CEO Of Gold’s Gym & McFIT Feared Dead (Amongst Others) In Plane Crash

Associated Press reports that Rainer Schaller, founder of McFIT gym & Gold’s Gym, may have been on the plane whose remains were found near Limón, Costa Rica.

Rainer Schaller was on the list of passengers for that flight, the outlet said. Also included was Schaller’s girlfriend, Christiane Schikorsky.

Officials in Costa Rica found two bodies, one adult and one child, as well as luggage & chunks of the plane, but couldn’t confirm the identities immediately.

Here’s what the article states –

“Rainer Schaller founded the first McFit gym in 1997 in Bavaria, Germany. He continued to open locations in Germany and had over 400,000 members across locations by 2006, per the company website. It began to buy up competitors and expand internationally, adding different types and brands of gyms.

In 2020, the parent company renamed RSG Group, purchased Gold’s Gym.

The company says it now has 21 brands, including several focused on creative management and design, and 41,000 employees.”

Read the full story here

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