What Is Business To Business Lead Generation

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B2B lead generation is the process of creating content and posting it with the intention of obtaining high quality leads, or potential customers.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics and more:

  • What lead generation is

  • How to increase the efficacy of your lead generation efforts

  • The roles of the sales and marketing teams in this process

  • The best lead generation strategies to implement

Read on to learn all about lead generation and how this practice can improve the scope of your business.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process businesses will employ to generate leads that will eventually turn into paying customers through a sales process and fleshed out lead generation strategy.

Generating leads is something that can be obtained through a variety of methods, but the main three ways to obtain leads are through manual content marketing, event hosting, and employing a lead generation software that specializes in capturing leads.

Each of these marketing campaigns are designed to capture leads and appeal to your target audience.

Online lead generation is fairly simple– reach your target audience and draw them into your business– but it can be complicated when it comes to solidifying your lead generation process.

Let’s take a step back and review the lead generation tools you should be using to simplify this process.

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How To Strengthen Your Lead Generation Efforts

Your current lead generation campaigns likely include various forms of content marketing, and you are likely able to garner a decent amount of marketing qualified leads through this method.

The lead generation process entails not only obtaining leads, but converting marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads into a paying customer.

How do you make this conversion?

Let’s outline some ways to strengthen your lead generation efforts easily:

  • Use the strengths of your sales teams

  • Create a cohesive lead generation strategy for each marketing channel

  • Structure your ad campaigns around your product

  • Create a structured sales pipeline for your inbound lead generation

  • Focus on each sales qualified lead individually

  • Create a sales funnel for your leads to travel through

  • Target high value leads at all stages

  • Use free tools and search engine optimization whenever possible

  • Track site visitors and online advertising engagement

  • Gather customer success feedback and use this to appeal to potential buyers

The most important aspect of generating high quality leads is the selling of your product, both in the content creation stage and in the sales process stage.

Let’s delve into these respective stages and the roles your teams will have within your lead generation strategies.

The Role of Sales and Marketing Teams in Lead Generation

Since your marketing team is where your lead generation begins, let’s first outline what these team members need to focus on when they start generating leads:

  • Creating lead gen campaigns on specific platforms

  • Use email marketing campaigns and SMS messaging

  • Create traditional advertising with your product at the center

  • Use social media posts effectively and in an appealing way

  • Speak with existing customers and gather testimonials

  • Post relevant content on various digital marketing channels

  • Make sure to create content with enough perceived value when it comes to your product

The big thing to keep in mind here is to keep the product and the value of said product at the heart of the content that is being posted on your various online platforms.

The better the ads portray the value of your service, the more leads you will see generated and drawn in for the right reasons.

Once leads have been generated and their information is within a landing page, the sales cycle can now begin.

Here is what your sales team is tasked with:

  • Speaking with qualified leads and answering any questions they have

  • Repeatedly demonstrating the value of your product

  • Showcasing the culture of your business

  • Creating a sales funnel and driving leads through it

  • Acknowledging any pain points and working to reduce them

  • Doing their own research on the buying process and demand generation

  • Hoping to increase sales through a call to action with a qualified lead

Your sales team is responsible for closing the deal and converting these qualified leads into a paying customer.

As long as they use the sales tools in their arsenal and are present during the buyer’s journey, your sales force should be in great shape to appeal to ideal customers and make the sales needed.

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The Best Lead Generation Strategies

Now that we know all about lead generation and who is involved in the process, let’s go over the best lead generation strategies to use in your business venture.

  • Use traditional marketing methods to serve as a lead magnet

  • Create landing pages for qualified leads and their information to be stored in

  • Use content marketing to gain more leads

  • Prep your sales teams for all scenarios they may encounter

  • Track your leads generated through blog content, cold calls, and google ads

  • Employ lead management software

  • Use email marketing to your advantage

  • Host events to boost your brand awareness

  • Send a marketing message to a specific lead

The best strategy to employ when it comes to your lead generation is to explore your options and use as many methods to get your content out there as possible.

Make usage of as many platforms as you can.

Employ a software that will work around the clock to help you obtain more leads.

Don’t be afraid to get your product out there!

Your lead generation and increased sales revenue will reap the benefits of your efforts.

How Kennected Uses B2B Lead Generation

Here at Kennected, we specialize in lead generation and helping others obtain leads through a variety of sources.

We know that the power of lead generation software is a huge asset, especially when it comes to obtaining new leads and reaching your target audience.

Using B2B lead generation software helps you focus your attention elsewhere, and the software will save you time, energy, and money that you would have had to spend on more manual lead generation strategies.

Make sure to experiment with your lead generation strategies, and don’t shy away from software options that will help you immensely!

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According to HubSpot, 61% of companies name their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

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So many business owners & sales professionals that come to us are struggling to get ahead because they’re stuck relying on referrals, lead lists, or manual prospecting.

This is taking up too much of their time and isn’t creating the consistent income they’re looking for to fund the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

So they developed a new way of getting qualified leads that turn into new customers on the #1 platform for B2B lead generation… LinkedIn.

In the four years since we developed this lead gen strategy, we’ve earned a spot on the Inc. 5,000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America.

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