How To Use Cloud Kennect To Message People From Groups

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  1. Click on the group you wish to message

  2. Click “See All,” & you will see all group members

  3. Copy the URL

  4. Come back to Cloud Kennect Outreach Sequences & click “Add New”

  5. Click “Messaging Sequence”

  6. Name your sequence & pick your working hours. Hit “Next”

  7. Paste the URL in the box & hit “Enter.” Click “Next”

  8. Ignore the “Set Connection Message” & click “Set Follow-Up Message”

  9. Add the appropriate information & click “Add”

  10. Click “Submit” & input however many people you want to reach (e.g., 50)

If you’re familiar with Cloud Kennect, you’re likely a master of the tool & have leads dropping in your inbox by the minute.

However, you might not be using Cloud Kennect to its full capabilities. Similar to connection requests, Kennected’s tool allows users to send mass messages to people in LinkedIn groups.

What Are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups let professionals in the same industry or with similar interests share insights & experiences, ask for help, and make connections.

Find groups to join by searching at the top of your homepage or checking out the ones you already belong to.

How Many Group Messages Can You Send Daily?

Cloud Kennect allows users to send up to 300 group messages daily. But this is NOT recommended when first starting the feature.

To remain under LinkedIn’s radar, start with smaller numbers (30, 50, etc.) per sequence & scale up from there with time.

How Many Groups Can You Join?

LinkedIn users can join up to 100 groups.

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How To Find & Join LinkedIn Groups

Here is the straightforward way to join LinkedIn groups:

  1. Enter the keyword or name of the group in the search bar.

  2. Select “Groups” from the drop-down menu.

  3. When you find a group you’re interested in, click “Request to join.”

Sometimes, LinkedIn users will ask you to join a group, which you can accept or deny.

How To Create A LinkedIn Group

Here is how to create a LinkedIn group:


  1. Visit the “Groups” homepage

  2. On the upper right-hand of the page, click “Create group.”

  3. Follow the instructions for each window

  4. Click the “Edit” icon above “Group name” to upload a group logo

  5. Click the “Edit” icon on the upper right corner of the page to upload a cover image

How To Invite People To Join LinkedIn Groups?

To invite people to your group:


  1. Go to the “Groups” homepage

  2. At the top right, click “Invite connections”

  3. Choose a connection by typing their first or last name in the “Search by name” field

  4. Click “Invite”

Why Does Group Outreach Targeting Work?

There are a couple of reasons why Kennected’s outreach works for group members:


  1. You have more rapport with these people.

  2. You can do MORE outreach in LinkedIn groups than invitation sequences.

Are LinkedIn Groups Private?

There are two types of LinkedIn groups:


  • Listed Groups: Listed groups show up in LinkedIn search results. You can see the group on your LinkedIn profile under “Interests.”

  • Unlisted Groups: Unlisted Groups don’t appear in search results & aren’t visible on your LinkedIn profile. A direct link or an invitation will let you into an Unlisted Group.

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How To Remove Group Members Of A LinkedIn Group

To remove people from LinkedIn groups:


  1. Access the Groups homepage

  2. Select the applicable group

  3. On the top left rail, click “Manage Group”

  4. Located in “Members,” find the member you wish to remove

  5. Click the “…” icon next to the member’s name

  6. Click either “Remove from group” or “Block from group”

  7. Click “Confirm”

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