What Careers Are AI Proof?


How can I be safe at work? What if the robot takes my job?

When we started searching for jobs for our marketing experts, we were delighted that marketing manager jobs had no more than a 4% chance of being one of the jobs replaced by automation.

And even as I breathed the relief at how easily the writing process could be automated, my thoughts became more about job roles that aren’t so fortunate.

Our planet has changed. As you know, there have been many jobs that have disappeared due to technological advances. No one can be afraid of that.

AI has multiple purposes. AI is changing business processes and communication with customers.

Companies are automating the same functions that humans have as AI can perform it more accurately, faster, and more efficiently.

As the technology becomes stronger, the robot will replace human effectiveness with human intelligence.

We hope this blog can raise awareness about the evolution of human interaction and recent labor statistics to interpret trends.

Human Beings Relying On Machines

There was more pressure on creative and organizational skills before this infatuation with contextually appropriate interactions.

Employers would hire workers in the 1830s and 1840s in seemingly unknown and unstructured spaces where critical thinking was all there was to rely on.

Audiences identify with the Industrial Revolution for its “revolutionary” impact on manufacturing, forever changing the way we view how products are produced.

After this era passed, it was only a matter of time before a more creative skill would have to be established surpassing high school diploma education.

This wave of technology was future proof of what was to come centuries later.

What Is AI?

AI is a computer simulation for our human element. Machine learning is a powerful tool that can be applied to simulated humans to accomplish specific tasks.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is based on AI and can learn from data from the past, identify patterns, and detect anomalies.

Once the computer learns data from previous sources, it will provide inferences from new parameters. It’s possible AI could fix the human error.

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What Is A Robot?

Robots are machines capable of automating time-consuming tasks. This can replicate efforts by humans and deliver improved results. Robots can range from 5 to 10 kinds of machines.

2 Unsupervised Learning

The output variables associated with the input variables are no longer created through the unsupervised learning method.

A cluster or an associated algorithm is developed to describe the structure or distribution of data to discover their information structures.

1 Supervised Learning

Training is carried out by the data set and is monitored. The data in the output and output are known in the training data, and their learning creates a customer interaction.

3 Reinforced learning

In reinforcement, learners use trial and error to solve problems that are rewarded with penalties if they do so. Reinforcing knowledge can show machine creativity.

Sales: Master The Art Of Selling To AI Proof Your Career

Automated sales processes can easily replace tedious work. AI is evolving and suggests several strategies.

AI cannot easily replace human emotions, one of its significant downfalls compared to human beings.

However, the salesperson should do something. AI can no longer replace the contact you create online. I’ve seen it. The art of sales is built upon fundamental relationships and a human touch.

It involves human interaction and trust in the person.

Job Economy Apocalypse

AI is starting to take its place in future jobs. Most large corporations have implemented AI in certain phases of their business processes.

Gartner said 37% of Americans used AI in a recent survey. Those numbers have climbed to 277% in the past year.

Oxford study reveals worse statistics. Thirty-eight percent of American employment could disappear by the late 2030s, followed by Britain (35%), Germany (31%), and Japan (21%).

In a report released today, it is estimated that nearly 47% of workers will see their jobs automated within a decade.

Savior Solution

Artificial intelligence is becoming a buzzword all over the internet. AI automation is creating strong communication skills with our clients.

Changes in the industry led to changes in skill requirements.

Accordingly, 45% of human resource executives have a skill investment in employee training and skills training as part of their strategy.

This technology brings many benefits to human resources but has changed our view of humans today.

In a recent article by The New York Times, Elon Musk cited artificial intelligent intelligence as the prediction for humanity over the coming year.

What Is An AI-Enabled Robot?

Reinforcement learning is applicable for AI robots. A robot’s ability for self-learning through experimentation can be enhanced.

The use of these methods helps AI-enabled machines learn repetitive tasks for humans in their everyday life.

Robotics are computerized to detect and control their movements via computer vision. The robots learn and calculate reaction time by themselves.

Factory automation is backed by artificial intelligence.

Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

This is probably the easiest answer, though the concerns are not merely irrelevant.

Even though this change hasn’t been announced yet, industry experts such as Fortune believe that robots are expected to replace 60% of employment over the next 20 years.

