What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels has been around for a few years. It was founded in 2014, and it has grown into a very important tool for many small and large businesses. A lot of entrepreneurs use it to build sales funnels. In fact, ClickFunnels has helped over 110,000 businesses to get their message and products out into the world.

Despite its growing popularity, there are still plenty of entrepreneurs who don’t know what this tool is.

So if you’ve heard of ClickFunnels before but you’re not sure what it is, Kennected is here to help. Today we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about ClickFunnels. We’ll talk about what it can do, what it’s for, and how it can help your business grow.

What is ClickFunnels & What Does it Do?

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one tool that acts as a website and sales funnel builder for business owners. It is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs who want to build pages inside of a sales funnel, but don’t know how to code. Not all of us are programmers, so the drag-and-drop functionality of ClickFunnels is a lifesaver.

This tool allows you to hold your visitor’s hand and take them step-by-step through your entire sales process. This increases the chances of making a sale because you’re guiding them as they make a sale. They won’t get lost or confused in your website—so they’ll be more likely to buy something.

Having an effective sales funnel also allows you to sell exactly what the prospect needs. You can point your customer straight to the exact product or service that they are looking for. ClickFunnels can even follow up with your visitors even after they leave your page.

Overall, ClickFunnels simply makes it easier to market and sell your products online. Emphasis on the “online” aspect, because while your regular brick and mortar businesses also have sales funnels, most of the selling is done in person.

So if you have an entrepreneurial mind, but lack the programming skills—or the team members—to build an online business, ClickFunnels is for you. You can build those sales funnel pages yourself by choosing one of ClickFunnels many, many templates, and just change them up to suit your business goals. No need to rely on the tech experts here.

When you sell to someone in person, it requires charisma, persistence, resourcefulness, and a bunch of other traits. But if you are selling something online, you need to be an expert when it comes to digital marketing. ClickFunnels manages one aspect of that, which is the creation of awesome sales funnels.

In fact, this tool helps you build your desired sales funnel in three easy steps:

First, you choose a pre-designed sales funnel template that suits your type of product or service.

Then you choose a page design style that you want.

Finally, you make the modifications you want by using ClickFunnel’s drag and drop features, and hit Publish. It’s that simple.

What is a Sales Funnel? And how is ClickFunnels Better?

We’ve been talking about sales funnels and ClickFunnels, but some entrepreneurs may not be familiar with this concept yet. So let’s talk about sales funnels.

Every customer has a customer journey. The sales funnel refers to each step that a person has to take in their customer journey before they become a customer.

For brick and mortar businesses, a sales funnel would be something like a person walking to a store, deciding to go in, choosing an item on the rack, and then taking it to the register. Some people may decide not to come in. Some may just walk past the store completely. Some can change their minds as they are looking at the rack. But every part of their journey is a step of the sales funnel. If everything goes well, the customer will finish the purchase and reach the bottom of the funnel.

But sales funnels exist even if you are not running a physical store. Your sales funnel could exist as a website, an email, a sales team, or a personal consultation. This means any marketing channel can actually be a part of your sales funnel. In fact, some businesses have their funnels spread across several channels.

ClickFunnels is a fast and efficient way to build your sales funnel online even if you are not a web designer. Because of its plug-and-play setup, your sales funnel could be ready to go in just a matter of minutes. And the end result is always beautiful because the templates from ClickFunnels are visually-appealing.

You don’t need to waste time explaining your ideal sales funnel to someone else, and hoping that your vision will be executed properly. Instead you can focus on activities that actually make you money.

These pre-designed templates are proven effective, and there are funnels available for virtually all kinds of businesses.

The easy-to-use functionality of ClickFunnels is the initial pull of this particular tool. But as you use it, you’ll learn that it has a wide variety of additional features that will help you optimize your pages—and even improve other areas of your digital marketing strategies.

Whatever your business goals are, ClickFunnels can give you all the tools you need in one convenient spot. Build sales funnels that convert today.

Different Types of Funnels from ClickFunnels

Because there are many different types of sales funnels, you can create a wide variety of funnels using ClickFunnels. In fact, this tool is one of the most popular tools for creating different types of funnels. No matter what your conversion goals are, ClickFunnels has you covered.

