Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology

As various forms of technology rise in prevalence, businesses are choosing to embrace new tech and use it to strengthen some aspect of their existing strategy.

Technological innovation can be a source of uncertainty for many businesses, especially when starting out, but we have begun to see a shift from keeping tech at arms length to implementing new software wherever possible.

A recent article by Crain’s Chicago Business details the intersectionality of technology, business, and data collection, highlighting the fact that these three concepts are more intertwined than ever before.

“For today’s business, technology means data, and for business leaders in both traditional and new industries, it means knowing how to interpret and use data,” says Nancy Qian, James J. O’Connor Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Whether bringing to market the latest self-driving-car technology or Cloud-based offerings, or leading a large Google business unit or 15-person startup, my colleague offers a concise take on the challenge leaders of technology businesses face today.  Understanding how technology and analytics can solve problems, drive innovation, and advance business objectives is now an imperative for business leaders across sectors.

The ACL course is just one example of how Kellogg prepares students to use analytics in any business setting. “Analytics helps you make better decisions,” Shapiro says. “And every business leader needs to do that.” Kellogg’s curriculum and other resources seek to help current and future leaders gain a working knowledge of analytics and the technologies behind it, regardless of their educational or career visions.”

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This article specifically mentions how technology can be applied in many areas of your business to alleviate issues and streamline operations, and this is absolutely true.

The importance of embracing technology and all that it can provide for you cannot be understated. There is software that exists to help with customer service, marketing, sales, operations, and even direct communication platforms. 

Think of technology as an employee who works 24/7 to better your company, and does so without needing a salary. 

Beyond the tech itself, your software will also give your business access to customer data and analytics, helping you see where weak points exist in your marketing or sales strategy. 

Business is built upon consumers, and it is difficult to simply guess what your customers want from your business. With the right technology, you’ll see exactly what advertisements garner the most engagement and which sales tactics optimize your conversion rates. 

You won’t need to guess what your customers want from you. Your technology will give you all of the information you need to continue growing your business.

Embrace technology for all that it can provide you and your customers, and make sure to use the analytics your software provides to your advantage.

Start by automating your lead flow with CloudKennect, and continue implementing software that benefits your business every day.

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