AI technology prediction processes are smarter, and machines are expected to become more humanized. But the problem might also cause some job redundancies.

AI personal assistants and chatbots have replaced 59.7% of a project managers’ workload since 2020.

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What Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic processes automation combines computerized technology with humans to carry out business processes as humans.

Robots can be used in several applications to automate repetitive tasks. Robot RPAs can do tasks more efficiently than the human brain.

Its precision is unsurpassed. Most companies implement AI technology advancements across several industries, from production to management.

The advent of technology has dramatically changed our work environments.

Artificial Intelligence Disruption Is Already Happening

Artificial Intelligence Disruption Is Already Happening

You may think that job disruptions by AI can only be found on manufacturing lines, but AI can be found in some areas it also affects, like sales and marketing.

Artificial intelligence analyzes sales calls more efficiently than any salesperson could — in reality, it would take nine years to analyze sales calls for human beings to compete, if they do not take vacation or sleep.

AI technology has already developed marketing.

Compensation And Benefits Managers

The reason for the demand is not the only way to avoid automation.

In an industry where businesses grow, especially multinational corporations, human and paper systems may create additional challenges, time delays, and costs.

Automatable benefits can help reduce the need to provide benefits to an increasing population, and companies such as Ulti-Pro and Workday are already widely adopted.

Bookkeeping clerks

Most jobs for this position have dropped by 98% since 2020. It shouldn’t surprise you if most bookkeepers become automated.

QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Microsoft Office offer software that can do your accounting for you that is much cheaper than an individual salary therefore, it is no surprise this job is very likely.

Almost all firms have automated bookkeeping as part of a product cycle. Moreover, many software programs offer bookkeeping which is cheaper than a person’s salary.

Human Resources Managers

Your business will likely acquire a human to manage internal conflicts using non-cognitive and reasoning skills.

The market will continue its job growth by 2030 as businesses expand, and it also needs a stronger structure for supporting employees.

Sales Managers

How do salespeople manage their quotas every month to get more customers?

Marketing managers need to analyze data and interpret patterns; it also requires a large degree of intelligence to succeed despite changing circumstances and is job safe from automating.

Computer Support Specialists

The industry is forecast to grow 12% from 2020.

Still, with the vast amount of information available through the internet that can be found on many different platforms and tools that businesses rely on, the chances of success are high.

Public Relations Managers

PR managers must be susceptible to the need to raise funds or get people involved – and the number of jobs is expected to grow by 7% by 2024.


Robotic and drone systems are used to provide logistics and supply chain functions, as they are faster, cheaper, and more effective.

As the social and economic change becomes clear, the need for AI increases.

How many couriers will be replaced by robots? It’s estimated that this job will expand by 5% by 2024.

AI has brought social economics into delivery industries in many ways. Several logistical and supply chain activities are streamlined. The drone has already taken control of a courier service.

Despite the boom in robotic automation, the transportation sector is likely to suffer in the next few years.

Manufacturing And Pharmaceutical Work

This area could be most affected as people worry AI will take up job opportunities.

In a mechanized manufacturing process, most commodities produced today operate at the operational level using artificial intelligence.

In pharmaceutical laboratories, robots can work with scientists and deliver safer environments. Scientists have no choice but to put their lives in danger, such as in wet-lab experiments.


Telemarketing has become less efficient with robotics calling companies for them.

This role does not require an emotional, intelligence, and social skill set for success, thus relying upon AI in phone sales.

Automation requires a particular set of qualities that humans can demonstrate only.

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Chief Executives

It’s not easy for chief executives to manage the whole organization in one go. Employee relations are the responsibility of every chief executive.

Leaders must motivate teamwork-oriented skills, manage interpersonal conflict with teammates, and more. There is no absolute way to train machines to perform tasks like this.

A third party will be responsible for reporting the earnings of robots to shareholders.

Security Guards

Technologies evolve and bring significant change to security. This includes introducing facial recognition and a robotics-based security guard rather than security guarding a vehicle.

The security guard must be equipped with computer systems for the effectiveness of the job hence removing that role by replacing it with an AI system.

What Jobs Cannot Be Replaced By AI?

