How Business Consultants Are Leveraging Kennected & LinkedIn To Attract More Clients

Like most entrepreneurs, we like to find our own way. That’s just how we roll here in Kennected.

So like most entrepreneurs, we decided that we knew better than the rest of the older and wiser marketing crowd. You know—the “been there, done that” crowd. Which is why we didn’t want to be adopters of HubSpot.

Why, you ask? We honestly don’t know. At the time, it was just “cool” to pick “indie” companies and work with those. That was until we ran into some problems.

OK. We Finally Get It Now. Here’s Why We Decided to Adopt HubSpot into Our Tech Stack​

You know what happened? We had to patch together a tech stack that didn’t talk to each other.

This made our lives as owners a lot more complicated than it had to be. It cost us time and money. Not to mention we went through a ton of extra headaches. If only we just started out with HubSpot.

But now we know better. And like so many before us, we wisely made the decision to finally switch to HubSpot.

In fact, we liked it so much that we became HubSpot Agency partners. Yes, Kennected now works with HubSpot more closely than ever. Sell outs? Call it what you want, but now our lives are less complicated, our staff have less problems to deal with, and our margins are up. If that’s what “selling out” is, then sign us up.

What Other SaaS Products Did We Replace When We Went with HubSpot?​

Making the switch to HubSpot means that we had to let go of a few SaaS products that were not working out for us.

We were able to replace a sales portal called as well as an email marketing tool called ActiveCampaign. We also replaced FreshDesk and

We still use for a lot of our marketing items since we have a robust workflow. Shoutout to Monday, we still love you guys.

How Much are We Saving with HubSpot?​

Sometimes it’s not just about the x’s and o’s. We are saving some money just by using HubSpot. Let’s say $230 dollars a month. Which isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of our organization, but it’s something. Now Devin might take us out for lunch at Mckie D’s or something. Grab the card Devin, and let’s run it up!

BUT what we’re really saving here is TIME. And that’s our most valuable resource. As we all know, time is the ultimate currency. When we have paid staff that have to take time to integrate more than 5 pieces of technology, there is a real monetary cost to that time. From that standpoint, we’re saving big time.

We’re saving time, which means our team is being more productive than ever, which means an increase in revenue for the entire Kennected organization.

And because we can onboard more customers in less time, we’re actually MAKING more money. We are becoming more streamlined, and thus profiting more from our efforts, as well as the efforts of our staff.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of switching to HubSpot.

How is the Kennected Team Using HubSpot?​

Now we’re running ALL of our prospects into HubSpot. Using this CRM, our sales team is able to manage a prospect all the way through the first contact on LinkedIn (or wherever we met them from), and hand them off once they invest into buying the Kennected solution, into our operations team that will onboard them and help them get started.

This CRM functionality from HubSpot allows us to keep track of all our clients, all their information, and everything we’ve worked on so far. This is very important when you are on your way to building an empire. As your business grows, so does your list of clients. Eventually, it becomes impossible to manage all their information without the help of a good CRM.

HubSpot helped us streamline our process. This reduced the number of steps from 10 down to 3 for when we bring in a new prospect and they become a customer of Kennected. The sales cycle is shorter, which means we can dedicate more of our time and focus into our new customers. That is a HUGE optimization component in our business, and that will ultimately make us more efficient and profitable.

As advertised, HubSpot lets you use their platform to have your departments speak to each other so that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

We’re experiencing higher rates of new customer satisfaction with this model and we’re getting more referrals as a result.

This solution worked so well for us that we decided to become a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. Kennected became an Agency Partner with HubSpot because we have been countless times for referrals to a trusted HubSpot partner. And frankly, with our expertise in HubSpot, it didn’t make sense to keep sending business away.

HubSpot is core to our mission which is to simplify the lead flow process for salespeople and business owners. HubSpot allows us to do that, without sacrificing our overall vision. Essentially this solution is “on brand” for us.

Looking to Hire a HubSpot Agency Partner to Help Your Company?​

Let’s talk! Kennected has the ability to help build out workflows in HubSpot and help your business become more streamlined. Call us today to learn more.

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