Content Marketing Consultant | How To Get More Traffic With A Better Strategy

You know you need great content on your website if you want competitiveness, but it’s not always easy and necessary that you do it.

Ideally, when you hire your own content marketing firms, you will be able to employ an experienced team of marketing strategists and producers.

Still, it would be best if a content marketing expert-backed you at the top end.

A content marketing consultant is hired as an expert in creating content strategies that educate and entice your target audience.

The planning part may be easy to describe, but in reality, this is the most challenging. I know that because usually, the wheels turn.

It is rare to find such detailed macro plans. Occasionally, a sequence of micro plans takes shape. A new webpage is created, as are a blog, eBooks, or slideshows.

Many of the strategies are primarily conversations and consultative rather than strategic documentation.

One of Kennected‘s co-founders and our chief technology officer Stephen Twomey is a leading expert in content marketing, especially for search engine optimization.

This blog will go in-depth on effective content marketing consultancy and Twomey’s personal snippets on successful techniques and how he uses them for Kennected.

The Drawbacks To A Content Marketing Consultant

If you’re searching for local consultants, you should be aware that there are reasons to believe that these solutions don’t suit everyone.

It can be more costly to hire a content marketing expert. Content marketing consulting services are generally expensive.

Consultant fees are subsidized for teaching because the roles in which they perform are temporary.

They could work with you for a few months or even years, but they will eventually be teaching you what they are learning, and then they are going to move on.

What's The Salary Of A Content Marketing Consultant?

The exact pricing for consultants varies depending on the level. Often people use consultants to do just what is needed to provide basic services at a mid-range price.

It’s true that consultants can triple the rate of a job when they wear suits or build up some self-confidence. Consultants offer an interesting contrast.

Finding the perfect content marketing consultant for the best prices is probably the most challenging part of hiring the best content marketing consultant.

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Content Marketing Strategy

From ideation to implementation, content marketing strategy gives your company a competitive advantage over your competitors who “spray and pray” their way toward content marketing failure.

Abraham Lincoln is often credited as saying, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six of them sharpening my ax.”

“A holistic content marketing strategy is sharpening your ax,” said Twomey. “Work harder, and smarter than your competition.”


Once the two parties are pleased, they can work together on plans. The consultant can look at your website or existing articles to find potential for immediate growth.

“I will help you improve your content development process by advising you,” said Twomey. “I’ll write content that is exceptional, insightful, and intriguing.”

The consultant can then develop and write content strategies using the “leans content” strategy and find the best keywords or topic ideas.

Diagnostics Calls

We can talk first about your needs to find the most efficient solution for you. Consider the consultant a doctor diagnosing the disease rather than a sell-out ad.

Successful treatment will result in a positive outcome.

Measuring, Reporting, And Fine-Tuning

As time moves on, the consultant will get information about campaign success and report on the way things look in the future.

With that data, campaign managers can fine-tune their strategy to be most effective for the campaign.

Goal Setting And Software Setup

The two parties can then create an objective and realistic content marketing plan for the project, based on the budget.

Roles In A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

I always recommend businesses start by trying content marketing. You will feel frustrated when a thing goes against the normal logic.

You will also feel joy in navigating the first page of Google’s search results. If your intuitions are correct, this will improve your words, and make your thoughts and emotions more clear.

However, I know no one in my world can write more than 20 posts in a single day.

Business services that require centralized solutions or unbundled pricing will help develop custom marketing strategies adapted for your situation, budget, and business goals in the future.

Content Marketing Strategist

They understand how to craft a holistic content marketing strategy that will deliver results.

They understand how to tie in social media marketing automation tools to increase brand awareness, and shorten the time frames needed to post onto each platform.

They understand how to use YouTube to help drive leads, and the importance of embedding YouTube videos onto your website articles or content.

“More or less they are the digital architect of your content marketing strategy,” said Twomey. “I’m that person for Kennected.”


A writer needs to understand how to work within our framework, which combines Google Sheets, ClickUp, and Slack for organizing all of our processes.

“Our content marketing team does not run on Hubspot,” said Twomey.

“Why? Because I’m rather stubborn and have a repeatable and scalable solution for creating kick-butt content, and if it ain’t broke, I don’t try to fix it.”

The rest of the marketing department uses Hubspot because it’s the best CRM platform we’ve used.


Of any of the roles, this one might be able to be done by the same person, the writer. But it’s good to get a second set of eyes.

“Either myself or one of the other marketing team members scans the articles to make sure we have best SEO practices, and company terminology used,” said Twomey.

For example, as part of our company brand guidelines, we use the word “culture” spelled “kulture.” It’s part of our brand guidelines, so we want to observe it.