There are Tripwire Funnels, VSL Funnels, and Product Launch Funnels that are designed to sell products. There are also Webinar Funnels and Autowebinar Funnels for entrepreneurs who want to run online events. There are also Squeeze Page Funnels and Application Funnels if your goal is to generate leads.

You can just look these funnels up online and you can get a lot of available templates from ClickFunnels for each type.

You can mix and match the funnel templates. Each funnel you make can also contain multiple steps. This means you can always customize your sales funnels to match your business goals.

Tripwire Funnels​

A tripwire is a low ticket product that is so irresistible that people simply HAVE to buy it. But once they do make a purchase, this acts as a “tripwire” that can upsell them your big ticket items. Tripwire funnels are designed for upselling products and catching people’s attention by giving them value straight away.

Tripwire funnels are perfect because there are many customers who will not even pay attention to your products or services if you sell them something expensive from the get-go.

The goal of this type of funnel is typically to obtain contact information from potential customers in exchange for a low ticket product. You can upsell to them later on.

Product Launch Funnels

Another way to provide tons of value to your customers before showing them a paid offer is through product launch funnels. Also known as PLF funnels, product launch funnels are used for mid to high ticket offers. These funnels are designed to get your customers comfortable with buying at higher price points from you.

A product launch funnel has three main pieces: the PLF Steps, the email lists, and the follow-up funnel sequence.

The steps of a product launch funnel typically include an opt-in page, video pages, an order page, and a thank you page.

VSL Funnels​

Reports suggest that sales pages which include videos see a much higher conversion rate than sales pages that only have text and images. This type of sales funnel leverages that.

VSL stands for Video Sales Letter. A Video Sales Letter Funnel is a sales letter that includes a video instead of a wall of text.

Squeeze Page Funnels

A squeeze page is a simple but effective type of sales funnel that can be used to generate leads. It can also help you grow your email list online. A squeeze page typically consists of a landing page and a thank you page.

Squeeze pages are quite diverse as they can sometimes be a landing page or just a pop-up. Sometimes they appear as an in-content form. Whatever form it takes, a squeeze page is there to generate high quality leads.

For these squeeze pages to be effective, you need to convince your target market to give you their email address. But they won’t just give that to you for free, so you need to incentivize them.

Your incentive doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can just promise to give them updates and notifications whenever you publish new content, or you can keep them updated on new promos and deals. All they have to do is sign up with their email address.

How is ClickFunnels Different from a Landing Page?

A landing page is just one web page that contains only one call to action. On the other hand, a sales funnel is made up of many different web pages that guide a customer towards their final sales decision. Sales funnels—like the ones provided by ClickFunnels—are designed to direct customers towards the next step in the funnel. A landing page is just one page with a CTA.

This means a funnel will have multiple CTAs for different purposes. In a sales funnel, every page gives you an opportunity to sell additional products and services. They give you a lot of options for upselling.

What is The Psychology of a Successful Sales Funnel?

Every customer decision is fueled by emotion. That is the main driving force behind every single sale. Every time someone clicks on a link, or decides to buy a car, emotion plays a vital role.

Consumers trust their subconscious to make the right decision. If your sales funnel could appeal to their emotions, you would be able to convert them into paying customers more effectively.

Emotion is your strongest weapon as an entrepreneur. You need to meet your customer’s emotional needs at the right stage in their journey. This will make your sales more cost-effective.

From an emotional perspective, a customer’s journey goes through the following stages: awareness, consideration, intent, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy.

Awareness is when a prospect knows that your business exists and consideration is when they are curious about your products and services. Intent is the stage where they are confident that you can give them value but they are not sure if purchasing is the right thing to do. Purchase is when they are ready to buy, but need a little push in the right direction.

Loyalty and advocacy come after the purchase—it’s when they have experienced your business firsthand and are willing to purchase from you again in the future. They may even tell their friends about your business.

A successful sales funnel is one that guides customers every step of the way until they make a purchase.

Website Hosting with ClickFunnels​

We all know the importance of web hosting for getting high conversion rates. But it’s even more important to make sure that your sites are performing well in search engines.

