How Car Dealers Sell More Cars With Kennected Video


More and more people are beginning to buy products online instead of visiting physical stores. It has already become apparent that this method of purchasing necessities is the new norm. It now goes hand in hand with taking a trip to the grocery store or driving to the mall.

It’s easy to see why. Buying what you need online is more convenient. Everything you need is now accessible through your computer or even your mobile phone.

And because of the pandemic, this development has only progressed even faster. Online transactions are no longer just another viable option for acquiring the things you need, but a necessity in a world where travelling everywhere all the time is not the safest option.

Now online transactions are also starting to take over the world of car-buying. Remote negotiations, no-touch test drives, and home deliveries are slowly becoming the norm. In fact, back in 2018 only 1% of car buyers in the US reportedly purchased their car online. But in 2020, nearly 1 in 10 buyers said they bought their car online.

Before the pandemic, most Americans used the internet to do research before buying a car. But generally, most purchases were still made at an auto dealer. The COVID-19 pandemic hit which led to thousands of dealerships closing down their showrooms. This only forced the industry to quickly adapt to the situation and embrace the digital transformation. Now more car deals are being sealed online.

Here we are going to talk about how car dealers can fully embrace these changes and not only survive under the new norm but thrive in it. We are going to discuss digital marketing for car dealerships, including how to use Kennected Video to close more deals online.

Remote or Internet-Based Car Buying is here to Stay

This is far from being the only industry that has been affected by the pandemic. The shift towards digital transactions has already been in motion for the past couple of years, but now things are progressing faster out of necessity—and also convenience. Based on this, we can say that this is not just another passing trend. This is the direction that most industries are heading towards, and it’s good to adapt to these changes as soon as possible.

More cars are going to be sold online, and if you want to sell more, you need to adjust quickly. People are going to keep buying cars online even with showrooms reopening. As an auto marketer, you want to make sure you are providing an excellent online retail experience. You need to setup everything correctly so that it’s a smooth-sailing process. Or else your leads might look elsewhere. That’s the danger of the digital world for marketers—customers aren’t exactly starved for choice. They can easily click away and find some other retailer.

Now is the time to fine tune your website and your sales funnels. Customers are more tech-savvy now, and you need to meet them on that same level. Customers should be able to find pricing details as well as arrange financing with just a couple of clicks. You need to make it as easy for them as possible: from looking at their options to scheduling home deliveries.

Remote car buying is here to stay, and the best thing you could do is rise to the challenge. Some marketers may have temporarily stopped selling cars, but through online selling, you don’t have to be one of them. Selling cars online is the perfect workaround especially for those who want to buy a vehicle without ever making physical contact.

There are online used-car sales companies such as Carvana that are allowing customers to take cars out on test drives—all while following social distancing rules. The test drives start at home, but only after the company has delivered and disinfected the car. It’s basically a no-touch test drive. The deal is completed online if the person decides to go with it.

After purchasing the car, it is delivered straight to the buyer’s front door including the sales contracts, etc. All the negotiations are done online. You can apply these same ideas into your own car sales company.

Trends in Online Car Buyers: Rise of Carvana, Vroom, & More

Whether it’s in a showroom or online, it doesn’t change the fact that people need cars and they are going to buy them no matter what medium is used for the transaction. So by being available online and in person, you are giving your leads the ability to choose whatever is more convenient for them. Research shows that 66% of consumers are comfortable with mixing online and offline channels throughout their buyer’s journey. To reach them you need to optimize both experiences.

You do have some competition though as more car dealers have started to embrace these new trends. Most auto marketers are making use of the fact that shoppers are doing their research online before stepping into the showroom floor. They provide as much information in their website as possible.

Another benefit is that it cuts down the time buyers spend in the showroom. The longer it takes to purchase a car, the more dissatisfied the customer gets. But by taking some of these steps online, they get to spend less time in the showroom filling out paperwork, etc. You can improve customer satisfaction by giving them a smooth online experience.

During this transition into digital car buying, sellers like Carvana and Vroom rose to prominence. Carvana sells used cars online and delivers them straight into buyers’ homes. They make it easier to find and purchase pre-owned vehicles, even online. In fact, Carvana is an online-only seller of used cars.

Carvana makes the shopping experience easy by allowing people to search and buy used cars on their own time. They also accept vehicle trade-ins. It’s like a one-stop-shop for used cars. The filters make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Another good example is Vroom, which is an online car retailer that lets you buy and sell used vehicles. Vroom is dedicated to providing the best driveway experience possible for both delivery and pickup. It’s fast, easy, and hassle-free.

