Should My Business Be On TikTok?

Keeping up with the competition is one thing. But rising above and staying ahead of the competition is a difficult thing to achieve. As a marketer or business owner, you need to take a proactive approach when it comes to your marketing strategies. You can’t just follow trends—you need to be a trendsetter.

Let’s take social media, for example: those who adopted Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter early on proved that they can identify rising trends and capitalize on them before anyone else.

And now that social media is such a big part of everyone’s daily lives, companies and brands are taking advantage of them in order to get their message across. These platforms are now oversaturated, and so it is much harder to make a lasting impact on your target audience.

It is also much harder to become an influencer in a platform where established influencers have already built their communities. So it’s a good idea to try and make the most out of social media platforms that are still on the rise.

Here we will be talking about one site that has already exploded in popularity despite still being in the early stages of its life cycle: TikTok.

TikTok was launched in 2016, and it has blown up since then with over 800 million users as of 2020. This is the hottest new social media platform, and it is still growing. Now should your business be on TikTok? Let’s take a closer look.

Should Your Business be on TikTok?

It’s easy to think that TikTok is just another lip sync app. But the truth is that the social media platform is not going anywhere. In fact, it has evolved into something people can use to post memes, skits, and other types of viral content—on top of all the silly dances and lip sync videos that are already popular there.

If you stumble upon the more niche content, it may be hard to grasp what TikTok is all about and what it’s for. You will have to spend some time using the app to get familiar with the type of content that goes viral there.

But its large user base is not something to overlook. TikTok may be popular now, but it can easily become a social media staple years from now—and we may talk about TikTok the same way we do with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

That said, your business should only be on TikTok if: your target is on TikTok and if it makes sense with your brand. Although it has a lot of users, most people on TikTok are teenagers and young adults. If this is your target demographic, you can easily find them here.

TikTok can benefit your business, but only if you use it right. And because this platform is still growing, now is a great time to become an influencer on TikTok and create your own community.

The problem with other platforms is that they have reached a saturation point where it becomes really hard to get your message across amidst all the noise. TikTok, on the other hand, can bring a shift to the world of social media. In a few more years, this simple lip sync platform can become a major player in the social media market.

Because it is still a relatively new platform, you can focus less on monetizing TikTok and more on content creation, so you can maximize your reach.

Why Your Business needs to be on TikTok Now​

You want to grow your reach and maximize your engagement on TikTok before it becomes oversaturated like other social networking sites. Learning about TikTok and creating your own content that is consistent with your brand will allow you to connect with your target audience organically.

TikTok also has an advantage over other social networking platforms in that it is mostly a visual medium. Most modern day users consume content through videos—and it is therefore easier to attract their attention using this type of content.

Be careful not to post anything too sales-y because that tends to turn off Gen Z audiences. Anything that resembles an ad will drive them away. Instead, focus on using TikTok as a way of creating fun and entertaining content that can help you extend your reach online.

The key to using TikTok for your business is to understand the differences between this new platform and existing ones. You are gonna have to change the way you view marketing and come up with new strategies.

TikTok may be full of wacky dances and lip sync videos, but it values authenticity and lighthearted fun at its core. Old marketing techniques won’t work here—although we can expect TikTok to run more ads in the future. But for now, focus on building your community on TikTok. Use it to further solidify your brand, and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Start exploring this new platform now, and don’t get left behind.

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