The good news is that ClickFunnels can do more than just create sales funnels for you. It comes with a complete suite of tools—one of which is website hosting.

Whether it’s sales funnels, split-testing software, membership pages, or email servers, ClickFunnels will host everything for you. All of your content will be on the same server, which means you don’t have to set up advanced hosting settings.

When you register for ClickFunnels, you get a unique subdomain. It will serve as the address for all your pages until you integrate your own domain. ClickFunnels lets you buy and install your own domain so there’s no need to integrate a domain from anywhere else.

You may also buy your domain from anywhere and then point it to your ClickFunnels account.

ClickFunnels also allows you to modify your website’s landing page based on what you have to offer. It’s as easy as choosing the sales funnel, the design, text, videos, and pictures you want. This is very important because your landing page is the first thing people see when they visit your website.

Split Testing with ClickFunnels​

Split testing is a marketing tactic that is commonly used to determine the most effective strategies that are leading to conversions. Also known as A/B testing, it is a form of randomized experimentation wherein two or more versions of a web page or page element are shown to different website visitors at the same time. This allows marketers to determine which version creates the biggest impact among consumers.

With split testing, you can see which web page aspects are getting you the best conversion rates.

Landing pages are the most commonly used device for split tests. The idea is to create two different landing pages wherein one is slightly different from the other in terms of content. And then you track which one gains more conversions.

Split testing also helps you identify WHY certain pages work better than others. You can then apply these strategies into your sales funnel.

Just keep in mind that when split testing, you should always keep the differences between the landing pages at a minimum. This makes it easier to identify what is keeping your customers on the page and what’s pushing them away.

Split testing is perfect for growing your conversion rate. Some entrepreneurs feel stuck when it comes to growing their customer base, and this is a good way to find a more effective approach.

Take the time to tweak your landing page after testing it and your business will definitely see some growth.

Split testing can also increase your engagement by reducing bounce rates. Successful businesses change their landing pages very often because it lets people know that they are active and they are always giving value to their customers.

If your landing pages are always the same, your customers may feel disengaged after a while. Over time, your bounce rate may increase. To avoid this, you need to keep your target audience engaged. Use split testing to create effective landing pages and sales funnels. Learn about their likes and dislikes and use that information to your advantage.

Another benefit of split testing is that it adds value to your product as well as your entire organization. By split testing, you are refining and upgrading your landing pages over and over again. This creates a better sales funnel overall.

With a better sales funnel, you can convert more leads and grow your relationship with existing customers. It can help create trust in your business. As an entrepreneur, you know how valuable trust is when building a customer base. Loyal customers can even become advocates of your brand and bring in more unique customers into your sales funnels.

Split testing is a simple yet effective strategy that anyone can do. With ClickFunnels, it’s even easier. You can see the results of your testing right on the landing page within your sales funnel dashboard.

On top of that, split testing has minimal risk. You’re not revamping your entire product or brand. You’re just making small changes to your landing pages. It’s cost-effective and there’s no risk involved. Even if the split test doesn’t work out, it can reveal weaknesses in your landing pages and give you tons of information on how to improve them.

To use split testing on ClickFunnels, go to your sales funnel dashboard. Select a landing page to split test. You want to choose a page that has a low conversion rate. Or you can choose to split test a page that hasn’t been updated in a while.

After selecting a page you want to split test, click on the “Create Variation Tab” on the right side of the page. From there, you can select “Create Duplicate Page” from the pop-up.

ClickFunnels also lets you create a new page from a template, but duplicating one of your existing pages is a lot faster if you want to do a quick split test.

After duplicating your landing page, you can select the “Start Split Test” option. For your split test, you can edit something like the headline of your landing page. Write a headline that’s eye-catching and interesting—and make sure it is different enough from your original one.

Adjust the slider to split the traffic 50/50 between the two landing pages and then click on “Apply Changes”. Your split test should last for 30 days, at minimum. This should give people enough time to visit your website and engage with it.

If your page is receiving tons of traffic, your split test could be a lot shorter than 30 days. With a high volume of traffic, you should be able to get conclusive data from your split test. However, if your page is barely getting any traffic, your split test could need much more than 30 days to get reliable results.

