Best Alternative To Cleverly For LinkedIn Lead Generation: Get Kennected

Most LinkedIn users are surprised to see how expensive some lead generation tools for LinkedIn can be. While it’s certainly beneficial to invest in a LinkedIn automation tool for lead generation, you should still be careful about what product you invest on.

Some lead generation tools like Cleverly are not worth the large financial investment—especially if there are options out there that are cheaper and more effective.

Cleverly in particular is a LinkedIn software that is designed to write and send personalized messages to various recipients on LinkedIn. On paper, its functions and features sound great. But when you take into consideration how much it costs and what it does, you might want to consider other tools instead.

Why Pay Managed Prices When You Can Do It Yourself?

Kennected is a great alternative to Cleverly because it has a superior onboarding process. Kennected teaches clients how to fish, instead of selling them fish. We only take over the mundane and repetitive tasks that are wasting your time and energy. Kennected lets you focus on more important tasks, such as improving your product or having real conversations with clients.

When it comes to social selling and marketing, making real connections and building rapport is necessary. This is why certain tasks should not be automated. Kennected understands this and applies it to every campaign.

This personalized approach is what sets Kennected apart from other automation tools. Every customer has different needs and goals for their brand or business. Kennected’s proven and effective sales scripts can be personalized, so that targets are more likely to respond.

Once you start seeing a steady stream of responses, you can start building real relationships with your future clients.

Cleverly Prices vs. Kennected

Compared to Cleverly, Kennected is much more cost effective in terms of monthly pricing. Kennected’s three packages are: Professional, Grow, and Ultimate, which cost $25.95, $45.95, and $85.95 per month respectively.

The Professional plan gives you 30 invites and 90 message credits per day, while the Grow package gives 60 invites and 180 message credits per day. The Ultimate package gives you 100 invites and 300 message credits per day.

These are packaged with a bunch of helpful features like Hubspot integration, team and team blacklist, and team sync capabilities.

On the other hand, Cleverly’s packages are much more expensive, with its cheapest option—the Silver package—costing $197 per month. Additionally, it only gives you 250 prospects each month.

The Gold plan costs $397 per month, and the Platinum plan costs $597 per month, giving you 500 and 1,000 prospects respectively. From the price tag alone, you can tell which LinkedIn tool gives you better value for your money. Cleverly is just too expensive.

Cleverly Can Potentially Limit Your Lead Count

Cleverly’s Silver and Gold packages provide only one active campaign, while Platinum gives two. Each package also has four messages per campaign, automatic follow up messages, response handling dashboard, real time metrics reporting, integrated connection tracking, etc.

In the long run, the limits on these campaigns can slow down your lead generation efforts. Not to mention that in order to use Cleverly, you still need to pay for Sales Navigator, which costs $80 per month.  This is way too expensive for a LinkedIn software, and you’re not even in control of your own lead flow.

There are better ways to spend your money. Kennected, for example, gives you so much more.

Why Kennected is the Best Alternative to Cleverly​

With Kennected, you can automate your outreach, use laser accurate data to find the ideal targets, and send personalized invites and follow-up messages.

Kennected is also easier to use. It takes only three simple steps: finding your audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters, adding your messaging with Kennected’s 30+ proven scripts, and then launching your campaign. Hit Start and wait for the responses and connections to come rolling in.

Kennected brings you a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having success with Kennected.

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