How To Create A B2B Lead

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B2B sales leads are created when potential customers are drawn into your product or service via content marketing and other marketing campaigns.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead generation is

  • What a B2B lead is

  • The roles of sales and marketing teams in this process

  • The best ways to generate leads

  • How to close your leads– the conversion process

Read on to learn how to strengthen your lead generation strategy and the best ways to obtain qualified leads.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating high quality leads through content creation and marketing techniques.

Lead generation begins with your marketing team and the content they produce and ends with the hopeful conversion of leads into paying customers via your sales team.

A huge piece of lead generation is the ability to consistently reach your target audience with valuable and relevant content.

Ultimately, you want to generate sales leads that will transition into existing customers, so making sure you are reaching the right people with your content marketing is very important.

Producing high quality content, minimizing pain points, doing market research, and optimizing personalized content will all aid in your lead generation efforts.

Let’s take a step back and review what a B2B lead is and how digital marketing fits into these sales qualified leads.

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What is a B2B Lead?

A B2B lead is a person or company that is interested in your product and has the potential to become a paying customer.

A B2B lead will arise from the content you have put out to your target audience, and you will likely become aware of these leads once you get your designated landing pages.

These potential customers are now primed to receive more information on your business and how your service can benefit them, so this is the time where your sales process really begins.

Each of these leads will be led down a sales funnel, where any questions will be answered and a designated member of the sales team will be fostering a relationship with this lead and making sure to demonstrate the value of the service provided by your business.

Your marketing and sales teams are vital to the lead generation process, so let’s outline exactly what these two groups need to do for the success of your business lead generation.

Roles of the Sales and Marketing Teams in Lead Generation

The lead generation content marketing begins with your marketing team.

Here are some of the lead generation strategies your marketing team should be keeping in mind during the content creation stage:

  • Curate content to the target audience

  • Focus on social media platforms

  • Think about organic traffic and search engines

  • Use google ads campaign to reach prospective customers

  • Use search engine optimization in written content

  • Include paid advertising on social media accounts to get more qualified leads

  • Employ email marketing campaigns

  • Use guest blogging to create written content

  • Gather testimonials from current customers

  • Look at online reviews and use this feedback as a real life example

  • Broaden your marketing strategy as much as possible!

The most important items here are the audience the content will be reaching and the various methods you can employ to get your advertising out there.

Ultimately, your goal is to get more leads, and each marketing qualified lead will help you see which method gives you the best results.

Once these new leads have been obtained and sorted, your sales team now enters the fray.

As the sales process begins, the sales leads will now be distributed to designated members of the sales team in preparation for the rest of the lead generation cycle.

The role of the sales team includes the following:

  • Fostering relationships with quality leads

  • Treating B2B sales leads as paying customers

  • Transitioning a marketing qualified lead into a sales qualified lead

  • Getting contact details from each lead

  • Following the sales cycle and using this to convert leads into new customers

  • Referring back to the landing page to get new leads and continue to foster these important relationships

  • Answer questions as needed

  • Optimize sales performance through cold leads

  • Constantly demonstrate the value of the service

As the marketing team continues to generate leads, the sales team continues to convert leads into new customers through this process.

Now that we know a bit more about the roles involved in lead generation strategy, let’s outline some of the best ways to capture leads.

Best Ways to Generate Leads

When it comes to generating quality leads, using B2B lead generation strategies will help you reach potential leads effectively.

Here are some of the best ways to identify leads and obtain them:

  • Use social media marketing

  • Employ marketing automation to help create content and monitor a given landing page

  • Create a marketing funnel to serve as a lead magnet

  • Create press releases and post them

  • Use paid ads as lead magnets

  • Monitor website visitors and add clickable links to your sites to serve as a call to action

  • Write a blog post using search engine optimization

  • Reach potential clients through online events

  • Hold trade shows to make connections

  • Have your sales reps present on social media platforms to engage with clients further

As the above list shows, lead generation generally begins with the content marketing side, but there are things your sales team can do as well to aid in generating leads.

Including the sales reps in your content creation is a great way to include a personalized touch to your content, as well as introducing some faces of the business in early stages to potential customers.

Now that we know how to generate leads and the methods for getting more leads, let’s talk about what to do after you have accumulated sales leads.

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What Do I Do After Generating Leads?

You’ve gotten your B2B sales leads… now what?

At this stage, your leads are sitting in a landing page, waiting to be contacted.

Now, the most important item is to convert these leads into customers for your business.

You’ll want to foster relationships with these sales leads, especially as they move through the sales funnel and become more interested in your services.

As these leads go through the conversion process, you should still be partaking in B2B lead generation.

This cycle should be never ending– organic traffic will produce more leads and start the cycle over again, giving you new clients to work with.

Embrace the hustle!

Generating new clients is always a good thing, so be sure to continue striving for improvement wherever possible through marketing automation, a blog post, trade shows, and email marketing.

Don’t shy away from less traditional B2B lead generation strategies like press releases.

Continue emphasizing the importance of your product at all stages, and your lead generation strategy should be strengthened along the way.

How Kennected Uses Lead Generation Strategies

Here at Kennected, getting and maintaining B2B sales leads is key to the success of our business and the success of the clients we work with.

We want to reduce the pain points of your marketing strategy through optimizing the tools you have in your lead generation arsenal.

Our goal is to help businesses save time, money, and energy all while generating more leads than just manual marketing strategies can produce.

Take the time to strengthen your lead generation strategy– all facets of your business will thank you!

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