Graphic Designer

We use custom header images for our blogs, which helps click-through rates when posted on social media.

Website visitors need to have something that will get their attention initially.

Video Creator (Videographer)

“For someone that knows how to point and shoot the camera, it helps to be artistic and know how to frame an image,” said Twomey.

They must know how to use light and how to avoid the wrong type of lighting. You don’t need a $10,000 videocamera.

Most of the time a new iPhone or Android device will do a good enough job. Just invest in a good microphone to pick up the audio clearly.

Video Editor

From YouTube to TikTok, every style is going to be different. But to keep things on-brand, you should use the same fonts, colors, etc.

The “vibe” and content length, will vary based on the platform you’re posting to.


This person is the one who goes through and publishes the content in the CMS of choice. For our website, Kennected is built on WordPress.

“WordPress is easy to use and easy to design,” said Twomey. “We use Elementor, so it’s super simple to build items that are duplicatable and look good.”

The publisher looks through previous articles for opportunities to provide value to the reader and reference or cite our previous articles to support findings.

On-Page SEO Expert

Often our publisher is our on-page SEO. But the on-page SEO stuff is also handled on the front end in our workbook.

Twomey lays out the SEO-optimized URLs, title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags, and more.

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Freelance Content Marketing Consultant Services

How you work with a content marketing consultant depends on how your organization is structured. Some companies have all of the available roles in-house.

“Kennected did not have these roles built up when we first started the company,” said Twomey. “We basically had me, a writer, and a publisher from my marketing company.”

“We had to hire a graphics person, video editor, and creator into the mix.”

If your company can’t hire full-time positions for each role above, consider working with a freelance content marketer.

Freelancers can fit into your existing ecosystem whether you work in ClickUp,, Slack, or Google Drive files.

I'm None Of The Above

“I’m a content marketing expert that helps small businesses and mid-sized companies — those in need of a fresh start — gain confidence in this lucrative sector,” said Twomey.

“Content marketing is required to respond to customers and potential consumers with relevant information to help them make the right decisions and improve the product.”

Throwing Darts

I’ll compare this blog content to throwing dartboards. A bullseye can give great results but it can be tricky.

The term “bullseye” is the type of blog posting where a post has high qualified traffic and gets lots of attention, and goes viral.

Anyone can use their dart-throwing skills in an adequate amount of time.

“Maybe it will be one dart from 100 or 1,000 or one from 10,000, but ultimately, it happens in pure probability,” said Twomey.

“I am an Internet content and SEO specialist and I like creating and sculpting websites.”

A Day In The Life Of A Content Marketing Consultant

The first thing a content marketing agency needs is to assess the current state of its web content marketing campaign.

They can ask you for assets and marketing materials you already have and any management tools you store your information in.

They might use Google Analytics to analyze how websites are working, which helps them understand what competitors do in order to distinguish themselves.

It’s your responsibility to tell them your goals.

Do They Work With Companies Similar To Yours?

For companies that do similar or more recent work, ask who created the website.

This gives you a sense of their readiness to use your product or service or offer them marketing ideas that you might need.

This especially applies when you have to be involved within a niche or technology industry.

If you work in financial services, you should see how much money the company created and their marketing experience.

See how the authors used language or sources to complement their content writing to find out if their output reflects their expectations.

Is It Culturally Appropriate?

Make sure you get the right content marketing consulting partner for you.

Visit their site for a good insight into their values and personality and trust their relationships to deliver exactly what you are looking for in your content marketing consultant.

When it comes to external digital marketing efforts, you must have the space for outsourcing them and not the internal digital marketing department.

In fact, your digital marketing teams will help you get an idea about how to promote your products or services and how they can help you.

Are They Staying Ahead Of The Latest Trends?

Besides the blog giving you insights into their industry position, a blog helps determine the trends.

There’s plenty of room to use the latest digital marketing trends to improve.

The best content marketing consultant is familiar with all new developments and can help you understand where to allocate money and resources for the current market or the business products/services.

Several trends have been affecting the marketing sector lately.

Will They Do The Reporting And Analysis?

About 40% of marketers say they demonstrate the effectiveness of promoting campaigns.

You should work with the consultants who will help simplify the task with intuitive reports that help you identify the best way to improve the strategy.

It can be challenging to understand how much money a business can earn from this method based on their information.

According to the channel for which you used the campaign, the metric used to assess its success could vary.

Will They Provide Content?

A consultant has varying types. Some people can make good ideas, and you can implement them yourself.

Others offer consulting services or have teams that produce the content, videos, and website development they suggest. When we learn to understand ourselves, it helps.

