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A cross channel sales platform allows your business to make sales through a variety of sources rather than just through a simple method in the sales funnel. Cross channel sales invite sales opportunities within advertising, online actions, and even within an online store.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What cross channel marketing is

  • What a cross channel marketing campaign contains

  • Best practices for cross channel sales and marketing campaigns

  • How Kennected incorporates cross channel strategy

Read on to learn all about how multiple channels can be used within a business structure to help get more sales and generate more revenue.

What is Cross Channel Marketing?

Cross channel marketing is the usage of various marketing channels to reach customers and ultimately lead them towards the sales pipeline.

By using different communication channels, your business will be utilizing an effective and sophisticated way to foster connections with leads and encourage them in the direction of becoming clients.

Here are a few ways that cross channel marketing can be used:

  • Including a customer data platform to aid marketing efforts

  • Creating mobile apps for increased messaging capabilities

  • Including customer service related interactions within a database

  • Utilizing multichannel marketing through different channels

  • Enhancing customer experience through a cross channel approach

  • Strengthening customer loyalty through cross channel campaigns

When you approach cross channel marketing, it is important to flesh out each channel and decide how they will function on their own as well.

Make sure that each channel works well as a solo mode to ensure that your cross channel sales approach is strengthened as a result.

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What Does a Cross Channel Marketing Campaign Contain?

A cross channel marketing campaign will contain a variety of items in order to function properly.

Here are just a few items that your channel marketing campaigns should entail:

  • A designated customer support team

  • Detailed customer acquisition costs

  • Different communication channels (direct mail, SMS, phone calls)

  • Inventory management

  • Connectivity to social media strategy

  • Analytics data and engagement campaigns

  • An integrated experience for potential customers

As a marketing campaign, it is important for your channels to be connected in some form, especially to enhance customer experience and to help encourage more leads.

Make sure your channels communicate with one another to appeal to target customers and to enhance a seamless customer experience.

Study the Google analytics of your effective channels and model your content strategy around this.

Ensure that relevant content is available within each of these channels and that consumers follow the path to view other channels if desired.

Best Practices for Cross Channel Marketing Strategy

When it comes to the customer’s journey, your business should do everything in its power to ensure that proper lead generation and sales funnel execution are occurring every single day.

This involves tracking URLs, reaching your target audience through a control group method, and ensuring that different platforms are working effectively.

When dealing with several channels, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Deviating from the usual path if necessary

  • Monitoring email marketing and seeing when the audience interacts

  • Using artificial intelligence to interact directly with leads

  • Including buyer personas across all the teams and channels

  • Using the same campaign to strengthen social media campaigns

  • Providing good customer support

  • Utilizing paid social media ads

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction through metrics and analytics

The most important item here is that your channels need to be cohesive and strong, especially when you are constructing a cross channel sales campaign.

The process involves trial and error, so be sure to look at what works within your strategy and expand on those methods.

Take steps to reduce inconsistent messages and help to make your business grow through this multichannel marketing approach.

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How Kennected Uses Multiple Channels

Here at Kennected, we pride ourselves on our ability to utilize cross channel sales tactics and marketing campaigns across the board.

We have found that this approach works best for our business and our goals, especially as we continue to grow and evolve.

Make sure your channels are accessible to your customers and leads and your approach will be strengthened as a result. 

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