Can You Get Banned On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn rarely bans accounts—but it is possible to get banned on this social networking platform. This comes in the form of an account restriction, also referred to as “LinkedIn Jail”. If you are using LinkedIn to expand your platform, you do not want to end up on LinkedIn Jail, because this puts all your lead generation efforts on the site to a complete halt.

In some cases, LinkedIn bans accounts because of illegal activity such as scams. But most of the time, accounts get banned because they are repeatedly reported for spamming.

What many people don’t know is that when they send a connection request and the recipient selects “I don’t know this person”, it is exactly the same as getting marked as spam. This is why you need to be careful about sending connection requests and only send them to people you actually know in real life.

Reasons LinkedIn Would Ban You

LinkedIn bans accounts to protect all users from overzealous networkers. For your sake, you do not want to be that overzealous networker. If you are looking to expand your network, you need to have the right approach.

Sometimes users can get banned for using LinkedIn automation tools to view profiles, send messages, send invites, etc. High quality tools such as Kennected have the edge over other automation tools because it recognizes the fact that not all actions should be automated. Social selling is about making real connections through actual conversations.

Kennected lets you send automated messages that are personalized so that it does not feel like spam. These messages are more likely to receive a response from the recipient. This is what makes Kennected so effective.

But not all automated tools are like Kennected. When using low cost or low quality automation tools, LinkedIn may detect unusual activity in the user’s profile and put a restriction on the account.

LinkedIn detects profiles that are too “active”. This refers to profiles that generate a lot of clicks systematically. This type of activity may prompt LinkedIn to restrict an account with no warning.

How To Avoid LinkedIn Ban

Kennected’s approach to LinkedIn automation is more organic. It uses laser accurate data to find the ideal clients for you, so that you can send personalized messages to them automatically. It makes lead generation easier, but keeps it within the limits of what an actual person can do in a day.

There are safe ways to automate on LinkedIn. And it is much easier to stay out of LinkedIn Jail than to get out of it. Not to mention that you lose a lot of business while you are restricted from using your account. So make sure to go for a safe automation tool like Kennected.

If your account somehow ends up getting banned or restricted, there is a process that you can follow to appeal this. Log into your LinkedIn account and follow the on-screen messaging. If your content had been removed, reply to the message that you received that provided notice of the content removal.

Send LinkedIn a support message acknowledging the restriction and try asking them if they will lift it. You may explain that you will be more diligent in personalizing your connection request messages in the future so that this doesn’t happen again. You can also tweet their @LinkedInHelp account on Twitter. You want your appeal to be concise, patient, and polite.

You can avoid this in the first place by using Kennected’s personalized messages. Staying out of LinkedIn Jail is much more preferable.

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