Proč je Cleverly špatná volba pro vaše oslovení na LinkedIn

Cleverly is a LinkedIn software that is designed to write and send personalized messages to your “dream clients” on the platform. It is supposed to get positive responses straight to your inbox. But if your goal is to scale your leads on LinkedIn and drive more revenue, then Cleverly is not the right choice for you.

The truth is, there are many options out there that can do what Cleverly does—and for a much cheaper price. Instead, we suggest looking into the benefits of Kennected.

Don't Go With Cleverly! Why? It’s Really Expensive

If there’s anything that should convince you to try a different LinkedIn automation tool other than Cleverly, it is definitely the price. Cleverly can cost you $197 up to $597 per month, depending on the plan that you go for. This is much more expensive compared to tools like Kennected, which can give you better results for a much more affordable price

.Cleverly’s “unbeatable plans for LinkedIn lead generation” include a Silver plan that costs $197 per month; a Gold plan that costs $397 per month; and a Platinum plan that will set you back by $597 per month.

While these three plans are generally the same in terms of content, they each provide a different number of prospects per month. The Silver plan gives you 250 prospects, Gold gives 500, and Platinum gives you 1,000 prospects each month.

The Silver and Gold packages provide only one active campaign, while Platinum gives two. Each package also has four messages per campaign, automatic follow up messages, response handling dashboard, real time metrics reporting, integrated connection tracking, etc.

But to make the most out of Cleverly, you still need to pay for Navigátor prodeje, which costs $80 per month. This is way too expensive for a LinkedIn software. You’re not even in control of your own lead flow.

There are better ways to spend your money. Kennected, for example, gives you so much more.

Why Kennected Is the Better Solution

Kennected doesn’t throttle your lead opportunities. Instead, we let the leads flow in. From the price of the packages alone, you can tell this is already a better deal. Kennected has three packages: Professional, Grow, and Ultimate.

The Professional package only costs $25.95 a month, and it gives you 30 invites and 90 message credits per day. The Grow package costs $45.95 per month and gives you 60 invites and 180 message credits per day. Kennected’s Ultimate package costs $85.95 per month, and includes 100 invites and 300 message credits per day, not to mention unlimited templates. All of these packages give you access to great features such as Hubspot integration, team and team blacklist, and team sync capabilities.

Notice how Kennected’s Ultimate package is cheaper than Cleverly’s most affordable option. You can get a lot more for your money by choosing Kennected.

Kennected zjednodušuje vaše úsilí o generování potenciálních zákazníků. Můžete automatizovat oslovování, posílat personalizované pozvánky a následné zprávy a využívat laserově přesná data k vyhledávání ideálních klientů. Díky Kennected můžete snadno budovat skutečné vztahy ve velkém měřítku a vytvářet nové zdroje příjmů.

Použití služby Kennected vyžaduje pouze tři jednoduché kroky: vyhledání publika pomocí filtrů LinkedIn s bohatými daty, přidání sdělení pomocí více než 30 osvědčených skriptů služby Kennected a následné spuštění kampaně. Stiskněte tlačítko Start a počkejte, až přijdou odpovědi a spojení.

Kennected will fine tune your outreach based on data so that you don’t waste time “spraying and praying” on LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having úspěch s Kennected.

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