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The purpose of LinkedIn has been universal engagement between professionals. People use LinkedIn to network, to land jobs, book meetings, and grow their careers. 

Whether it’s career advice, job applications, catching up with ex-co-workers, or connecting with a recruiter, LinkedIn covers all the bases regarding professional engagement.

The ideal LinkedIn profile is maxed out on connections with a killer headline and tons of endorsements from other professionals. 

Posting killer content on your page is always helpful toward the goal of creating a compelling LinkedIn profile.

To get LinkedIn connections, one must reach out to users through the inbox feature and begin to build lasting relationships. 

Additionally, one can also comment and engage with other users’ posts and content on the platform. 

However, that process can take months or years to accomplish. And manually sending hundreds of messages daily is not a walk in the park.

Kennected is the Holy Grail tool that knocks lead generation out of the park. 

Cloud Kennect by Kennected is a LinkedIn automation platform that balances artificial intelligence with human emotion.

Because on LinkedIn, emphasis on personalization has always been the key ingredient.

Cloud Kennect is another ingredient for everlasting perfection in growing your LinkedIn connections.

This blog will focus on the basics of creating your Cloud Kennect account.

Visit Cloud Kennect


  1. Visit the Cloud Kennect website.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see “Don’t have an account Yet? Sign up Now!” Click the link.

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Fill In Account Information


  1. Fill out the presented form, including your first and last name, company name, email, etc.

  2. Your email and password will be the main factors for logging in for future reference.

Login To Your Account

  1. You’ll be presented with a similar screen to the above one. The “Invitation Sequences” section will be blank.

Cloud Kennect presents various options on the left side of the screen; however, for this blog, we’ll focus on the primary action, “Outreach Sequences.”

  1. Click on “Outreach Sequences” if you have not already

Outreach sequences are LinkedIn messages reaching out to other users with whom you may have a common connection, interests, similar career fields, etc.

These messages aim to successfully engage with the person who connects with your profile, adding to your LinkedIn connections.

Setting Up An Outreach Sequence

  1. Click ” + Add New”

  2. You’ll be presented with three options (Invitation Sequence, Messaging Sequence, and Free InMails).

  3. Click “Invitation Sequence.”

  1. You’ll be greeted with the above screen.

  2. In the “Sequence Name” box, feel free to name the group or sequence title you wish. (This box represents the type of people you wish to connect with.)

    • Lawyers

    • Writers

    • Biologists

  3. The “Select Type” box is already filled in for you. For “Set Working Hours,” you can adjust what days and times work best to allow the sequence to run.

  4. You can ignore the “Zapier” button. Click “Next.”


  1. This screen will pop up. For the first box, you will need to perform a Boolean Search. 

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How To Perform A Boolean Search

A Boolean Search is not as complicated as it sounds. When you search out people or job titles, that’s called a Boolean Search.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.

  2. Enter your desired sequence in the search bar on the top left of the screen. For this example, I typed in “Writer.” No matter the topic, click on “People.”

  3. You’ll see hundreds and maybe thousands of people in that niche. But to make it less daunting, click on “Connections” and “2nd.”

  4. Now, the search results are narrowed to people you have a mutual connection with, similar to a mutual friend on Facebook.


  1. Your screen should look similar to the above one. 

  2. All that’s left to do is copy the URL of your search results. 

Finishing Your Outreach Sequence

  1. Back on your Cloud Kennect sequence, paste the URL into the first box. Press enter.

  2. You can ignore the rest on the screen and click “Next.”

  1. With the next screen, you can get creative with your networking messages. Click “Set Connection message.”

  2. Click “Select Template” and “Networking Connection Message.”

  1. You’ll be greeted with the standard message above. You can customize what you wish to say to the person but be sure to leave everything in parenthesis alone.

  2. Once you’re done creating the message, click “Add.”

When connections respond, you want to keep them engaged and willing to come back for conversation.

  1. Click “Set Follow-up message.”

  2. Like the previous message, click “Select Template” and “Networking Follow Up 1.”

  3. Feel free to customize the message leaving the parenthesis bit alone. Click “Add.”

You can set up more follow-up messages if you wish. Cloud Kennect allows you to customize when the person will receive the follow-up message.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to change when you wish to withdraw your connection request if the person doesn’t respond to it.

  2. Click “Submit.”

Congratulations! You’ve set up your first outreach sequence.

Something important to note is that you can create as many sequences as you wish, but you can only send up to 100 connection requests daily.

So no matter how many sequences you create, ensure the “Per Day Limits” don’t add up to over 100.

You can delete, pause, or stop your sequences at any time.

Start filling your sales pipeline today

Best Practices For Social Selling

Kennected teaches to leverage automation to simplify your lead flow. However, we do not advocate letting the AI do the talking for you. 


Once a prospect begins to respond to you, we always want to let the user take over. Nothing personalizes more than the person running the account.

Find Out What Makes That Person Tick

Once they respond to your initial messages with a positive response indicating they’re interested in talking more (or in a secondary follow-up message), users need to take time to check that person out on LinkedIn. 


If you want to go deeper, try to find them on Facebook or Instagram and talk about stuff that matters to them, like their family or hobbies. 

Provide Value Specific To That Person & The Law of Reciprocity

Everyone uses the term “provide value.” But what does it mean? It’s different for every person. For some people, it might be giving them an e-book on B2B lead generation. 


For others, it might be a recommendation on their LinkedIn profile. The law of reciprocity kicks in when we give something of “value,” and the recipient feels obligated to respond in like kind. 


So that might mean booking a meeting with you, or giving you a recommendation.

Kennected is a Social Selling Platform That Actively Preaches About Being a Human Online

Kennected has become one of the fastest-growing startups in Indiana since its inception in 2018

We’re transparent about our methods because they work and second because our values differ from many in the tech industry.

You may wonder what we mean by this. Kennected prides itself on its ability to exchange relationships rather than revenue.

Revenue is a natural factor of the lead generation process, but it’s impossible to thrive without healthy relationships between customers and businesses.

We were aware of the benefits of LinkedIn automation, but we believed we could expand upon it and do something no company had done before that worked.

Kennected puts the customers first over anything else because you, the customer, are the foundation of how we got here. It’s because of you that Kennected is thriving for your benefit.

Cloud Kennect is that unique automation tool that has served thousands of businesses and professionals globally.

We work with anyone anywhere and are willing to teach you the skills behind the magic that is lead generation.

If you’re still curious about the product, contact us for a free demonstration to see firsthand how Kennected puts you first. 

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