Canvas Project Lands Deal With MLS Team Using Kennected | Testimonial Video

Does Kennected Work Well For Artists? If Pro Sports Deals Are Any Indication- YES!

Check out our good friend and client Jim Sherwood from the Canvas Project. He makes THE BEST custom footwear and company gear around. This is not your typical “logo gear”. From custom shoes, to art prints and more. Make sure you go give him a follow on social!

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Video Transcription

Video Transcription:

Jim 0:03

Yeah, the last call I had a really good call the other day with, we’ve been in communications with the Miami FC soccer team or you know, football club had a meeting. So it was actually it was from LinkedIn. And it was through, of course connected.

I was like, come on, you did? No, no, it was it was 100% 100% through connected but but what I was gonna say, it’s That’s so crazy about it is I got on LinkedIn, when I, you know, got signed up for connected, I had never been on LinkedIn before, I’d never used LinkedIn before, had no experience on LinkedIn, you know, nothing, all my experience was pretty much in Instagram, because I’m not a big social media person myself, other than, you know, doing the Instagram for the business, right. So when I signed up, you know, for connected I, you know, took some time to kind of work my way through, you know, like Dan, and, obviously work my way through, just trying to figure out how to use connected and, you know, make sure it worked, you know, the best like, for us as a business and for me, the people that we’re reaching out to, and it was just crazy to see, like, obviously, everything is a learning process.

And for me, it was great to, you know, the amount of calls that I was starting to have in comparison to the amount of calls that you could say I didn’t have beforehand, it was really nice, because it helped me gain that experience in regards to you know, talking to other brands, how to kind of, you know, pitch the things that we ultimately want to do as a brand where we can be useful, you know, from partnerships sponsorships, and it’s so crazy because, you know, we’re basically in communications now, you know, with with, with a partnership with this professional soccer team. And it came from a software and from a program that you know, I’ve really only been using for about three or four months in comparison to you know, Instagram that I’ve been using for years.

So the the growth and the connections and through connected like, it’s everybody doesn’t respond to you know, every single message right, but a lot of people still connect with you. And what’s awesome is like, I’m literally connected with like, NBA on TNT like analysts that I like, watch, that’s cool, you know, like and different. Like a head coach from I forget what team but a head coach from one of the W NBA teams and college coaches just, you know, people that it’s like, I feel like you would never really be able to connect with right, but you know, through using connected and establishing, you know, the terminology and the ways that you know, I want to, you know, Converse and portray our brand like it’s, I mean, connected has changed our business and the way that you know, I do business like photo 100% we love your success stories like that. And like truly like it Yeah. Oh, cool, especially like,

Stephen Twomey 3:12

I mean, that’s one of the coolest ones you got to deal with, like, you know, major sports team.

Jim 3:16

I mean, that’s and that’s only one honestly like Steven, sorry to cut you off. But that’s only one you know, like, example like there are a lot of other things that you know, we have in the works that have 100% came from connected, but that’s just you know, the most current one that we have going on right now.

Stephen Twomey 3:32

Dude, that’s so cool. I love you, man. Well, I’m there to get more of those success stories and stuff, man. So that’s cool.

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