Should I Be Blogging For My Business?

Content is very important for lead generation. Businesses that rely on consistent traffic to grow their brand and boost sales post high quality content regularly. It draws the attention of prospects and also establishes the company’s authority in their industry.

But the question most marketers have when it comes to content is: “should I be blogging for my business?”

It’s not always the best option for lead generation, despite its inherent usefulness. Here we discuss the benefits of blogging and why you should still look for other lead generation tools.

Should I Do Content Marketing for My Business

Blogging is a simple and inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site. It also enhances inbound marketing efforts and attracts more prospective customers. A blog can be used to share tips and helpful information about the product, the service, and the process behind it.

Blog posts can be used to connect with customers on a more personal level. Of course, this approach will not benefit everybody. Not all businesses need a blog.

Content in general is more of a long term strategy for lead generation. It establishes your position as a thought leader in your industry for the long term. But it’s more of a passive approach to lead generation—and you need tools that will generate leads right now. Blogging, content creation, and SEO are too slow, meaning you can’t rely on them if you want to keep up with the competition.

So a good rule of thumb is to keep posting high quality content on a regular basis, but also use more proactive lead generation tools—such as LinkedIn prospecting.

Find out Where Your Ideal Prospects Hang Out–Then Target Them There

People say that the best place to get found online is through your website. However, this is misleading.

A website is a necessary marketing tool, but it’s not easy to drive traffic to your website. For that you need SEO—and that takes a long time to produce results. Instead, you need to be the one looking for your ideal prospects online. If you can figure out where your leads are hanging out online, it will be easier for you to target them.

LinkedIn prospecting is a way to generate leads that involves tapping into the massive professional user base of LinkedIn.

Best Place to Meet Decision Makers and C-Suite Execs

LinkedIn is not like your regular social networking site. It caters to professionals, decision makers, C-suite execs, and just about everyone you want to connect with to expand your network.

Most B2B prospects, in fact, spend their time on LinkedIn. These are the people you will want to identify and reach out to. If you are going to start posting content on your website, be sure to also share a link on your LinkedIn to expand your reach.

To make your LinkedIn prospecting even easier, use Kennected.

Why Kennected Is Right for Your Company's Lead Generation Strategy​

One of the reasons why LinkedIn prospecting is more effective than SEO and content marketing is because it can be automated. Kennected is an automation tool that lets you save lots of time and energy by allowing you to reach out to prospects at scale.

With Kennected, you can fine tune your outreach with reliable data. It uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to help you find your ideal targets. This will get you in front of the freshest, most qualified leads in no time. Kennected also lets you set up and schedule personalized messages and follow-ups so you can reach more people automatically.

Kennected eliminates repetitive and mundane tasks so that you can focus on talking to people and forming real relationships. This means you won’t have to waste time “spraying and praying” on LinkedIn. Book a demo today to learn more!

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