Integrating Close CRM with Kennected


Overview on CloudKennect and LinkedFusion

CloudKennect and LinkedFusion are Modern LinkedIn Automation softwares that help to generate leads and upscale B2B sales, automating LinkedIn activities effectively and faster prospecting.

CloudKennect and LinkedFusion can create various automated campaigns as per different market niche requirements with different time zones, dedicated IP, Integrated LinkedIn Inbox, LinkedIn Post Scheduling, and much more.Hence becoming an ideal LinkedIn Automation Service for any Salesteam or Marketing Agencies.

Overview on How the Integration is going to work

The main focus for having this integration is to provide an ease of access to the mutual users who uses CloudKennect or LinkedFusion and wants to sync their LinkedIn activities in their CRM to track all their activities in a single web application or CRM

The integration will cover Creating a New Contact in Close, and adding Contact Notes in Activities to sync their conversation with the contact/ Prospect on LinkedIn Messenger.

The flow of How the Integration will work

Creating a New Contact

  • From an Invitation Sequence in CloudKennect or LinkedFusion, whenever a prospect accepts the request to connect on LinkedIn, a new contact will be created in Close CRM, and all the information/ data about the prospect will sync to Close CRM. The information about this prospect will be the data fetched from LinkedIn.

Sync LinkedIn conversation

  • Once a conversation has been initiated between the prospect and the user, the integration will start syncing the conversation messages to Close CRM activities and add them as contact notes. Each note will have its own date and time, so users can find all the conversations that they have done using any method LinkedIn, Emails, SMS, etc. on a single contact information page in the Close CRM.

Steps to Setup the Integration

Video tutorial on this integration: LinkedFusion Native Integration With Close CRM | Get LinkedIn leads to Close CRM

  1. Users need to have either a LinkedFusion or CloudKennect Subscription.
  2. To connect Close CRM with our service, navigate to the Integration section and find Close CRM.
  3. Once inside the Close CRM integration page, the user needs to add their Close CRM API key.
  4. Once the API key is successfully verified, we will provide user selection and field mapping options, so users can map the data that they want to populate in Close CRM.
  5. Once everything is set up, the integration will start functioning as mentioned above in the flow of integration section.