How To Keep Meetings Going And Leads Flowing During A Pandemic

During this global pandemic, you may wonder if there are still ways that you can get leads and connect with potential business partners. COVID19 is a virus that has forever changed the world. It is a virus-like one that has never been seen before. Even though experts believe that they know how it spreads, there are still many questions that have gone unanswered. The best method used to contain the virus is social isolation.

When people stay away from potential carriers, they are able to flatten the curve of the disease spread. In that way, hospital systems are not overloaded, and less people are getting infected. The problem with social isolation is that it causes a horrendous strain on business as we know it. Around the world, people are trying to find ways to keep business going in spite of this global pandemic. The question remains, is there a way that business can continue in spite of social isolation? The answer is, yes.

Holding Meetings

We are living in what is known as the age of technology. Now, more than anytime ever, we are able to use technology to connect. People all around the world are using technology to travel, meet, find love, and learn. Since that is the case, there are several platforms that have been created that will allow you to meet with business partners in order to carry out your business meetings.

Some of these platforms are the following: Zoom, Gotomeeting, Skype for Business, Zoho and Amazon Chime. These platforms allow you to connect with anyone from around the world. Before you hold a meeting on these platforms, you would want to familiarize yourself with the way that they work. It is not a bad idea to test a few of them out. That way, you will know which one is going to work the best for your needs.

How to Get Kennected on LinkedIn

Even though there is a global pandemic, we all know that work has to go on. Even if some of us are not working outside of the home, we have to do all that we can to get more connections and to stay connected with the connections that we make.

Kennected is a tool that allows you to connect with individuals through LinkedIn. Kennected is able to offer you extended connectivity and automated responses. This is a platform that will allow you to connect with your contacts and even connect with your contact’s contacts.

How Does Kennected Work

Connected is a tool that you access through our hubspot integration tool. Once this tool is connected to your LinkedIn account, you are ready to find more connections. The first thing you do when you get Kennected is to set up your target audience through the LinkedIn search tool.

Once your target audience is established, you are able to find third party connections as well. This innovative integration tool will send out invites to those individuals who you connect with. After the first invite is sent out, the automated system will follow up. Once you start getting responses, the automated system will send out more follow up responses to your connections.

Why Kennected Works

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional online directory. There are millions of people from around the world who are connected to LinkedIn; these are your potential clients. By using this tool, you are able to accelerate sales with innovative tools that are easy to use and automated.

With Kennected, you are free to take advantage of your time because Kennected allows you to do less. With this tool, you are able to reach your prospects with the perfect amount of automation and insight. You deserve more clients, but you do not want to resort to antiquated measures in order to get your clients. There is a better way to market on LinkedIn, and Kennected offers you a reliable method.

Why You Need To Stay Connected

Now is the time to make the connections you need for your business. Even though we are going through a global pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to meet and connect with others. You should not feel like the world has stopped just because you have to stay inside.

With the advancements of technology, you can continue to generate and connect with your clients. Now is not the time to sit back. Get the technology that you need now in order to stay connected.

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