Either way, split testing is a lot easier with ClickFunnels because of all the tools it provides.

Conversion Rate Optimization with ClickFunnels

A sales funnel is only effective if it has a good conversion rate. In fact, the reason you want to set up a sales funnel in the first place is so that you could generate tons of leads and convert them—all on autopilot.

So if you’re setting up a sales funnel and you feel like something’s not working, it’s time to optimize your conversion rate.

The good news is that you’re not alone. A lot of businesses are going through that same struggle. It’s not easy to create a sales funnel that converts visitors consistently. But if your conversion rate is still low, it means something needs to be fixed.

Sales funnels are made up of different parts. Just like a car engine, if one of the parts isn’t working properly, the entire engine is going to seize up.

But thankfully, sales funnels are a lot less complicated than car engines. Sales funnels are organized into very specific steps, which means finding the source of the problem is a lot easier.

A low conversion rate means that people are leaving the sales funnel before they make a purchase. So you need to find out the reason why they are leaving. This is easy when you’re using ClickFunnels.

Go to the funnel overview of your sales funnel. On the left side, you can see the percentage of traffic that went through each step of your funnel.

You can see how many people visited the sales page, how many went on to visit the order page, how many visited order confirmation, how many visited the membership access, how many went to the membership area, and so on.

This is just one example of a sales funnel. But as you can see, people can drop off of the sales funnel at any time. Therefore you can use this information to see which stage people are most likely to leave your sales funnel. That is where you need to start optimizing your funnel.

With ClickFunnels, it is easy to see which pages are working and which ones are struggling. If a low percentage of people are visiting a page, it means your funnel isn’t giving them enough reason to click any further.

If not enough people are visiting the order confirmation page, you need to optimize the sales page and the order page. This should drive more people to the next step of the funnel.

If your sales funnel is struggling, work your way from the top to the bottom. Sometimes when you optimize the beginning part of your sales funnel, customers work their way to the end more smoothly. If the problem persists, then keep optimizing each page until you can successfully drive people to the next step.

Conversion Tracking​

The more conversions you have, the more profitable your business is. But it’s hard to tell how well you’re actually doing if you’re not tracking your conversions.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there that can help with your efforts to convert more people. Google Analytics is one of those tools. Figuring out who is visiting your website and how they are engaging with your content is now easier than ever thanks to advanced analytics.

Go to the ‘Audience’ section of your Google Analytics menu and click on ‘Demographics Overview’. This will show you a lot of useful data, including who is coming to your site. You can see a general view of your visitors, as well as specific demographics. You can get more detail on each demographic—it’s all there. Google Analytics can also show you when visitors are coming to your site. The ‘Product Performance’ and ‘Landing Page’ sections can show you the particular time of day or week that you are getting the most traffic.

Google Analytics also lets you see where your visitors are from. Just go to the ‘Audience’ section and click on ‘Geo’, followed by ‘Location’. This is where you can see information on where your traffic is coming from based on countries, states, and towns.

All these analytics help you get a solid idea on which demographics are converting. It can also help you tweak your sales strategies according to who’s responding and engaging with your content the most. If you are not attracting the attention of your target audience, then you need to do a bit of tweaking to your sales funnel.

A lot of business owners using ClickFunnels wonder if they can set up tracking, analytics, and retargeting pixels on every single page. And the answer is yes. You can even set them up on your entire sales funnel.

If you want to use Google Analytics or a Facebook retargeting pixel, you need to put code on the individual pages. You need to click on ‘Settings’ on top of the side panel, and then choose ‘Tracking Codes’. You will then have the option to post the tracking code in either the header or the footer. Then you can save the page and it will instantly show the retargeting code or the analytics code inside of your page.

Alternatively, you can set your code up so that it’s funnel-wide. Go to your dashboard and select ‘Funnel View’ and then choose ‘Edit Funnel’. Click on ‘Global Tracking’, and then paste your Google Analytics or retargeting code in the window. By doing it this way, you can put your code on every single page of your sales funnel.

You can either have your code in the entire funnel or just in the pages you want.

