Best Careers For Work-Life Balance

Achieving that healthy work-life balance is important because it helps all aspects of your life. If you don’t work enough, you may struggle financially and also feel unfulfilled. If you work too much, you can get burned out. It can also affect your relationships and your mental health.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Sometimes, a career change can be the right step. You need a job that offers flexibility so you don’t have to spend overly-long hours at work and miss out on the pleasures of life.

Best Industries for Work-Life Balance

Having a good work-life balance has plenty of benefits, including reduced stress and higher job satisfaction. It can even improve your overall well-being.

There are careers that offer sufficient work-life balance, and here we have listed some of them. Even if you love your job, you don’t want it to take over your entire life. So here are some of the professions that offer the best work-life balance.

Orthodontists and Dentists

It takes a long time to become a dentist—and even more to become an orthodontist. But these professions are worth mentioning anyway because they have some of the best work-life balance out there.

It’s a relatively low-stress occupation, and emergency care is rarely needed. This means their job can’t easily follow them home and demand their attention. As a nice bonus, they also have one of the highest paying jobs in the US.

Many dentists and orthodontists can work whenever and however they want. It does take many years of schooling to get there, but the reward is great.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents sell and negotiate health, life, property, and other types of insurance in order to match the needs of their clients. Insurance agents work for an insurance company, but some of them work as independent brokers.

As an insurance agent, you will have to grind super hard for a few years, but you will be able to enjoy yourself a bit once the book of business is large enough.

Real Estate Agents

Just like insurance agents, real estate agents have flexible schedules: they can set their own schedules and work whenever they want. This allows them to dedicate enough hours on their personal lives, which is especially important for agents with children.

As a real estate agent, you have to buy a big list of referring partners and get a name in the community before you can take your foot off the gas a bit. And since there are no residual commissions, it’s starting from zero every year. However, you can set your own hours and come and go as you please as long as you hit your numbers.

Outside Sales Representative

Outside sales reps meet with their customers in person, allowing them to build stronger client relationships. But that’s not the only advantage of getting into this career. Outside sales reps out-earn their inside sales reps by quite a bit, thanks to their higher close ratio. They convert prospects 40 percent more than inside sales reps.

The commission can also be motivating for outside sales reps who want to earn more. On top of that, they have more flexibility in their schedule—which allows for better work-life balance.

Medical Sales Representative

If you like early mornings and being done by 3, then medical sales may be the career for you. Medical sales reps have high income opportunities despite the stressful occupation.

You will have flexibility since you can make your own working schedule. Your working hours can fit your preferences. You can finally have enough ‘me’ time to pursue your passions and enjoy your hobbies.

It has other benefits such as substantial income, travel opportunities, and the ability to influence patient lives.

Software Sales at Kennected

We can’t finish this list without mentioning the fact that the entire Kennected team is enjoying a healthy work-life balance. Seriously, our top sales people make over $200k a year and are able to work from home if they need to and have quite a bit of flexibility.

That’s how Kennected was able to grow so quickly since it was founded in 2018. Our sales people have a lot of flexibility in their schedule, and it allows them to spend more time with their families and on doing the things they love. They’re able to get back to work focused, refreshed, and recharged.

With this type of setup, the Kennected team is able to provide effective solutions to our clients. It’s how we were able to help over 10,000 businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world in less than 2 years.

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