generation

  • Experience working with SEO and PPC tools (i.e., SEMRUSH, AHREFS, Wordstream, LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Demonstrated success running and reporting on digital marketing efforts

  • Experience with website analytics tools, and an understanding of how to track goals, report website metrics, and their impact on marketing strategy

  • Understand lead generation metrics, including CTR, impressions, conversions, etc., related to digital marketing campaigns

  • Experience with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot to track and optimize clients’ lead generation experience through email campaigns, content marketing, paid media, and social media channel

  • Uses data to drive strategy and focus activities

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Job Description

A demand gen specialist works alongside the marketing and sales team, working closely with the Head of Marketing, and playing a key role in the marketing strategy.

Additional roles include:

  • Execute marketing programs to engage and influence clients’ target markets

  • Working across sales and marketing teams to ensure lead generation goals are met

  • Determining the most appropriate outreach strategies

  • Ensure budgets are up to date and properly reconciled by finance

  • They are responsible for executing partner marketing and lead generation initiatives while overseeing the marketing automation platform.

  • Continuously educates marketing and sales teams on account-based marketing best practices

  • They conduct market research to better identify target audiences and how to attract them, using various tools like AHREFS, Google Analytics, AdWords, Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Cision

  • The demand generation specialist is responsible for developing, executing, and measuring all lead generation campaigns to drive new leads into the pipeline

  • They must be comfortable being a self-taught marketing automation master

  • Demand generation specialists will have to create content (emails, drip campaigns, sales materials, landing pages)

  • Depending on the needs of the organization, a demand gen specialist might also be responsible for other marketing activities, such as account-based marketing, or be involved with different channels, such as partner or channel marketing

Supports Omnichannel Marketing

Demand generation success depends on building a unified strategy across multiple channels.

This goes beyond creating campaigns in multiple places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Content needs to be integrated across touchpoints.


Metrics are an integral part of demand gen, and being able to quickly use Excel to create a report is a precious skill.

This role is heavily focused on measuring and keeping track of metrics.

Demand gen specialists must also have a deep understanding of how website visitors get to their website and what encompasses the typical profiles of website visitors and their behavior once they are on the website.

They might use Google Analytics or even heat-mapping tools to accomplish this task.

Demand Generation Tools

Marketing automation software knowledge is necessary for the demand gen role, but it is only one part of the equation.

The demand gen specialist should also be familiar with other demand generation tools that can help them understand how, when and why companies are purchasing similar products.

Building Brand Loyalty

Email is an integral channel in building a brand, nurturing target audiences, showcasing thought leadership, and building brand loyalty with clients and prospective clients.

The lead generation specialist will work with the marketing and sales team to build compelling campaigns that drive results.   

This role is involved in every step of the customer engagement cycle, from ideation to implementation and analysis.

Continuous Testing And Optimization

Demand generation departments handle testing for different strategies to pinpoint which tactics are working—or not.

This includes testing different headlines for email campaigns and Google Ads, messaging for targeted segments, alternate URLs, etc.

While every organization will have a slightly different approach, this example illustrates how complex demand generation strategies can be.

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