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Boolean search is the practice of incorporating specific keywords and phrases in quotation marks to complete a complex search. When you use multiple keywords, you can widen the parameters of your search results.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What LinkedIn boolean search is

  • What LinkedIn sales navigator is

  • How boolean searches work within sales navigator

  • Best practices for using boolean search

  • How Kennected uses boolean searches

Read on to learn how to use boolean search strings and how this search engine method can help you to reach your target audience more effectively.

What is LinkedIn Boolean Search?

LinkedIn boolean search is the process of entering a specific search term or keyword into a search engine with the goal of broadening or focusing your search results.

When you use boolean search, it is important to put your keywords into quotation marks, as this helps create boolean strings and stronger search results.

Boolean operators are something else to keep in mind during a search, as well as the usage of capital letters.

Examples of boolean operators include “and,” “or,” and “not,” and these terms can help you find users or items that carry more specificity.

A sales manager may want to create a keyword field that appeals to potential leads, and this individual could easily do so by creating a search string and using boolean search results.

This practice exists within LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedIn sales navigator.

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What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator is an automation tool designed to help streamline lead generation processes on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn sales navigator can help with the following items on LinkedIn:

  • Find profiles and prospects

  • Engage in sales or marketing searching

  • Use a boolean operator to find accurate results

  • Complete automated messages and search terms

  • Use LinkedIn filters automatically

Sales navigator is designed to help with lead generation, and this software has advanced searching capabilities that can be combined with the forces of a boolean search.

With sales navigator, you can create a boolean string and exclude keywords within the automation, making boolean searches easy to execute within the software.

How Does Boolean Search In Sales Navigator Work?

Boolean search results and search engines can be created manually or through automation.

As an automation tool, LinkedIn sales navigator is designed to help your business with lead prospecting, and boolean search results are also designed to help boost your lead generation capabilities.

You can use a title filter or other filters to find a specific LinkedIn user, or you can use the two services together to help with combining terms and finding profiles within the SaaS industry.

When you employ an automation tool like LinkedIn sales navigator, you are able to utilize boolean searches more frequently and without manual effort.

You can utilize multiple operators within your searches and combine multiple terms, giving you greater results with less effort.

Best Practices for an Exact Phrase In Boolean Searches

Boolean search results can be extremely beneficial for your business and lead generation efforts, but it is also important to use the search results effectively.

Use quotation marks around each search term.

Use boolean search results to structure lead generation campaigns.

Measure the efficacy of your outreach and use boolean search to analyze metrics.

Combine terms when you can and use all five operators.

Search words that pertain to your business and save time that can be allocated elsewhere.

Use both boolean search and an automation tool effectively to get the best results on the platform.

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How Kennected Uses Boolean Searches

Here at Kennected, LinkedIn is the platform where the magic happens.

Lead generation, marketing, sales, and agency departments find themselves relying on the LinkedIn platform for day to day tasks, and this application truly can do it all.

As a SaaS business, we are committed to the act of streamlining certain functions and ensuring that we are not wasting time doing tasks that can be performed more quickly and accurately through automation.

Tools like LinkedIn sales navigator and our own software help to streamline these processes while also ensuring the efficacy of your efforts.

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