Debunking AI Myths For the Betterment of Your Business

Technology and software advancements are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down.

While the benefits of tech are widespread and implemented into many facets of our daily lives, many individuals harbor deep seated suspicions about software and what it really does for our society.

A recent article by Slash Gear highlights the myths that people tend to believe about technology today, dedicating a portion of the piece to debunking the myths that surround artificial intelligence.

“Myth: Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Steal Your Job.

On the surface, this myth makes a lot of sense. If we automate a job, then that job is no longer available for a person to perform, right? While that’s technically true, the reality of automation by way of artificial intelligence and robotics is a bit more complicated.

We can take some comfort from looking at the past. Automation isn’t a new thing. Factories have been using complex machines to streamline jobs for quite some time. Computers, internet connectivity, and even improvements in transportation have streamlined processes that would have taken much longer to achieve in the past. In a way, machines have been “taking jobs” for a long time. So, what gives?

The truth is, there’s plenty of work to do, but that work is likely to change. According to Harvard Business Review, automation is primed to displace 85 million jobs by 2025, but the shift will also create 97 million new jobs. Many of the jobs we’re likely to see go away are those which require high repetition. So, while we’ll probably see fewer people working the checkout counter or factory jobs, there will be plenty of work to go around in arenas we might not have even thought of yet.

Humans have been creating myths since the beginning of our history (via World History Encyclopedia). Any time there is a gap in our knowledge about a topic, there’s a tendency for myths to crop up and fill in that gap. That has been true about the natural world for thousands of years, but, more recently, myths have come to surround our relationships with technology.”

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The article details the human tendency to assume negative things about items we don’t fully understand, citing that this is a coping mechanism developed to fill gaps in our brains.


We like to resist change, and we really like to assume that new things will come and mess up our pre existing systems.


Despite this, the simple truth remains: technology is not the enemy, and more often than not, software developments will aid us in every aspect of our lives.


Technology exists to streamline every aspect of your business, from lead generation to content creation to customer relationship management.


The sooner we embrace technology for what it can do for us rather than what we don’t understand, the better our businesses will perform and reach their goals.

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