With Google Analytics and ClickFunnels you can keep track of your conversions. You can see the strengths and weaknesses of your sales funnel: which parts are working and which areas need to improve. Change your sales strategies accordingly.

Email Autoresponder​

One common question among those who want to try ClickFunnels is: does it have an autoresponder? The answer is yes. ClickFunnels has a built-in email autoresponder that functions just like your usual autoresponder. It stores contacts, sends broadcasts, manages campaigns, etc.

The ClickFunnels email autoresponder has a bit of an edge over other tools though. Because the autoresponder is inbuilt, it integrates seamlessly with your sales funnel. It is easy for users to connect everything together. Other solutions only support highly automated workflows.

ClickFunnels directly integrates your sales funnels into Actionetics (which is the email autoresponder function). It is much easier to enjoy a smooth workflow when you are using ClickFunnels.

Membership Site with ClickFunnels

You can use ClickFunnels to set up your membership site. In fact, your sales funnel plays an important role when it comes to convincing people to become a member.

You can use the tripwire approach here and offer your visitors a low cost product like an ebook or anything that can give them value.

If they go for the tripwire offer, you can send them to a thank you page and start upselling. If they don’t buy your tripwire product, you can still add them to your subscriber email list if they agree to sign up for it. You can then add them to your email list.

Once they become a part of your email list, you can start building that relationship. Eventually, you can offer the membership. If they don’t want to become a member, you can still “downsell” to a smaller product.

If they do sign up and become a member, you can upsell to a higher level of membership. Ideally, you will do this after they’ve experienced the benefits of being a member. Once that trust and loyalty has developed, it becomes possible to convince them to upgrade their membership.

Don’t just keep selling mindlessly—you need to learn about their needs and pain points so that you can give them the value that they need. This way, you will be able to upsell to them at the right time.

To build a membership funnel in ClickFunnels, select ‘Build Funnel’ from the ClickFunnels menu. You can also click on ‘Build a Funnel’ from the ClickFunnels dashboard.

Then select ‘Sell Your product’ and click on ‘Membership’. Name your Membership Funnel and then click ‘Build Funnel’.

Next, you can select the page templates. But keep in mind, ClickFunnels only lets you have one membership access step and membership area step type per funnel. Select the membership access step in the funnel, and then click on the membership category. Then, select a membership access page template.

That’s how you build a membership funnel on ClickFunnels. It’s simple and easy, just like other funnel types in ClickFunnels.

Shopping Cart & E-Commerce​

ClickFunnels is a very versatile tool that’s able to help you build sales funnels of all kinds. But will it also work for your e-commerce store?

Yes it will! After all, ClickFunnels is a marketing tool that is designed to help online business owners scale their business—no matter what type of business you are running and what size. In fact, ClickFunnels is perfect for e-commerce because it helps build sales funnels online.

Any business owner can use ClickFunnels as a powerful resource for scaling your business and taking it to the next level. ClickFunnels allows you to integrate a sales funnel into your online store. You can offer upsells to your online customers any time. You can also use it to make an effective email follow-up campaign.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time to build their own e-commerce funnels—well worry no more! ClickFunnels has pre-built funnels especially designed for online stores.

If you want a sales funnel right inside your online store, ClickFunnels is the tool for you. You can set up a sales funnel in just a few minutes.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?​

And now to answer the question that is on everybody’s mind: how much does it cost?

ClickFunnels starts with a 14-day free trial, which means you can try out all of its amazing benefits and see if it’s a good fit for you—before you commit to a paid plan. After the trial period, it will cost $97 per month.

This is the perfect investment because you can easily earn back the $97 with the help of your streamlined sales funnels. This model is perfect for just about any business size.

ClickFunnels also has an Etison suite package that’s worth $297 per month. With this package, you can build and manage an unlimited number of funnels and pages. You can also handle an unlimited number of visitors, not to mention an unlimited number of custom domains.

Although this package is pricier, it is also a better fit for growing businesses. We recommend starting with the free trial and getting a feel for this tool. You can upgrade to the appropriate package later on. You can also cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties whatsoever.

Enjoy this world-renowned marketing tool today and start building powerful sales funnels to grow your business.

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