Busting the Myth of The Expiration Date in Sports and Business

Within the sporting world, many athletes have an “expiration date,” meaning that their career will have run its course over a period of time.

The conclusion of a career can happen suddenly or over time, and it can occur through a variety of methods.

However, some professional athletes have the unique ability to choose when they expire, and one such athlete is Nascar driver Parker Kligerman.

A recent article by Forbes details Kligerman’s unconventional journey and how he continues to find new goals to reach within his career.

“Parker Kligerman is all about upgrades. Whether it be flights from LaGuardia Airport to a Nascar race or when it comes to his performance, he’s made #GotDatUpgrade his motto (and a trending hashtag).

Kligerman is unique in the Nascar world, serving as a Nascar on NBC analyst, pit reporter and host of In the Wall, all while competing part-time in the Camping World Truck Series. Henderson Motorsports, the small team he runs for, almost shut down two and a half years ago, leaving him wondering about his future.

Rather than taking mediocre rides across Nascar’s top-three divisions, he continued competing with Henderson Motorsports after losing his part-time Cup Series ride with Gaunt Brothers Racing, due to a driver who brought additional funding..

Kligerman’s dedication to the small team paid off in July, dominating and winning at the Mid-Ohio SportsCar Course for his third career win. It’s arguably the biggest triumph of his career, knowing he could put together a near-perfect weekend and with a team that has only one full-time employee, crew chief Chris Carrier.”

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Instead of succumbing to his expiration date, Kligerman changed tactics and continued to work to reach his goals. 


Much like in sports, there are times when your business will feel like it has arrived at the end of the road.


Kligerman saw this dead end and embraced the challenge, finding a new angle to master that helped support his goals and mission.


When your business has mastered something, shift your focus to your next goal. The “expiration date” in sports is a barrier that athletes place on themselves. Don’t let the fear of failure and expiring prevent you from reaching your goals.


Kligerman’s career reminds of how unconventional success can be, both within the sporting world and within business.


There are tried and true business models that “guarantee success,” and it’s tempting to buy into that narrative. The truth is, there is no formula for success, and Kligerman reminds us that you have to carve the path for yourself.


Establish your business goals and work to achieve them through software implementation and goal setting. Follow Kligerman’s lead and take the unconventional route if it serves you and your business.


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