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Content creation agencies are marketing agencies created specifically to serve your business.

Developing a robust marketing strategy with calculated and savvy media buys can fall flat without the right content to push and pull prospective customers and clients along.

Content is what drives people through the sales and conversion process. It’s what keeps them engaged with your brand. Content marketing is also a key element inside of inbound marketing.

The heart of a full-service marketing company is effective communication.

That means telling your brand’s story in the most compelling, targeted, and effective way across every channel: web content, video, advertising, email, PR, trade shows, blogs, case studies, etc.

A content strategy is essential. It lays out things like who your target audience is, the kind of content you’ll produce, your objectives, and the actions you want visitors to take.

In short, an inbound marketing plan essentially acts as a blueprint. Yet despite its importance, only 37% of businesses have a documented content marketing strategy.

That’s an astonishingly low percentage of businesses that don’t have a documented content strategy. They don’t have a clear idea of what they want to achieve or how to get there.

Content strategy is the backbone behind every deliverable created to ensure only high-quality content is put in front of your target audience.

Your content marketing team defines every scope of work by a well-planned and executed content marketing campaign.

The challenge is that creating quality content regularly isn’t easy. One solution is to work with a content creation agency.

My name is Stephen-Twomey, and I’m Kennected’s chief marketing officer.

This article will look at what a content creation agency is, the content writing services they offer, and how to find the right one for your business.

What Is A Content Marketing Agency?

Content creation agencies are marketing agencies created specifically to serve your business. This may consist of articles, eBooks, videos, and infographics addressing a particular topic.

Consumers today rarely buy anything immediately. To make a purchase, the customer researches their own opinions about the purchase to determine their own decision.

And they are increasingly looking for help on Google searches. Almost half of the respondents say Google is used for researching products and services.

Creating relevant content allows you to market your business to a wider audience.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Digitalization has always changed quickly. Simply putting out a website doesn’t make marketing a product easy for a potential client.

All content marketing helps you reach the right audience with the right content. However, it comes with some restrictions.

Your web pages will not make an impression on the viewers alone. A qualified inbound marketing team will help advise, execute and promote your content.

Content marketing is important. Since 2018, we have been one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the United States.

Our marketing team consists of content marketing consultants, creative writers, animating videographers, video production designers, and data-driven strategists.

Content marketing focuses on attracting and directing your audiences into sales funnels to your company.

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What Content Marketing Services Can My Company Use?

Our company, Kennected, offers superior lead generation tools built off the latest and greatest automation abilities to pinpoint your target audience and personalize your outreach approach.

Lead generation is our specialty, and it’s brought many connections of our own with today’s leading business professionals across the country.

However, we recognize that Kennected is not an ideal solution for every company looking for help producing content.

Instead, we’ve rounded up the best online content marketing agencies around.


Codeless was founded in 2014 and specializes in content management with an incredibly large marketing team.

Codeless is an online search engine optimization software tool for financial aid firms. They find keyword targets for SEO and publish content for their content marketing efforts.


Verblio offers subscriptions, and expert blog writing services for companies needing additional writing support. Verblio’s approach is unique in that it matches writers to projects.

Verblio allows the creation of a database of creative ideas through its platform, which is then selected from which writers are interested.

Upon selecting a product, the client pays only for it if the product is suitable and the product is used.

Writers also receive feedback that you give in your own projects and can customize their work to your preferences.

The subscription is made monthly and can be adjusted depending on how much text is needed.


Fractl has its headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida, with offices in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The company specializes in creating and publishing multimedia content and case studies.

The agency aims to conduct extensive research into the content, such as when and how content is used and the types of content that are considered newsworthy.


Scripted connects freelancers with organizations that need to enhance their content arsenal through membership.

Those with monthly fees get the chance to receive quality writing from reputable authors and receive benefits such as content review and content revision services for free.

The pieces are sorted according to projects, although scripted guarantees members will be paid only for what they like.

Scripted has developed an integrated content development service that includes full content marketing strategy and account management.


Brandpoint uses Enterprise Operating Systems (EOS) to organize the process of creating and optimizing content.

BrandPoint works with clients from beginning to completion to provide a seamless design solution.

In 2015, Brandpoint launched BrandpointHUB – a content marketing solution designed specifically for SaaS businesses that streamline the creation and collaboration process.

Content Harmony

According to the website, Content Harmony’s specialty is to create and promote targeted content through SEO emails and paid media.

Content Harmony began in Seattle in 2009, but today has an extensive staff in remote offices across the United States.

Content Harmony launched content development software to streamline the content research process in 2020.

The agency has received Clutch, Top SEO Companies, Top Content Marketing Agency, and Top Digital Marketing Agency Awards in the past year.

Column Five

The company’s headquarters are at the Costa Mesa office and in Brooklyn, New York City. The company opened in 2009 with an annual staff of over 40 persons.

Column Five has created many types of material, as well as website marketing and branding strategies, data visualizations, and more.

It is best known for interactive design, and they wrote an infographics book for it.

The Column Five website aims to build consistent content and increase your marketing efforts to suit your company.

Spear Marketing Group

Spear provides complete package marketing services such as email marketing, website design, email advertising, and lead nurturing.

