Case Study

How Southeastern Food Bank

Found a Partner through


Southeastern Food Bank is the 4th largest food bank in
the state of Florida and serves people in need. They
never charge for the food or household items that are
donated to those they serve.


This nonprofit’s mission is, “Feeding the hungry and caring for those in need by sharing life’s necessities and a message of hope.” To fulfill their mission, they needed to find more distribution centers in two new counties that had never been served before.



By partnering with (a Kennected implementation partner), Southeastern Food Bank created a hyper targeted search which identified 87 key contacts in distribution. Through a Kennected campaign, an Introduction was made to two different distribution facilities.


Southeastern Food Bank formed a partnership with one of the distribution centers Identified through the Kennected platform.


The first weekend that food
was delivered...

  • 919 families served
  • 2737 individuals
  • 849 seniors
  • 735 children
  • 511 people with disabilities
  • 186 veterans/active military
Total Pounds Given: 42937
Since then, hundreds of thousands of pounds of food have
been given to Floridians all over the state of Florida.
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