You’ll get guidance on how to create content at home to ensure its performance. On the other hand, having a specialist team producing content can make you more time free for other work.

What’s The First Question They Ask You?

Consultants should first ask you many questions to understand the business, the persona of your buyers, and und your online marketing goals.

They are interested in knowing how you developed marketing strategies for the business.

In these first meetings, the consulting will bring quality content producers to the forum for them to ask.

Do They Have Blog Posts You Can Check Out?

It provides a glimpse of their perspectives, expertise, and focus. It’s also nice to know they are practicing what they preach.

Ask them upfront for information about the business. What’s their focus on SEO? It pairs well with long-form content.

Check whether the page ranks well for search results. How do social media strategists create engaging content for customers by using branded social media sites?

What’s Their Team Like?

Do consultants have clients that are hugely varied and diverse?

It can be advantageous to work with a strategist with a lot of hands-on experience that they can leverage in building your strategy.

Upon the first phone call, there is a possibility to inquire about their specialty.

Do They Have Client Testimonials?

See their website for cases and client testimonials for examples of their consultancy and results. If you cannot find time, then perhaps you should contact them.

Getting a free phone service can help with headaches for weeks.

How Content Marketing Can Drive Results For Your Online Marketing Business

Every content marketing consultant is also a trainer. This internal force is commissioned by your consultants to come out and teach you skills.

The most knowledgeable marketers should understand content marketing and the way it is done.

Every content marketing consultant provides many advantages for their businesses. It’s their knowledge, and it’s yours.

Successful brands must have the most connections to their customers. Your content marketing team will take care of making your customers aware of your product or service.

Customers interested in your business will look for your business through your online content marketing efforts. Your content marketing consultant can evaluate your vision for your brand.

Afterward, they will craft and develop a quality content strategy that will meet your needs.

What You Get From An Organic Content Marketing Consultant

SEMrush found that 77% of organizations had an effective content marketing strategy. Most businesses focusing on growth have little time for execution.

Content marketers have their place.

Content marketing experts are highly experienced in their industry and understand the process needed for generating leads, using everything from white papers and infographics.

They often run content marketing campaigns for corporations that get paid for their work. Some are more interested in speaking and hosting events.

Currently, many software developers are working on these areas. Some are focused on web development or research. Some companies offer online learning services.

Other employees are in charge of content marketing agency projects.

Brand Guidelines Created

Brand guidelines are essential for maintaining clear vocabulary used across all content platforms. Also, make sure the graphics team uses the same hex color and font type.

Content Marketing Workbook Created in Google Drive

Having a framework that lays out your content marketing strategy for up to a year is huge.

“Think about if you had all your URLs, title tags, h1 tags, and training for your staff on how to benchmark articles against your competition so that you can see measurable organic traffic improvement,” said Twomey.

“We use one at Kennected and it keeps everyone on the same page for site structure.”

Depending On Levels of Engagement, Training For Roles or Help With Hiring for Those Roles

We can train you on how to implement our workbook, and implement the content marketing strategy that has helped us earn millions of dollars in revenue for Kennected and also over $100 million in additional revenue earned through Twomey’s other clients across the decade-plus of working with enterprise-level organizations.

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Where Do Social Media Accounts And Content Marketing Fit In?

Social media isn’t all that different as far as content strategy. You need to know where your target audience hangs out.

Let’s say it’s Tiktok. If they are on that platform, you need to understand what type of content engages them. Then start creating content that they like and engage with.

Learning the algorithm of the platform you are going to focus on is enormous. So make sure to lean into that and play into strengths.

“We love video content as it does well on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and other outlets,” said Twomey. “However, our editing style and duration of the videos will change.”

We can repurpose the same piece of content, or at least the idea, and create content for Tiktok with shorter pieces, and for YouTube, we might post one long-form video which handles a ton of topics.

“The editing style will differ due to the platform,” said Twomey. “Also for Instagram, we have found that our Reels have done well. So we edit for the reels.”

Are You Ready?

If you’ve read through this, maybe you have taken a major step. Not everyone needs content marketers. Content marketing requires long-term commitments.

When using traditional marketing techniques, you are bound to cut costs and increase your ROI. Content marketing isn’t always free.

You need to hire a professional content marketing expert. Although you already possess strong content marketing knowledge, you’ll benefit from my objectivity.

Twomey is a content marketing professional. He covers most of the marketing activities, but it’s a constantly changing field and things can change, so his goal is to be flexible and responsive at times.

My commitment to staying in touch with current trends in content marketing benefits the team and clients.

If you’d like further details, I’m happy to help.

You can visit our “contact” page to set up a meeting.

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