How To Sell Commercial Solar Deals

There’s no doubt that the solar industry is booming. Both commercial and residential solar installations have seen an increase over the last decade. But generating leads is still the biggest challenge for solar companies today.

Selling solar deals is tricky enough. But there’s even more complexity when it comes to selling commercial scale solar. The goals of a commercial client are different from those of a residential client’s. This means they will have different ways of evaluating your proposal and making decisions.

Here we will talk about how to generate leads for commercial solar deals, so you can convert more and increase your revenue. There’s no need to buy leads when you can generate a continuous stream via LinkedIn. Let’s have a closer look.

How to Generate Business and Commercial Accounts for Solar Industry​

You can’t sell solar deals without knowing where your target audience is. We know the demand is real. We also know that the people who want renewable energy are out there. But finding them can be tricky.

What you need is a solid lead generation strategy. Cold calling isn’t going to cut it anymore. The people who are going to make the decisions for your commercial solar deals are too busy to stay on the phone with you to hear your pitch. Cold calling is outdated.

Instead, you should focus on improving your online outreach—it’s where most people are hanging out. And yes, that includes C-suite executives.

Data from Google shows that modern day consumers are self-navigating up to 60 percent of the sales process. This means your clients are already doing their research on solar before they even reach out to you. Your goal is to find these people who are already displaying interest in your services and conducting their research.

Your online marketing campaign will make your solar company more attractive to these leads. If you want to attract leads who want to know more about solar, you should make your company as visible online as possible. Try to attract the customers who are most likely to make a sale.

If you want more commercial solar leads, start putting out a lot of content. Content could be in the form of articles, pictures, videos, etc. As long as it is informative and interesting, it will successfully paint you as a thought leader in your industry.

The goal of content marketing is to consistently give value to your target audience so that they will see you as a valuable resource. This builds trust, boosts your credibility, and helps you engage with them.

When writing articles, you can even add a lot of keywords that are relevant to solar, such as solar installation, solar benefits, and solar energy. Keywords help your content rank higher in search results, allowing more people to find you online. This is called search engine optimization or SEO.

If you want to stand out from the sea of competition, you need to post high quality content regularly. Consistency is the key.

It may take some time for your content to start generating leads. Keep in mind that all your competitors are putting out content too. But this is a good long term strategy that’s worth investing in if you want your solar company to generate a stream of highly qualified leads in the long run.

How Do You Reach C-Suite Execs & Business Owners about Solar Panel Installation?​

Hint: they’re on LinkedIn!

“C-suite” executives are the executive-level managers within a company—and the ones who are most likely going to decide on commercial solar deals. C-suite executives include the CEO, COO, CFO, and the CIO of every company. Their actions set an example for the entire organization to follow.

LinkedIn is where you want to be if your goal is to reach these decision-makers. Why LinkedIn? It’s because LinkedIn is the only social networking site that is specifically built for business people.

Not all executives are going to be on Facebook or Instagram—but you can be sure that they are all on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn is now the biggest platform for professionals online, with over 760 million users around the world.

LinkedIn is designed to help build business and professional relationships. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers, while 40 million are in decision-making positions.

If you want to find the real decision-makers who will help you seal those commercial solar deals, start prospecting on LinkedIn.

As a bonus, LinkedIn is a great platform for content marketing. All forms of content are welcome here. And the best part is that your target audience is likely to read them! Everyone on LinkedIn is actively looking for ways to improve themselves. If they can learn something about solar from your content, they will be there to read it.

Making more commercial solar sales can be difficult, but not if you’re targeting the right people in the right place. Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile, you can start boosting your reputation through content marketing. Once your campaign is in full swing, your LinkedIn outreach can begin.

How Kennected Can Help You Reach More Qualified Execs and Sell More Solar Deals

Unlike a residential sale for solar installation, there are a lot more people involved in commercial solar projects. It is up to you to find the right people to contact.

When it comes to LinkedIn outreach, Kennected is the best tool for the job. With Kennected, you can reach more qualified executives and business owners who have a LinkedIn account. You can automate your prospecting and outreach to sell more commercial solar deals.

You can use LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to identify the right executives and entrepreneurs to target. You can then copy and paste the search results into Kennected and send them personalized messages automatically.

Kennected brings you smart prospecting on autopilot. Instead of having to message all of these decision-makers manually, you can have Kennected send them for you. You can focus on running your business instead of waiting for executives to reply.

If they don’t respond right away, Kennected sends a scheduled follow-up that is also personalized. Personalized messages and follow-ups are more likely to be opened, which can help keep your acceptance rate high and your LinkedIn account safe.

Kennected brings you a steady stream of connections, meetings, and appointments. Once they accept your request, you can jump right into the conversation and start building that relationship. You also get access to their email address, phone number, and other contact information (available publicly) right in your Kennected dashboard.

Kennected makes it easier to sell commercial solar deals to the people who will make the final decisions. Book a demo with Kennected today and sell more commercial solar deals!

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