As traditional employment ends, skills become increasingly important. We’re quickly moving to an e-commerce model.

When one sees these shortcomings in AI, one can see there is still much to be learned. We can all prepare well in advance for the new revolution.

Soft Skills

Not all jobs will be replaced by AI. A few jobs are intended for most people to fall into the interpersonal skills range along with emotional intelligence.

It’s possible to gain the skill by doing nothing. You need some human creativity to succeed.

Sometimes emotions like empathy can support the job since it involves working with people.

When dealing with people, therapists, coaches, or salespersons, we must find a way to communicate with them.

AI can’t replace human emotion and behavior for which the customer or consumer has a strong affinity.

Advanced Technical Skills

These skill sets will give rise to various employment opportunities through on-the-job training programs. These are easily characterized, analyzed, and quantifiable.

To be successful in your transition, you need specific skills. You may also already possess the necessary degrees to pursue this type of career. Some jobs require several years of experience.

You must be knowledgeable in performing certain tasks.

Usually, for a successful career, you need a master’s. This path does not suit everyone.

Market Research Analysts

Organizations can use market research because it provides valuable insights into the creation of content and develops new products to oversee campaigns.

AI has automated the job and can also carry out market surveys or research and conduct market research analysts’ reports.

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Advertising Salespeople

The digital marketing job sector evolved from television advertising to printed advertising. Facebook and Twitter are more affordable and more streamlined.

Rather than selling advertising, companies turn to animation studios as a source of animation advertising and video production.

Retail Salespeople

In the last decade, E-commerce has dominated the retail world. Internet shops provide more shopping experiences. Today, consumers can do Internet research and shopping.

Thus consumers do not need to go into a physical shop to buy an item; this is possible via their smartphones.

AI can be very readily involved in a range of business transactions. The use of robots will help stores understand consumer behavior and make more informed decisions.

A more advanced way to interpret data analysis of artificial intelligence shows another product that may attract distant future customers.

Customer Service Executives

Since this job requires low emotional intelligence, most companies rely on artificial intelligence for customer support questions and answers.

Businesses use chatbot technology to answer customers’ questions or answer internal questions.

Benefits Managers

As a company reaches new multinationals, its demand for work decreases.

Companies automate benefits management and scheduling systems to reduce waste and increase productivity – which is more effective than a human being intervention, which is cumbersome.


Organizational Accounting software is becoming much cheaper and more effective than humans. The accounting and finance system can be easily monitored by anyone without a lot of effort and so is much more effective.


Currently, receptionists are reorganized through the use of automated telephone lines.

These problems are common for modern technology companies, multinational markets, and offices without officewide telephones.


Robots are increasingly being utilized in military operations, including surveillance.

In other words, future proof of battlefields will use robotics capable of monitoring their movements without constant monitoring.


A priest has traits that include faith and compassion, that help in teaching the people, leading, inspiring, instilling confidence and trust.

The task of learning emotional skills is challenging for robots.

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There is no one task in the editing of documents. Proofreading software can sometimes downsize the job of the editor.

The human needs to be asked to verify the accuracy of the material.

The use of proofing tools reduces drafting possibilities. Blogging sites can use a self-checking application to identify plagiarism.

While proofreading is complex in tone, comprehensibility, etc., it becomes easier to work with and more effective.

The detection of grammatical mistakes (sentence construction, or others) is easy to do using multiple applications.

Grammarly is a famous and widely-known app that professionals use.

Taxis And Bus Drivers

Increasing numbers of cars and autonomous cars are expected to become a trend soon. The transport sector is expected to become completely automated in the foreseeable future.


Robots are increasingly used in critical operations like surgeries as their abilities with precise hand-eye coordination make them more efficient than humans.

Event Planners

Various planning groups work together to plan the perfect event. We have excellent human creativity skills that robots cannot have.

How Kennected Uses AI

Much of Kennected’s paid advertising is done with AI assistance, which we’ve found to be helpful.

The compiled customer data tell our marketing team who to target for campaigns, how to target them, and where. But this is only the surface level.

We understand that AI is the future of customer-business interactions, and we’re ahead of the game.

Our main product and number one LinkedIn outreach tool, Cloud Kennect, uses automation to help build LinkedIn connections for our customers.

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