How Much Does It Cost To Send Bulk SMS?

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While the cost of sending bulk SMS messages can vary per provider, most businesses find that their cost p for solely inbound SMS starts at around $25 for 500 messages and ranges from $40-$80 for 2,000 text messages.

In your business, it may be beneficial to send bulk SMS campaigns or text messages that are sent to all of your clients in a specified group. Depending on what needs you and your company have, bulk sms can aid you in the areas of communication, entertainment, and receiving effective feedback from your client base.

Bulk SMS can be used for a variety of purposes and can be a great way to gauge customer engagement. SMS marketing is a new strategy that many small businesses are beginning to employ due to the relevance of text messages and phone usage.

There are several types of bulk SMS that you can use for your business. The pricing of the SMS feature will vary based on the custom fields you set. These parameters are highly customizable, and the content within the texts is also completely up to you and what best suits your company’s needs.

Bulk text messaging features include appointment reminders, picture messages, schedule messages, and other engagement options for your customers. A key feature of the bulk sms is its ability to be tailored to fit the wants and needs of you and your company.

In addition to standard SMS messages, MMS messages involve the usage of picture messaging to serve as supplementary to your written text messages. With the usage of MMS features, the recipient will get a visual aid and a more personalized view of your company.

A provider that features both SMS and MMS will be reflecting in its pricing, but this function can be extremely helpful toward garnering client interest.

Bulk SMS campaigns give you flexibility in both pricing and content for your business and are a good way to employ text message marketing strategies. With options like reaching a dedicated number or a specific account if needed, sms providers enable companies to make communication truly customizable.

What is a Bulk Text Message and How Does it Work?

Bulk SMS is a feature used by businesses to send mass texts to their customers. These bulk text messages can vary in length and content depending on the message intended for its recipient.

Businesses can use bulk text messaging in many ways. The designated recipients of the messaging can be alerted to new services, website updates, and follow-up messages after service.

These targeted messages will improve engagement with your customers and help create a relationship between them and your business. Recipients will receive messages and be able to establish a relationship with you through the text messaging format.

SMS marketing will also help you see where you need to improve in your business and communication outlets. You will be able to send large volumes of SMS correspondence and your customers will also be able to easily contact you and your business through text messaging.

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How Much Does Sending Text Messages Cost For Your Business?

For solely inbound SMS, pricing usually starts at $25 for 500 messages and ranges from $40-$80 for 2,000 text messages.

For a dedicated number of recipients, the standard is $1.74 a month in order for customers to receive messages. For more advanced dedicated short code SMS features, businesses will pay $1006.30 per month, with free setup available.

Other services opt for a “pay as you go” feature that begins at $0.04 per text message. Each of these options will allow for opt in and opt out features, as well as tracking engagement statistics per month.

Prices for bulk sms will vary depending on what matters most to your business. If it is important to use unlimited keywords, choose a platform that offers that feature. If sending pictures as well as texts to users of the service is a main priority, make sure that the modality you choose for your sms gateway reflects that.

To figure out which bulk sms message feature you want to use, ask yourself these questions: What do I want my customers to know about my business? What information or request is worth sending to all of my customers?

Do Bulk SMS Messages Work For Generating Leads?

Lead generation is an important aspect of any business.

This process involves identifying any new prospects or potential ventures, and then using those leads to create new sales opportunities for the company.

Utilizing bulk text messages is a method of generating leads for your business while also seeing customer engagement.

Using an SMS gateway, or a computer designed to send inbound and outbound messages to its recipients, will help your business see its strengths and weaknesses.

This form of text message marketing allows for small businesses to contact their customers quickly and efficiently. This gives you the ability to receive feedback and open up communication between you and your customers.

For the purpose of lead generation, bulk text message providers are in a great position to create new sales opportunities. Using this feature is not only beneficial for marketing, but it helps keep your customers engaged and communicative as well.

What Are The Best Text Message Providers?

There are many text message providers to choose from for your bulk messaging purposes.

All of these options will provide you with a framework of sms messages and will aid your ability to communicate effectively with your customer base.

Some of the best text message marketing providers include the following companies: ClickSend, BulkSMS, Twilio Studio, and MessageBird.

These four platforms were rated most highly effective among those available to American businesses. Additionally, these services are all featured at a reasonable price and utilize phone messaging, both with sms and mms.

