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LinkedIn’s advertising platform is called Campaign Manager. Getting started with a campaign is as simple as creating a free account, then following the steps.

Did you know you can create LinkedIn ads? A LinkedIn is guaranteed to attract more sales leads than any other social platform ad.

This blog will walk you through the steps to create the best LinkedIn ad and create ads that will resonate with leads.

Why Is It Important To Gain LinkedIn Followers?

Increasing followers can build social proof and help you nurture relationships with influencers and potential clients.

Your Profile Bio

Besides your name and your profile picture, your profile bio is the only piece of information on your profile that will display everywhere on LinkedIn.

From search results to profile previews, your bio is easily one of the most visible parts of your profile. Getting this part right is critical.

The "About Me" Section

This is where you can include other search terms that you would like to appear for and elaborate on what you do and why you are the best person for relevant jobs.

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LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Have you used LinkedIn’s dynamic ad campaigns?

LinkedIn rolled out its version of dynamic ads. 

Like their Facebook and Google counterparts, they rely on the dynamic insertion of key information into an ad to make it appeal more to their target audience.

That key information is a little different, though, and instead of products or search terms appearing in the ad, users will see their names and/or profile pictures showing up in the ad.

Dynamic ads are personalized ads tailored to your target audience by displaying the individual member’s profile data in the ad creative.

You can customize your dynamic ad campaigns to boost awareness, engagement, and conversions.

You can scale your campaigns quickly because each ad automatically populates with each individual’s profile data.

Each member sees their personalized information; member profile information doesn’t display to other members.

Members can also opt-out of allowing their profile information to be used to personalize ads. Dynamic ad formats include follower, spotlight, and jobs ads.

LinkedIn’s dynamic ads won’t be a perfect fit for every campaign you run, partially because they’re not designed to be.

They are, however, effective at accomplishing the specific purposes we’ve outlined in this post.

Note that you must be part of a campaign group to create dynamic ads.

Whether you want to generate leads or attract potential employees, the personalized ad content can help your campaign stand out and feel more custom-made for the individual, even if that’s not necessarily the case, and being able to stand out in the feeds is always a good start.

Text Ads

These ads contain a headline, brief text, and an optional image. You can place this format at the top of the page or on the right rail on desktop pages.

Message Ads

These ads are direct personalized messages delivered through LinkedIn messaging with a single call-to-action.

Messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn to ensure higher conversion.

For message ads, you can send yourself a test message to preview.

Single Image Ads

These ads allow you to promote your message directly in the LinkedIn feed. This format can be targeted to a specific audience across desktop and mobile.

Direct Sponsored Content

Sponsored content ads don’t appear on your LinkedIn page as a page update.

It allows you to personalize, test, and improve the performance of your content for a targeted audience without cluttering your page.

You can’t change the sender on a sponsored messaging ad that has been canceled. All pending and approved senders will have viewer access to the ad account.

Conversation Ads

These ads allow you to create your own path experience for your audience. This allows for deeper engagement with your audience and more conversions.

This format allows you to include multiple call-to-action buttons.

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Spotlight Ads

Members who click on your spotlight ads instantly go to your website or landing page.

These dynamic ads may be seen on desktop devices and tailored to each member based on their LinkedIn profile data, like profile photo, company name, or job title.

LinkedIn Ads With Macros

LinkedIn macros allow you to dynamically generate personalized ad content for each recipient.

When you use macros like %FIRSTNAME% or %LASTNAME% in supported text fields during ad creation, the viewer’s personalized information appears in the ad copy when the campaign is live and served to LinkedIn members.

Select A Campaign Objective

Choosing lead generation as your campaign objective allows you to attach an existing custom lead gen form to your ad creative or create a new one.

When a member clicks on your ad’s call-to-action (CTA), a native digital form will open.

You can select the following objectives for your campaign:

  • Brand awareness – available for follower and spotlight ads

  • Website visits – available for spotlight ads

  • Engagement – available for follower ads

  • Job applicants – available for jobs and spotlight ads only

Build Your Target Audience

Next, it will guide you to build and save an audience for your campaign.

You can target with professional traits—like job title, company name, and industry type, target by professional or personal interests, or customize by bringing in your data using matched audiences—which includes retargeting, email contact targeting, and account-based targeting.

Start at the continent level, then country, etc. In addition to choosing regions you wish to include, you can also pick exclusions.

From here, you can start exploring the more specific and granular targeting criteria, which are organized across five different categories:

  • Company

  • Demographics

  • Education

  • Job experience

  • Interests

With a new ad campaign, we suggest an audience based on either your last saved audience or your most recent inactive campaign.

To apply a previously saved targeting template, click the “Saved Audiences” dropdown in the “Audience” section.

You may apply “Matched Audiences,” which allows you to upload company or contact lists or retarget based on website visits or ad engagement.

Identify Prospects

LinkedIn offers some incredibly powerful filters in its search feature.

Even if you only have a free account, you can filter profiles based on location, job profile, profile keywords, educational backgrounds, present and past employers, and much more.

The premium account search features, especially those that come with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, are on a whole other level.

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Choose Your Ad Formats

After building your audience, you’ll be asked to choose an ad format for your first campaign. Depending upon your objective, you can select from the various sponsored content formats.

Complete the creative copy and image fields for the format you selected. Some fields offer a selection of preset messages from a dropdown menu; others can be customized.

Preset messages can be auto-translated based on a member’s profile language if you select auto-translate. Custom text will not be auto-translated.

Custom text will typically be most effective if you want to highlight specific benefits or advantages for users taking whatever action you want to promote, but note that you only get 70 characters for the ad and 50 for the headline.

A preview window on the right side of the page shows a dynamic preview of your ad, based on the format and creative elements you select.

Some formats include multiple options for each creative. To see each preview, click the dropdown in the display field.

Using Your Ad Budget Wisely

A little attention and oversight can go a long way to maximize the value of your ad spend on LinkedIn.

Evaluate campaigns weekly to check bid ranges, ensure the daily budget is appropriately allocated, and more.

Review & Launch Your Campaign

Make sure all your campaign details and settings are correct. To change or edit any section, click the “Previous” button at the bottom of the page.

Click the “Launch Campaign” button near the top right or at the bottom of the page. Your ad will start serving once it’s approved.

Ad Campaign Language Options

Did you know you can create ad campaigns in other languages? Campaign manager allows advertisers to create campaigns in 22 languages.

The campaign manager doesn’t currently support Thai or Tagalog.

LinkedIn's Privacy Policy

LinkedIn respects your privacy.

LinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide secure, analyze, and improve their services and (except on the iOS app) to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn.

You can select “Accept” to consent or reject to decline non-essential cookies for this use.

You can read more on LinkedIn’s privacy policy here.

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