Corona Virus Pandemic- Make Your Net, Work

When we discuss online automation, there are still some hold outs in the business world. They wonder if automated systems really have a chance of expanding their companies. Up until this time, having an entire office filled with employees seemed to do the job well.

However current times have changed not only the perception of automated systems but how they can regularly manage and advance data. Now entire corporations (of every size and valuation) are working digitally due to worldwide Corona-Virus pandemic “Safe at Home” recommendations. In addition, they are eager to contact and hire remote colleagues all over the world.

New prospects are out there, even during precarious times

Finding new prospects and building new relationships is just a click away. features seamless integration using our interface between LinkedIn and Hubspot for updating data fields. Our integration outreach with Anymailfinder, and FindThatLead lets you discover new prospects from a variable plethora of available leads. Once you’ve found these potential clients, we’re here to help lead them directly your way on a 24/7 basis.

Here at, we have your back. Our platform allows you to reach out to new prospects, which allows you to maintain your digital distance. We additionally provide the security to choose who you wish to contact and avoid over saturating your contact list with inquiries. Better yet we work with the most active business sites which continually attract a global slate of talent in every possible direction.

Current and future campaigns at your fingertips

While other companies are floundering, you have an excellent chance to benefit from their confusion and lack of involvement. Now is the time to use Kennected to line up those prospects you never thought you could reach. This doesn’t mean that your competitors won’t enter the fray, however their current disarray is your time to shine.

Our platform offers your in-company network many more ways to adroitly manage ongoing campaigns. As well, easily make changes and add new marketing incentives to current campaigns. Looking to new markets, create new campaigns and present them to prospective clients when your competitors are at home taking a traditional “wait and see” approach.

You're in constant contact with current and potential leads​

Once you’ve used Kennected to reach out to new leads, all you have to do is sit back and gather your responses. Using our platform, checking responses is easy and at your control. Simply use our Responses tab to check accumulated response data and profiles of targeted leads. As needed delete users that don’t fit your criteria or access past conversations from them to contact them once again.

Automation leads to rapid connection

Our Kennected Dashboard gives you all the tools you need to track each of your digital outreaches. As you manage your campaign, the data we provide is essential to knowing who’s who and how exactly to reach them. With added insights before you, the decision making process is smoother and involves far less of a gamble of your resources.

Every inch of the way, your Kennected account lets you contact prospect sales clients as you proceed. Our platform is the place to work with Sales Navigator to design and reconfigure sequences of your business campaign along the way. Take action when you need to, whether it be immediately or at a pre-planned moment to bring forth new ideas.

Individual requests and responses are what set you apart from the others​

Nothing looks or feels more impersonal than a mass mailing. Prospective leads and current clients never like to feel that they are merely a “number” in a mass mailing. With Kennected on board, you’ll never let your leads fall into that nameless, faceless abyss.

Our automated platform lets you contact and proceed to follow up with leads. They will receive requests and responses that appear as if you had sent them each individually. Your leads will think you’ve taken the time to send them manually, because our automated system was developed with a creative approach.

Just as if you were responding to requests manually, you can use Kennected to pre-set the number of days in which you’d like our automated platform to follow up with your lead candidates. Once? Twice? After one day or once a day for ten days, it is entirely up to you.

The decision is yours and we give you the tools to design your unique strategy. Using automation, our platform immediately detects when you’ve received a response. So follow up messages are stopped, making sure your leads are neither overwhelmed by your presence or downright annoyed by your insistence.

Personalization is possible using automation​

Our Kennected platform allows you to contact prospects on a personalized basis, building with auto-managed sequences. These give you the advantage in building rapport with sales leads, as they have every right to assume that you are manually sending out that personalized response. Meanwhile, Kennected gives you the ability to send out as many as one hundred of these personalized responses, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Join us at and let us bring the future to you right now​

The future is here and we’re here to make it happen. All you have to do is sign up to get ideas and access to our platform. Get started right now by signing up at We’ve got our expert team at the ready to give you a demo of our automated systems. And especially during the trying times of our current Corona Virus pandemic, we’re here to listen to you and work to raise you up above the competition higher than you ever thought possible.

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