How To Connect With C Suite On LinkedIn

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The members of a company’s C suite include a chief financial officer, chief technology officer, chief executive officer, and other senior executives. Connecting with these industry professionals involves strengthening your LinkedIn presence and some strategic planning.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • Who makes up the key executives in a company

  • Why you should connect with C level decision makers

  • How to maximize the social media platform before connecting with other industry professionals

  • Best practices for communication with a C level executive

  • How Kennected focuses on business development and our target audience before reaching out to C level executives

Read on to learn how to connect with C suite on LinkedIn and how to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive and appealing to your desired audience.

Who Are C Level Executives?

C level executives are the leaders within any given business.

They possess high ranking job titles and responsibilities, so connecting with these thought leaders is an important step towards growing your own business.

In general, LinkedIn users are looking to connect with different individuals within the platform, whether that includes people of interest or business professionals they admire.

What is important to remember is that each C suite executive has other C level connections, meaning that connecting with the right person can result in learning valuable information.

Use automation like LinkedIn sales navigator to help you find C level executives with a simple search, then reach out with the right message to these decision makers.

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Why You Should Connect with C Suite Executives

There are several reasons why you should be aiming to connect with C level executives.

  • Helps with networking

  • Helps you to gain expertise in your field

  • You can discuss innovation and challenges in your field

  • Helps to encourage more connections

  • Opens up different opportunities

  • Establishes you as a thought leader

  • You can learn about a different organization and their strategy

When you focus on gaining knowledge and insights from these individuals, you will see amazing benefits from connecting with C level executives.

The average CEO possesses thought leadership and other valuable skills, so even being able to have a conversation with these leaders has tremendous value.

How to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile Before Connecting With C Suite Executives

Before you seek out these connections, there are a few steps you should take within your own LinkedIn profile.

  • Post video clips to your website and LinkedIn page

  • Gather data from your insights

  • Develop a strategy for communication

  • Develop a personal approach as a decision maker

  • Find any pain points and make note of them

  • See if you can incorporate the latest buzz words into your profile

Showing pieces of your business in your LinkedIn profile will ensure that the C suite executive you are looking to connect with knows that you have knowledge to offer them as well.

Since these executives are busy, they don’t want to waste time connecting and conversing with people that don’t have something to offer them as well.

Be sure that this goes both ways and that you provide knowledge to them and emphasize the importance of not wasting time in this endeavor.

Best Practices for Communication With a Chief Executive Officer

Communicating with a C level executive is going to look different than communication with co workers or other industry professionals will look.

Make sure to have a goal going into the conversation, whether that involves making a connection or establishing a piece of your strategy for networking purposes.

When you talk with this CEO or other senior executive, ensure that your conversation has a point and that your correspondence is relevant and engaging.

Demonstrate your decision making power and show how your business provides value.

Engage with this person and ask them about their service and successes.

Above all else, be personable and intentional with your conversation.

Keep an open mind and be prepared to learn from these successful professionals.

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How Kennected Reaches Out to C Suite Members on LinkedIn

Here at Kennected, we have recognized the power of connectivity, and that extends out into every connection you make on LinkedIn.

It is important to reach out to new leads, former colleagues, people of interest, and other business professionals, as every message you send reflects back to your brand persona.

Develop a personal approach to your messaging that makes you stand out, and use it frequently.

Find what works for you and go connect with some C level executives.

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