Currently, the agency has 14 partners, including Autopilot, Engagio, and Marketo. This agency was established in 2009 and has satellite offices at Huntington Beach in California and Seattle.

Eucalypt Media

Eucalypt Media has created content for major brands in the past.

The firm has a head office in Jacksonville, Florida, and employs seasoned writers, editors, designers, and filmmakers for content creation as well as development for clients.

Kathryn Hawkins founded the company online and has authored several articles about it.

The business is recognized for achieving top-level customer service by Clutch as a top-level PR and Marketing firm. creates written technical content aimed at reaching software developers, including handling topic planning and research as well as creating social media collateral.

At the other end of the scale are “full-service” marketing agencies, which offer a wide range of marketing services, including web design and social media management.

And, of course, there’s everything in between.


Brafton describes itself as a “creative content marketing agency,” and offers specialized content marketing services in various industries. Brafton explains in a statement about content creation how they work with their customers.

Their mission statement: “Our mission is to help businesses succeed by providing the most impactful, creative, and scalable content marketing services and technology solutions to organizations across the globe.”

They’re a team of experts developing and creating case studies based on case research, blog posts, emails, and whitepapers.

Influence & Co.

Influence & Co. brings together your expertise, content creation, media relations experience, and SEO best practices to create engaging content that drives measurable results.

By working with this content marketing agency, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of content creators, strategists, and editors who drive your content marketing strategy and make content creation simple — plus access to digital marketing experts to drive SEO efforts and media relations experts to oversee PR and content pitching.

The result of this process is an integrated content marketing strategy.

Their site describes a tried and true process that allows “us” and your marketing teams to create high-quality content that satisfies your specific goals.


Talenthouse helps companies create content strategies by connecting businesses with one of the world’s greatest creative communities.

Talenthouse, headquartered in West Hollywood, USA, works for brands and talented artists from more than 175 countries and specializes in marketing and production.


Sagon-Phior is a group of content marketing consultants in Los Angeles. The team caters to clients in need of emotion marketing and those in technology, healthcare, and finance.

The group handles social content development, social activation and influence marketing, cause marketing, analytics and insights, and community management.

UPRISE Management

UPRISE Management is a marketing services company that caters to the digital advertising needs of clients in Los Angeles.

The agency provides general advertising services such as strategic consulting, talent management, public relations, and content creation.

It also handles social media marketing matters aimed at growing the presence of clients through various digital channels.

Other services include SEO and SEM processes as well as Instagram and Twitter verification support.

Just Digital Inc.

Just Digital Inc. is a team of content marketing consultants in Los Angeles.

The group delivers valuable, engaging content for social media marketing campaigns as well as impactful video production and photography.

Strategy consulting, branding development, web design, marketing automation, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads are also available.

Clients can opt for a foundation package, ongoing service plan, or a one-off custom project, and the team specializes in marketing for healthcare, finance, law, and entrepreneurs.

Go Up

Go Up handles content marketing for clients in Santa Monica and worldwide.

The firm focuses on content ranked in search engines, optimized, and delivers conversions, and the team includes contributors to top newspapers, online platforms, and magazines.

Their other services cover SEO, website design, PPC and CPC, reputation management, UX design, and CRO.

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Blue Interactive Agency

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Blue Interactive Agency is one of the leading content marketing agencies in the U.S. and worldwide. 

With a team of talented designers, developers, content writers, and On-Page and Off-Page SEO experts, the Blue team is sure to be able to capture your brand’s voice, and create compelling content that drives traffic and revenue.

Most content marketing agencies can’t track results as social media impressions and likes are often hard to attribute to revenue.

One of the main verticals Blue operates in is addiction treatment marketing

If you are looking for one of the leading content marketing agencies for alcohol and drug rehab centers, look no further than Blue.

Blue has SMM, but one of their biggest focuses is paid and organic search engine marketing, which has trackable analytics and metrics.

In-House Content vs. Third-Party Content Production

You have two main ways of creating content for an organization that can be used for either your company’s website or your blog. Let’s examine the options more deeply.

Content Development In-House

One major plus to producing in-house content is the individual gets deeper insight into the company kulture. So the content teams will be better equipped to provide a consistent voice.

The cost of bringing in writers is high at this level. It only takes $65,000 to hire the right content marketing consultant to assist your content marketing plan.

This is also not covered by salary and benefits you would have to pay for other jobs like a content editor and search engine optimization specialist.

Building a content-writing department in-house isn’t easy. But writing our own content has helped elevate the quality of the writing and make it more “on brand” and authentic.

Outsourcing Content Creation

Another choice would be to work through content marketers like Codeless. Most small businesses find that outsourcing is one of the best options for producing content for a competitive online business.

The shift in resources to digital marketing will not surprise many businesses. Content marketing spends 43% more in the B2B sector.

The content itself is largely produced by people outside the client organization, either by freelancers or by IMPACT.

This is how most marketing agencies still operate — writing and producing content for their clients.

Some other agencies do a mix, helping build strategy with clients equipped with internal writers and writing content for those clients who need it.

