How To Create & Execute A Content Marketing Plan That Gets You Organic Traffic On Google

You’ve heard the benefits of content marketing. It can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, establish thought leadership, and increase your sales. But if you want to enjoy all of these benefits, it’s not enough to just produce content.

What you need is a content marketing plan, and that plan needs to involve SEO or search engine optimization. Content marketing and SEO have an interesting relationship. You can’t have one without the other.

SEO increases your visibility online, specifically in search result rankings. Content serves as the vehicle for SEO. When people look something up on Google, they typically click the first few links that pop up. Those are the links that are deemed most relevant, and so they pop up higher in search results. That’s what SEO is all about: making sure you get those high rankings.

We’re gonna take a closer look at how Kennected’s content marketing plan works as well as how you can integrate these techniques into your own content marketing strategy.

How to do Content Marketing & Get SEO Traffic

When it comes to content marketing and SEO, it’s not about prioritizing one over the other. It’s about using them both so you can get the best results. Simply put, you need to optimize your content using SEO.

Now if you’re still not using content marketing to promote your business, you might be getting left behind by your competition. A lot of your leads and prospects are spending time on social media—that’s exactly where you need to be. Figure out who your target audience is, find out where they are hanging out online, and then reach them using optimized content.

Studies have shown that publishing optimized content is the most effective way to generate organic traffic and increase brand visibility. Content marketing and SEO are now staples in the world of marketing. It’s time to adjust your strategy to include both.

It All Starts With Market Research

When developing your own content marketing strategy, you need to use market research. This is an essential step that will help you produce content that are relevant to your audience’s interests. Market research provides important insights that can help you make informed decisions for your content marketing campaign.

Here at Kennected, we use tools like Semrush,, AnswerThePublic, Google, and other tools for market research. These tools allow us to find relevant keywords and high quality FAQs or frequently asked questions from our target audience, and then we build content around them. By answering these questions, we are able to attract leads, generate traffic, and also give value to them.

We listen to what our customers have to say. We survey them online to find out what they really want to know, and then we create content around those topics.

We Build Out A Google Drive Workbook to Organize Topics

Once you’ve found all the best keywords and topics to write about, you can start planning your content. It is important to get organized in this stage so that you can cover all the topics and fit them into your content calendar.

When it comes to content marketing, consistency is essential so you want to make sure you are uploading on a regular basis so that your audience will see you as a reliable resource. Content marketing can help you build up your reputation and credibility. So develop a content schedule that works for you and then post new content regularly, whether it’s an article, a picture, a video, or anything else.

Kennected has Google Drive workbooks for organizing content topics. Before we start writing, we create a framework for each article with Title Tags, URLs, H1, H2, H3, and other tags so that it’s clear how the article will look.

From there, it’s just a matter of doing research on the topic and providing new and valuable insight for our audience.

Tools We Use for Content Marketing Organization & Creation

There are plenty of apps and software out there that can make content creation and organization a lot simpler. For example, we use to assign tasks and documents for creating content, as well as assigning publishing dates. We then have a project manager assign a thumbnail or featured image or other artwork to be created.

Once the artwork is finished, it goes into a Google Drive folder for artwork, and we drop the link into the task. The project manager or publisher takes the Google Drive doc and pastes it into WordPress and uploads the artwork.

We also optimize our text-based articles by using SEO to make sure there are proper keywords to help it rank higher in search results. Optimization also involves referencing previous articles to encourage our audience to read them.

Adding calls to action is another important step in terms of content optimization. Having a call to action at the end of your content will remind your audience what they are supposed to do afterwards. In our case, we remind them to book a demo for our world-class lead generation software like Cloud Kennect, Kennected Video, and more.

We Utilize Press Releases

While blog posts and how-to guides are some of the most popular forms of content these days, don’t underestimate the power of a well-written press release. A press release is typically used to announce something that is newsworthy. It takes an objective view of an event such as business milestones and product launches. PRs are designed to just present the facts.

Your content marketing plan should include the occasional press release because it is an effective way to get the attention of your target audience. A press release implies that something noteworthy has happened, and it demands your audience’s attention. Compared to press releases, blog posts simply don’t have that same type of urgency.

Kennected often makes press releases when we create a really amazing piece of content that needs more attention. Press releases have a way of pulling an audience in, so use that to your advantage.

We Use Analytics to Know Which Articles We Need to Promote Further

If you want to understand your content marketing campaign better, you need to do a deep dive into analytics. You need to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. And once you’ve figured all that out, you also need to know why something works.

Sometimes a particular piece of content attracts way more people and drives more traffic to your website. Sometimes an article that you thought would do great doesn’t get as much engagement as you expected. There’s a reason behind all of it, and you can figure it out using analytics tools such as HubSpot, Semrush, Buffer, Google Analytics, etc.

There’s no time to second guess your strategy. You want real data that reflects the reality of your content marketing so you can make better decisions moving forward. Use analytics to find content that you need to promote further. Learn about areas that need improvement. Embrace the numbers and use analytics to improve your content.

We Aren't Afraid to Write Articles that Aren't Directly Related to Automation Software

Not every article needs to be about your product or service. The spotlight doesn’t have to be on your business all the time. As long as it is related to your industry, feel free to cover it. This is a good way to further establish your place as a thought leader in your industry. It also gives you a boost in credibility when you give your audience value outside of what you can monetize.

Kennected creates value for our readers. You can talk about topics that are relevant to your market’s interests. Give them tips and tricks that will solve their problems. This way, you can gain their trust, boost your engagement, and develop stronger relationships with your existing customers. Don’t be afraid to step back from your products every now and then. As long as you add that call to action at the end of your article, you should be fine.

We Publish On Average 16 Articles a Month

Again, consistency is the key here. You want to maximize your visibility and online presence. You want your readers to know that you are a reliable source of information. But you also have to keep in mind that it’s not just about the quantity of articles you publish. Every single one needs to be valuable and informative—otherwise you are going to lose their interest.

Kennected publishes an average of 16 articles a month, and we also have videos and guides on various social platforms. We maintain a strong online presence—and you should too.

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