Now it’s clear that you don’t even need a physical showroom to thrive in this industry right now—as long as you’re doing it right.

What Local Car Dealers Can Do to Market to Local Customers Online

Increasing online visibility is the goal if you want to sell more cars online. It’s all about finding your target audience and using various ways to reach them.

A lot of would-be car buyers are not able to come in and look at cars, so you need to give them the option to make the purchase online. But first you need to find and connect with them to get their attention. You can use different digital marketing techniques to bridge that divide.

One of the most challenging things about selling cars online is gaining your customers’ trust, especially since they won’t be visiting your showroom physically. It is important to establish that you are a reliable car dealer. The best way to do this is by using customer reviews.

Customer reviews help build trust—and they are far more effective than simply talking about your reputation as a car dealer. It’s better if people hear good things about your company from other people. Satisfied customers are your best source of reviews.

Your leads are not only looking for the car of their dreams, but also a reliable car dealer that they can trust. They are most likely doing their research and weighing their options right now. So you need to impress them before they even reach out to you. Build your reputation by contacting some of your former clients and asking them to write a simple review. Let the customers speak for you.

Another good way to build your reputation is by using content marketing and SEO. Creating content that is relevant to your target audience’s interests is one of the best ways to increase your visibility online and drive engagement. Include keywords that your audience would use to do their research on cars. By optimizing your content with the right keywords, you can rank higher in search results and reach more people.

If you continuously provide helpful information, you will be seen as a reliable and trustworthy resource, which will only help you sell more cars online.

SEO, content marketing, and customer reviews are great for attracting people to your website and guiding them along your sales funnel. But you can also take a proactive approach by researching your target audience and then reaching out to them.

Sometimes this is done via social media or through email marketing. Just make sure that when you are messaging leads online, you are personalizing your messages otherwise it would look like spam. Do your research and find out a bit about them before writing a compelling message that would start a conversation. That’s the goal: to create a connection, build a relationship based on value, and convert the lead to get the sale. Even better, you can use Kennected Video to create a personalized video that catches their attention.

Why Use Kennected Video to Shoot Custom Videos

Writing a personalized message for your online outreach is a good idea, but creating an eye-catching video for your leads is better. Kennected Video is designed to send customers a video that cuts through the noise.

What’s great about Kennected Video is that it also reports on how many times people watched your video, so you know if it’s engaging enough or if there’s something that needs to be changed or improved. Kennected Video can even redirect them after watching a video, perhaps to a financing page, etc. You are automatically sending them to the next level of your sales funnel and that improves your chances of converting them.

Kennected Video is the easiest way to send customized outreach videos for email marketing. You can create engaging videos via the Kennected Video app or chrome extension.

It has a lot impressive features. You can share your screen, your face, or both: whatever you need to deliver the message you want. Kennected Video helps you stay connected with your leads no matter where they are. You can send your personalized video messages through your favorite channels allowing you to build those connections faster.

Highly impactful videos are very easy to make with the help of Kennected Video. The app is easy to use and it lets you create a rolodex of evergreen video content that you can use over and over. Improve your pitch by uploading existing videos. Merge, trim, and edit clips easily. With the help of call to action buttons, you will always be closing deals.

It even allows you to use a custom-created video landing page. Alternatively, you can select from Kennected Video’s library of ready-to-use designs.

If you want to improve accessibility and clarity, you can add easy-to-read captions to your Kennected Video and really drive the point home.

For better brand building, you can use Kennected Video’s customizable media player. Stay on-brand with full control of colors and design of your video player.

Sending your videos is easy: you can send them via email, text, or CRM. Sharing is caring, so Kennected Video allows you to share your videos on social media  or via direct message. You can even pair it with Kennected’s LinkedIn automation tool to easily reach your target audience on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very popular social platform that is full of professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs—these are the people who most likely would want to buy a new car.

Kennected Video is an easy to use app that gives you a lot of options for brand building and personalization so you can leave an impression on car buyers. Get real-time notifications that let you track your results and see how well your videos are doing.

Car dealerships are getting busier, and the pandemic is no longer a reason to stop selling cars. There is a more viable option now that’s safe, accessible, and convenient for everyone. Use Kennected Video today to connect with more leads and sell more cars online.

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