Is Cloud Safer than On-Prem?

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Cloud computing is a hot topic, and while the subject has been debated in the past, it seems to have gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years. The idea is that instead of having all your data on your server, you store it on some other server run by someone else.

The cloud computing concept allows more people to access information and applications. Discussed below are the security differences between on-premise software, computers, and servers and software and servers that run on the cloud.

On-Premise Data Storage

When you have your data on your server, you are the one in complete control of it. You have full, physical access to all the files and can make changes to them as you see fit.

On premises systems offer full control over the data stored on them and who has access to it. You can even encrypt all of your information for added data security.

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Cloud Storage

Because all of your data is stored on secured data centers from cloud service providers, many more possibilities show themselves thanks to cloud computing. For example, if you use an online service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, anyone with internet access and login details can view and download your files from anywhere.

Suppose you use cloud providers who do not offer encryption for their cloud storage service. In that case, anyone with internet access can also read and download any of your documents.

Securing Cloud Providers

There are various ways cloud providers can secure their clients’ or other companies’ data. One of the most common ways is to use a cloud control panel. This application allows users to manage their cloud environment and provide access only to those who need it.

Another way this helps involves the use of virtual private networks (VPNs). These networks encrypt data as it travels between the cloud provider and the user’s systems, preventing unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive data in transit.

Ways in Which Cloud Storage is Better Than On-Prem

Cloud storage is more secure than on-premises storage. This is because cloud storage providers are more likely to use encryption to protect the data in transit. With on-premises storage, data is stored in an unencrypted format, making it vulnerable to prying eyes and hackers. Another advantage of cloud storage over on-premises is that it enables users to access their files anywhere without restrictions. Here are other ways in which cloud storage is better than on-prem.


Cloud storage is available 24/7. You can access on-premises storage only during certain hours. For example, users cannot access the data stored on their laptops on the weekends.


Cloud providers are known for offering fast service. The speed of cloud storage depends on the provider and the kind of file being stored. However, cloud providers usually guarantee that files will remain available for 30 days or more without any interruptions in service.

Security Benefits

Cloud storage is more secure than on-premises because data is encrypted as it travels from one server to another and between servers in different locations. This prevents hackers from accessing sensitive information. It also makes sure that users’ private information is not exposed to third parties such as hackers or other unauthorized users who might be able to access it through unencrypted channels.


Cloud storage is cheaper than on-premises storage. It is more cost-effective because it requires fewer hardware and software infrastructure investments.


Cloud storage is scalable. The number of users that can access a file varies depending on the cloud provider’s configuration. Still, it will always be more than the number of users accessing the file from a single server.


Cloud storage allows users to control their data and have complete control over what happens to it. Users can change their minds about storing data in the cloud and delete it as they please. On-premises storage does not allow users to change their minds about storing or deleting data, even though there are ways to do so if they want to.

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How Cloud Storage Can Improve Your Business

There are many ways cloud storage can improve your business and help you save money. For example, it enables you to share files with other people who do not have access to your office or business premises. This can be useful when sending documents between departments or collaborating with others on a project. It also provides a centralized location for files needed by multiple people and allows you to work collaboratively instead of individually.

How To Choose The Best Cloud Storage Provider

To choose the best cloud storage provider for your business, you should consider several factors. For example, it is important to pick a provider with the features and services that best meet your needs. You should also follow the cloud storage provider’s policies when signing up with them. This will help you minimize any potential legal issues that may arise from using their services.

To choose the right cloud storage provider for your business, consider these factors:

Cost: A good cloud storage service will be less expensive than an on-premises solution.

Ease of Use: Signing up and using a cloud storage service should be straightforward.

Security: It is important to choose a provider with good data security measures. This will help you avoid the potential theft of your data.

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Benefits of Cloud Security Vs On-Prem Security Concerns

Cloud security is usually more secure than physical security. Here are ways in which it protects sensitive data.

Data Security Against Natural Disasters

On-premises storage solutions are vulnerable to natural disasters. Cloud storage providers offer a much more secure option for storing your data. This is because your data is stored on a remote server rather than being stored in the office.

Offers Physical Security

Data theft is a common occurrence with on-premises storage systems. This is because people in the office can steal data. However, your data is stored on a remote server with cloud providers. This means that physical access to the data is prohibited.

Prevents Data Theft by Hackers

On-premises systems are vulnerable to hackers who want to steal data from your system. Cloud storage providers offer a much more secure option for storing your data, and this helps you avoid having many data security concerns.

Data Center Security Threats

Many people wonder what the difference is between “online” and “local” installation. In both cases, the installation is on a computer. What makes one installation more “online” than the other depends on how you access your information after installing it. With an online installation, all files get stored in a server controlled by an administrator, and you can access it from any computer with internet access. If you install the software on a computer in your home, this will only allow you to access this information from that particular computer.

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Data Center Security Measures

A data center is where all your business’s IT assets are stored. These include computers, servers, storage devices, network devices, and other components. If a hacker manages to break the physical security and access this area, they can steal all your company’s sensitive data. This includes:

• Customer information (credit card numbers)

• Financial information (bank account numbers)

• Sales information (customer names)

Your company’s data security is dependent on how secure the data center itself is. If the data center is not secure, a hacker can gain access to sensitive information that can be used for identity theft and fraud, among other threats.

These other data threats include:

• Worms

• Viruses

• Spyware

• Malware

• DDoS attacks

• Phishing

• Identity theft

• Malware

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