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Almost everyone is spending time online. In fact, there are nearly five billion active internet users worldwide. So if you are an entrepreneur trying to grow your business, you need to be online. That’s where your target audience is hanging out—and if you’re not promoting yourself online, you are missing out on a fantastic source of leads and revenue.

Take it from us: Kennected has grown so much within a short period of time, and it is not just because we are offering amazing products. It’s also because we know how to market ourselves properly.

Today we are going to talk about the power of content marketing, and how you can use it to grow your business. Content marketing gives you plenty of opportunities to engage with your audience online. It opens a lot of doors for you. But you need to know how to do it right. Let’s take a closer look.

Learn Kennected's Process for Producing Content that Brings in Tens of Thousands of Views a Month

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that’s all about spreading brand awareness through the use of valuable content online. It is designed to reach a targeted audience and incentivize profitable customer actions.

Content marketing increases your online presence, thereby creating opportunities for your target audience to find and connect with you. It also provides value to them, allowing you to earn the trust of prospective buyers. It creates brand recognition and also lets you become a part of the conversation.

People are going to talk about your brand whether you are a part of the conversation or not. So might as well be there to create your own image.

Despite its immense potential, many marketers are not using it properly. They don’t know how to create a successful content marketing strategy.

If you are still not making your own content, whether it’s a video, a picture, a slideshow, or an article, you should start now. And once you’ve gotten the hang of creating your own content, it’s time to learn how to promote it properly.

Do Market Research to Understand “Money Terms”

It’s not enough to produce your own content. You need to optimize your content to get the best results. Since every industry is different, you need to do your own market research to find and understand what the “money terms” of your industry are. These are the terms that you should add to your content in order to make money.

By that we mean people are going to find your content more easily because you’ve added these keywords, and therefore you will get more traffic and more revenue down the line.

Learn about SEO or search engine optimization. SEO and proper keyword usage will help increase your ranking in search results. When people use search engines to learn about your industry, they need to see your website or social media before your competitors. This drives more people to your pages and gives you the best chances of engaging and converting them.

Informational Terms

The reason why content marketing is so effective is because people want to get value when they click on something online. It can be in the form of entertainment, but it can also be in the form of information. Bonus points if you can incorporate both into your content.

When people look you up online, you need to make sure your content is giving them value and information. They need to learn something about your industry. So content marketing is not just about promoting your products and services to no end. It’s about giving value first by using informational terms.

By incorporating the right terms and keywords into your article, you also get a bigger chance of attracting a large audience. The more people visit your site, the more leads you generate.

Content marketing is perfect for establishing your place as a thought leader in your industry. The way you do this is by solving problems for the reader. Answer common questions, offer helpful tips, and share useful resources. Educate your readers and soon you will have your own community. If you are viewed as a thought leader, you are more likely to convert your leads into paying customers.

Design Images

People are highly visual. That’s why they love looking at photos and videos online. Visual content naturally attracts the human eye, and you can use this to your advantage.

Give your audience more reasons to pay attention to your content by adding pictures to your text-based content. Not everybody wants to see large walls of text. You can break it up with some well-placed images that highlight the points of your article.

Attractive images on a blog also help add that pro touch. Not only will it keep your audience’s attention, it will also show that you are a content marketing pro. On top of that, images also give you more ways to deliver your message effectively.

Create Videos to Go Along with the Blog Content

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine how many words a video is worth. People love videos. When they see videos on their timeline or newsfeed, they can’t help but stop scrolling for a second.

If the video is interesting to them, they will watch the whole thing. Making an interesting and informative video is the challenge—and that part is up to you. But the potential of video marketing is undeniable, that’s why most brands are using it now.

Those precious few moments where people stop and pay attention to the content that’s playing in front of them—those are extremely valuable for marketers. You need to learn how to create eye-catching content that will convince people to stick around and keep watching.

Long-form articles are more likely to be read if there’s a video that goes along with it.

If you look at Kennected’s top producing content, we have videos to support those blogs, that’s on purpose. We know that Google loves YouTube videos and we structure it in such a way that we get the most bang for our marketing dollars.

Video marketing is not going anywhere any time soon, so might as well make the most of it.

On-Page SEO

Understanding how to optimize your content to rank for your ideal commercial and informational terms is the key to helping get the most traffic.

Speaking of SEO, you want to learn how it works so you can drive more traffic to your website. On-page SEO involves optimizing web pages for specific keywords in order to improve search visibility and traffic.