By working with a content marketing company, your first budget will increase gradually as the results come. Outsourcing content creation can also give your organization greater talent.

Why Did Kennected Go In-House?

The company knew they wanted an in-house team, so when I brought my expertise from my agency, MasterMind, it provided a foundation for researching, writing, and publishing quality content.

This quality content helps get us found easier on Google Search results.

We took a chance on ad agencies that promised to scale our ads, but the process typically didn’t last past three months.

To combat this, we decided to produce content ourselves by hiring individuals who would be specialized in these areas.

Whether graphic design or SEO strategies, we ensured our internal team could own custom content that could serve our marketing goals.

We invested in team growth through additional services like courses and training, which is one of the reasons why we’ve grown at a rapid rate.

We know we’re not the ones producing five or more campaigns a day, but to us, a healthy collaborative working environment is more important.

Customers recognize that Kennected combines niches like an SEO agency, customer base building, and a content agency that creates content for driving organic traffic.

Kennected has a competitive advantage for assisting in the buyer’s journey and finding pain points that speak to marketing agencies.

Inbound Marketing

This form of marketing — inbound marketing — in which you create and distribute valuable content to attract people to your site is incredibly effective.

It costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3x more leads.

Inbound marketing works because you’re not interrupting your audience with annoying ads or shoving your branding in front of their face.

You’re providing real value with your content which helps you build trust with your audience and establish your brand as an authority.

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Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is more valuable for a B2B company to attract highly qualified prospects.

That means understanding clients’ buyer personas is critical. We dive deep into clients’ industries, no matter how niche.

We pour through trade journals, interview customers, and conduct primary market research.

The goal is to create marketing content that speaks to what makes our clients’ targets tick, and compels them to take action.


We deliver services with honesty and integrity. Kennected provides content marketing services to everyone.

The team focuses on creating “magnetic” information with the best data to deliver optimum ROI to its audience.

This forms one of the group’s services to increase conversion rates, and other services include SEO audits, PPC audits, keyword monitoring, a/c tests, and web development.

The firm was voted the #2 “Most thriving business” by Yahoo Finance in 2020.

Marketing Automation

Despite the 38% ROI of email marketing, your campaigns should only be as effective as the type of content distributed and whom you email.

An AI tool makes sure content meets audience needs and adapts to changes in buyer personas.

Our experienced marketing professionals are available to help you with your marketing efforts – get in touch.

Our content marketers are based on their own expertise that they can offer your business. Marketing strategy cannot go on without utilizing email.

Social Media Marketing And Paid Advertising

Social media marketing is essential for achieving an optimal digital media strategy.

Our social marketers develop comprehensive marketing strategies relevant to the target market and attract the best audience.

Our social and pay-per-click experts work hard to get our site in top search engines.

Social media marketing and influencer marketing are ideal starting points for your business to grow.

Video Production

Take out potential customers’ eyes. Our products include on-location testimonials, animations, motion graphics, in-studio production, videos, blogs, etc.

We create compelling content and video ads that will be remembered and resealable effectively.

Newsletters And Email Copy

No marketing strategy is complete without email marketing.

Take control of your email marketing campaigns with automation specialists driving your automated system and your creative teams leading your content marketing campaigns.

We provide services to help you use email advertising to grow your business prospects and increase customer satisfaction.

Case Studies And Website Copy

Case studies give persuasive social proof and demonstrate your business brand to potential consumers. 

Case studies and white papers are all things you need to promote content and results effectively.

They tell potential customers what your clients say about your brand identity.

Increase paid and organic traffic to your site using customized content and clever website design that converts.

E-books And White Papers

Promote your website to a conversion audience to help your company differentiate itself. White papers also help with social proof.

Our conversations do more than just begin. Our Content – a product – is aimed at building relationships with customers.

This happens by creating content that builds relationships and drives sales.

Infographics And Asset Design

Take advantage of visual media advertising.

Our design includes anything from a large printable infographic that emphasizes visual storytelling to formatted white paper to showcase the expertise of the business.

Technical SEO

Tech SEO consulting provides you with technical knowledge to build your website and increase your visibility to search engines.

Website design and development are key elements of effective digital advertising.

A digital strategy that encompasses SEO is simply a must. Poorly optimized content stands little chance of ranking in the search results.

Look for a content creation agency with experience with different SEO facets like keyword research and content optimization.

A technically sound website is the cornerstone of effective digital marketing for any business.

Blogs And Content Strategy

Increase search exposure by creating high-end content marketing content. Personalized content for you is created for search engines, which also serve the purpose.

Great content is what our content marketing team is all about.

Kennected's VIP Days | No, You Can't Hire Us To Do It For You

While we specialize in SaaS, or software as a service, we offer VIP days where select customers can get trained in various aspects of our business. 

Including content marketing, inbound marketing, interactive content, and other services every business finds helpful, we offer a unique industry experience.

If your company is looking to take your small business or enterprise-level business to the next level and execute demand generation, inbound marketing, and driving traffic online, our additional services like VIP days might suit your team.

After attending our VIP days, most businesses find a 30% growth in production.

Try Kennected Video and Kennected Calendar besides our lead generation tool Cloud Kennect.

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