All of these providers follow the same format: the customer will provide their phone number, then either opt in or opt out of messaging after given the option to subscribe to the text message marketing service.

ClickSend is the most attractive choice for bulk sms for American businesses. ClickSend does not charge a fee for inbound messages, regardless of the volume.

This means that recipients are able reply to the sms messages for no extra cost. This opens up a convenient two way messaging method between the you and the recipient.

ClickSend also offers a free trial for businesses interested in text message marketing. They also have a price matching guarantee to ensure that they are featuring the best prices for their customers. Find what price works for you!

Choosing your provider does not have to be difficult. Each provider will have different pricing, as well as varied advantages and disadvantages that you will have to evaluate based on your company’s goals. It may be important for you to find a platform without setup fees, or it may be helpful for a provider to have free keyword optimization. The pricing and features of the platform you choose should best represent what matters to you.

Regardless of which platform you use for your text message marketing, your customers will receive sms messages and the ability to have open communication with you. Each of these platforms will also track text engagement, allowing you to see the number of opt-ins, opt-outs, and users of your services per month.

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Low Cost or Free Bulk - SMS Messaging Tools

In addition to the pricing ranges that vary based on purpose, there is also a difference between low-cost bulk messaging and free bulk messaging.

Both of these methods are constructed through the use of an SMS gateway, and both still provide the service of sending messages and receiving messages.

Free bulk SMS will likely provide only inbound messages for your recipients. It will not have any setup fees, and recipients will usually not be able to send messages back to you.

Free SMS service uses an SMS gateway like any bulk messaging platform but is limited in its functionality. Users of free SMS services may only be able to reach local numbers, and the message outreach of a free sms service is much lower due to this setback.

There may be a monthly volume attached to a free sms service campaign, restricting the number of messages you are able to send out and receive back. Though there might not be setup fees for this service, other limitations may outweigh the pricing for your company’s purposes.

Though a free SMS service may not give you as many creative liberties as a low-cost sms service might, it is important to take the pricing difference into account when considering which mode is best for your company. Small setup fees may be worth it to you in the long run.

Low-cost bulk platforms will provide you with many features and options for how your messaging will reach your audience. Low-cost platforms employ a variety of different features. These platforms can utilize unlimited keywords, short code, long code, and “pay as you go” functions.

Unlike free bulk options, low-cost bulk may ask recipients to pay a setup fee or other pricing options in order to receive SMS messages.

Low-cost bulk providers will enable users access to a wide variety of services. Though the price of low-cost bulk is higher than the free option, the higher engagement results usually justify the pricing per month.

For marketing purposes, low-cost SMS messaging and marketing is the better option for small businesses. Users of low-cost bulk SMS are usually more likely to engage with the messages, as well as more likely to visit the company website and contact you.

Should You Use Bulk SMS For Your Business?

If you want to reach a large audience quickly and effectively, you should employ sms marketing techniques!

Text messaging is an excellent way to reach your customer base. Your recipients will be able to receive messages from you, alerting them to new pricing options or updates on your company. The price of this feature is small compared to the relationships you are building virtually with your client base.

With functions like unlimited keywords, free inbound messages, and a free trial for your company, SMS marketing is a new way to reach your target audience. The price of bulk SMS is small compared to all that you will gain through the service.

The advantages of your customer base being able to receive texts directly from you are countless. You will be able to receive texts from them in turn, and you will also be more easily able to tailor the texts to what your audience seems to be responding to.

You will begin to receive vital feedback from your clients, and even establish new and crucial tactics for expanding and improving your company.

Start reaching your target audience with ease and make sure to utilize the advantages of the digital age for your company.

How Kennected Uses SMS In Our Marketing

Kenencted is very much in favor of omnichannel marketing. Even though our primary way of driving traffic to our website and offer for Cloud Kennect, the #1 LinkedIn automation and prospecting tool, is through the tool itself, we still understand that there are other ways to drive traffic to grow our business and ultimately empower more people with our products and services.

One of the ways see leverage tech is through text messaging or SMS services. When someone opts-in to one of our PDF downloads or signs up for a free webinar to learn a new skill, they end up receiving a message from the Kennected sales team that invites them to schedule a demo or to see how the prospect is enjoying the new knowledge that they gleaned from the down or the webinar.

According to Zig Ziglar, the fortune is in the follow-up. And according to Hubspot most customers, need around 7 “touches” with a brand before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase (from a brand they have never heard of previously). 

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