You need to align elements like title tags, headings, internal links, and content with the best keywords. But you need to use them wisely. Keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. It also annoys your visitors when they see content that’s just obviously written for keywords. It ruins the user experience and hurts your credibility.

To use on-page SEO properly, you need to give each page a unique title so that search engines don’t think you have duplicate pages. Avoid using all caps in your title tags as much as possible. And also try to write clear and compelling titles that will make users want to click on them.

Promoting Your Content

Once you’ve optimized your content, it’s time to promote it on social media. Don’t let all your efforts go to waste. Try to get the most out of every single piece of content you produce and publish. Share them on social media, reach out to other businesses and ask them to promote your content, etc.

Social media is particularly great because it’s where most people are spending their time online. You just need to know who your audience is and what platform they prefer to use. Facebook has a wide array of users, while Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok generally attract younger audiences. LinkedIn is a professional platform full of CEOs, business owners, and other decision makers in various industries.

Different social networks have different audiences as well as different content types. If you are promoting on Instagram, it’s all about high quality pictures. If you’re using YouTube, you need to make great videos. If you’re on TikTok, you need short videos. Facebook supports many different types of content. Long form articles work best on LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can also use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your content and make it easier for you to create a content calendar.

Don’t be afraid to repurpose your content and then share them on another platform. It’s all about reaching your audience wherever they are. Upload at the right times and use the right tags so that more users can see your post.

Keep Producing Content

In 2019, HubSpot found that marketers who prioritize marketing efforts are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI. Making blogging a serious portion of your day-to-day is hard work, but it is rewarding in that you may garner visits and leads.

When it comes to content marketing, consistency is very important. Not only do you need to use a consistent voice and writing style for your brand, you also need to be consistent with how often you publish.

People want to know that you’re posting consistently and that they can count on you for new content. Set up a posting schedule and stick to it. Your audience will be more inclined to read and engage with your content if you are consistent.

Find Ways to Leverage GIFs or Ways to Make Your Content Engaging

People have short attention spans. Not to mention there’s no shortage of content in the online world. If your content bores them even for a second, they won’t hesitate to click away.

Always try to find new ways to keep your content interesting, fresh, and exciting. Use GIFs, graphics, pictures, videos, charts, and even audio to increase viewer engagement. Find ways to make your content engaging so that your audience will get hooked.

Use Consistent Calls to Action in Your Blog Articles

Once you’ve successfully convinced a lot of users to view and engage with your content, it’s time for the next logical step: promoting yourself. Let readers get an opportunity to buy from you. After finishing your article, they need to know what to do next.

The call to action is a very important element that you need to incorporate in every single piece of content. Without a clear CTA, people don’t know what to do next. They’ll just move on to the next thing and you will have missed your opportunity to convert them.

Tell them to follow your page, or sign up for your newsletter, or visit your website, or purchase your product. Your CTA depends on what you want them to do and what stage of the sales funnel they are in. Your goal is to bring them to the next stage of the sales funnel, until they eventually make a sale.

Remarket to Website Visitors via Facebook & Google Remarketing

Sometimes people will visit your website, read your content, and then just leave. Somewhere around 97% of website visitors do not convert on their first visit, so what do you do to convert more users? Get in front of them by retargeting them on different platforms.

Remarketing your content can help convert people who have already expressed some form of interest in what you have to offer. This will remind them of your brand and the content that you just delivered. Sometimes they won’t convert because they are not looking to buy the product at the moment. But remarketing can help convert them at a different time.

Remarketing can also increase brand recall, increase repeat visitor rates, and increase engagement. It can turn bounced website visitors into leads.

Use Facebook remarketing to run ads that are targeted towards past visitors to your site. Similarly, Google Ads remarketing involves showing targeted ads to users who have already visited your site.

Have a Spokesperson for Your Company

You may want to consider having a spokesperson for your company who can represent your company and convince more people to give it a shot. Here at Kennected, we have Elliot Drake. He is great on camera, is personable, and is someone that people relate to.

A spokesperson is usually a member of your marketing department, or a public relations firm hired by your company. It can even be a celebrity who wants to endorse your product. Whoever it is, their job is to be the face of your company. They will deliver a consistent message for the brand both online and in interviews.

Duplicate Our Success: Hire Kennected & Stephen Twomey to Consult With Your Company

Stephen Twomey the architect of our SEO and content marketing plans. He has generated over $250 million in dollars for his clients throughout the course of his marketing career.

When in doubt, ask the experts for advice. Work with Kennected today and take your company to the next level by learning how to use content marketing to promote yourself online.

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