Are College Students Really On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals online. In fact, this social networking site now has more than 675 million users. It is valuable for marketers, business managers, and everyone who wants to expand their professional network.

It is immediately apparent that the audience on this platform is older than other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However this is something that is slowly changing over time.

More and more college students are joining LinkedIn. As the professional world becomes more and more competitive, it becomes necessary for college students to get a leg up on their peers.

Here we will talk about why college students used to be hesitant to join LinkedIn, and why that is no longer the case.

College Students and LinkedIn​

Considering LinkedIn’s professional focus, it makes sense why it would not immediately appeal to college students: they are still concentrating on their education, after all.

Another factor was the presence of their peers in other social networking platforms. Most of Facebook’s earliest users were high school and college students. College students tend to join those platforms because they know all of their friends are using it. Many young millennials still in college are used to the kind of instant follower numbers that would happen if everyone you knew was on the platform.

Nowadays, with the growing importance of having a professional profile set up as early as possible, more college students are taking LinkedIn seriously and flocking to it. More students are joining LinkedIn these days. This may also be due to the rise of LinkedIn influencers.

Influencers have done a great job at showing off LinkedIn’s potential. They also introduced conversations that college students feel confident contributing to. By welcoming the college students into the platform, influencers have opened their eyes to the benefits of engaging with LinkedIn.

Modern Universities are all but Mandating LinkedIn Enrollment​

Universities are recognizing the importance of LinkedIn for professional networking. Many institutions are encouraging college students to not only set up a profile but also work on using the platform actively. Modern universities want to make sure that their graduates don’t struggle in the professional landscape.

College students are now using LinkedIn to establish an early professional online presence. This is important for securing career, internship, and volunteer opportunities while still in school. As a popular social network that is geared for career development, LinkedIn can help students find jobs as soon as they graduate from college.

LinkedIn can help you find career opportunities through job email alerts. Once you have created your professional profile on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs. It gives college students a glimpse of how real life job hunting works.

College students are often surprised to find out that a large number of professionals choose to connect through this platform. In fact, they can use LinkedIn to connect with friends, classmates, colleagues, and family members.

They can also use it to conduct company research. College students can use LinkedIn to visit targeted employers. It is very easy to visit company pages and conduct research on their whereabouts, contact information, and other basic details. LinkedIn can help students plan for their future.

Most importantly, LinkedIn allows college students to put their names out there: by letting companies find them. Today, a large number of organizations look for talented candidates on social networking platforms—and LinkedIn is the best social networking site for that purpose.

More and more college students are using LinkedIn to get a head start in the professional landscape. As the platform grows, so does the number of connections and opportunities that become available for future professionals.

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