How To Build A Marketing Team

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To build a marketing team, you should focus on the following:

  • Think diversity, equity, and inclusion when hiring.

  • Hire people who aren’t afraid to try new things.

  • Hire someone good at customer experience (CX).

  • Hire early.

  • Get everyone on the same page with one data set.

  • Rather than just getting customers, focus on keeping them. 

The digital age moves fast, & online marketing is moving even faster. It’s easy to understand why 57% of businesses get new customers through their website or blog.

Those that post regularly get 55% more traffic. A tech-savvy digital marketing team is essential if companies want to thrive in digital marketing

It’s predicted that marketing jobs will grow by 10% in the US by 2026. As most marketing channels get more popular daily, markets have become oversaturated. 

Any company must have a strong marketing team. You’ll learn what skills you need when building your marketing team & what tools they’ll need.

Marketing is divided into three overarching practices:

You know the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Successful marketing teams are the same.

What Makes A Modern Marketing Team?

It’s fun & overwhelming to build a new marketing department. No magic bullet will make you get it right the first time.

Effective marketing can deliver your company’s voice, build trust with your base audience, generate leads in unexpected corners of the web, and create additional growth opportunities.

Having the right marketing team will stimulate growth & create great marketing content.

Collaborative writing tools are essential for working with your marketing team, no matter where they are located.

Digital marketing brings new opportunities but also new requirements. A modern marketing team needs writing, design, SEO, marketing strategies, and social media experts. 

Your team can tell your company’s authentic story, promote your products, and turn potential customers into loyal ones.

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Marketing Department: Quality Over Quantity

Are you picturing a HUGE budget & a team of qualified marketers? For many businesses, that’s simply not true.

The shrewdest marketing teams know how to allocate time & resources smartly. When building a new marketing department, keep things as lean as possible.

Then you can focus on quality over quantity & put energy into the channels & tactics that will give you disproportionate results.

An inefficient strategy can waste resources & get lower results than a smart, small, and agile marketing team. Doing MORE with LESS is the key.

Streamlining your processes & refining your focus can help you build a small & mighty sales team or customer support team. 

Required Skills

You need to invest in the skills that will pay dividends for your business if you want to build a high-performance team.

According to MarketingWeek, digital marketing skills were the top growers in 2021. The demand for paid social media & ad serving is up 116% and 84%, respectively. That makes sense.

With lockdowns & digital consumption, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for skills.

Understand Your Target Audience

What’s the most effective way to know where to market? Talk to your target audience. You should do this first.

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Outsourcing Marketing Work

Growing your marketing department is exciting, but it may not be possible based on your budget.

Thus, you’ll need to distinguish between hiring in-house for high-priority roles & outsourcing for lower-priority ones.

Collaboration Is Important For A Marketing Strategy

No marketing department is an island. Marketers work with sales, customer service, accounting, and most other departments in a business.

You might want to consider integrating other departments & roles when building your marketing team.

Training A Marketing Team

It’s difficult to train a marketing team in-house. One person can take six months to a year to train (or a team if you hire multiple people at once).

You must have the time & money to train them. As part of the training, you should review everything you expect from them.

Document Systems To Withstand Turnover

No matter how stellar your company kulture is or how effective your manager is, a key employee will leave eventually. There’s no way around it.

When someone leaves, you’ll have to teach a new employee how your marketing department works, which is time-consuming. 

The key systems that keep your marketing machine running smoothly should be documented if you manage a marketing team or just a few freelancers.

Consistency is key to building an effective marketing team. To do that, you need to reduce turnover.

Paying more than the going rate for good people & fostering a healthy kulture is our rule of thumb. 

Confide In A Financial Analyst

It’s critical to find out if your marketing strategy is working BEFORE implementing it. You can improve your revenue & expenditures by hiring a financial analyst.

Also, they can tell you what’s working & what’s not. 

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Head of Marketing

The title of this role can vary – Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Online Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Manager, etc. This role still has the same goal. 

Marketing heads are responsible for creating marketing plans & managing the department’s success and failure. The head of marketing’s responsibilities include:


  • Creating an overall good marketing strategy

  • Setting objectives & establishing key success metrics

  • Managing marketing team members, including conducting appraisals

  • Reporting to senior management

  • Ensuring all marketing activities align with the goals of the business

  • Representing the company at events

  • Deciding on the marketing team structure 

Video Editor

The video editor oversees all top-of-funnel video content.

Social Media Manager

You can’t gain traction online by just sharing updates on social media. Creating creative & relevant content helps you establish yourself as a trendy, informed online presence.

The social media manager manages the brand’s social presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Most companies use multiple social media platforms.

When you invest in a social media management solution, you don’t have to spend time posting to individual platforms & tracking their success. 

The job includes managing paid ads on Instagram and Facebook, which requires social media analytics.

Data Analyst

Data analysts collect data, identify trends/patterns in datasets, and interpret the results. Why is this role so significant?

Other team members rely on their data analysis to make key decisions – like which marketing campaigns are working & which products consumers like. 

A talented data analyst on your team is crucial for improving overall marketing effectiveness because data is a RICH source of information. 

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SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist is a crucial part of any successful marketing team.

You can’t expect people to read your engaging content or visit your beautifully designed website if they can’t find it easily.

The right SEO specialist can boost your content’s visibility.

In reality, an SEO Manager should have experience developing websites, understand broader audience trends & know how to develop links & do keyword research.

Whenever there’s an update or change in SEO, they should stay on top of it & enact it when necessary.

Content Manager

Content managers should be able to write persuasively, as well as understand grammar & syntax.

Their job is to help you craft your brand voice so you can create relevant, reliable, and informative content that sparks your target audience’s interest.

Because most marketing teams need to produce quality content, you’ll probably need more than one content manager.

In-house marketers work better if they’re put into small groups because they focus on one aspect instead of the big picture.

You’ll need a content marketing team, for example. This team will create content for your website’s blog

They need to know about SEO keywords, who they’re writing for, and how much content they need to deliver consistently. 

Calculating Conversions Per Visit

Don’t forget to measure how many people buy from your site. This metric will tell you if your marketing efforts are working. 

What Is A Marketing Automation System?

Any marketing department needs a marketing automation system. Even small teams can use it to create & measure REALLY effective campaigns. 

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