Case Study

How Generated $1Million
in sales Within 60 Days



Why Tidal Started
Using Kennected

Tidal, now part of SELLX, was founded in 2021. They were looking for a top of funnel lead generation solution to help them generate warm leads, prospects and sales opportunities.

Tidal Started Using Kennected


Tidal's Results
Using Kennected

Generated over $1Million Dollars in Sales in 60 Days using our Lead Flow software

Quote from Steve Schmidt

CEO of Tidal

In 2021 our company was founded. And on the
backbone, of using kennected we had 58
meetings in 2 months. which resulted $1Million
dollars in closed revenue. That is a real

More Quotes

The reasons i love Kennected are three.
1. The team is awesome. Very supportive.
2. It allows our reps to engage with content,
and meaningful things on LinkedIn, while it
works for you on the backend which is
extremely important and very beneficial from
a time standpoint.
3. We can actually very easily go to the
dashboard and see how effective it is. We
have over 30 people on our team using
it right now.
Kenencted builds sales enablement software that helps sales
organizations and entrepreneurs grow their business and create
more margins in their life, both personally and professionally. At
the heart of Kenencted is the goal to give people their time back
so they can focus on the things that truly matter to them. Like
building relationships with customers, spending more time with
friends and family, or pursuing your hobbies.


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