Does Blogging Help My Business Make Money?


Blogging is a powerful tool that can help business in many ways, but it is still underused by most brands. Some entrepreneurs think it’s a waste of time, while others just aren’t confident that they can deliver enough value through it. In any case, they are missing out on a great source of leads and sales.

This means that those who do take the time to learn how to use it can gain a significant edge over their competition.

If you’re not convinced by the potential of blogging, we’re here to change that. Today we will be exploring the many different benefits of posting blogs on your website or social media.

There are many different ways businesses can utilize blogging to accomplish different business goals, and we’re going to take a closer look at each one. We will also give a few examples of how other brands are using blogging to reach their targets.

Post for Show, Blog for Dough

Blogging is for businesses that want to attract new customers, generate leads, drive traffic, and build loyalty to their brand. So basically, it’s good for every business, no matter what industry you are in.

Simply put, blogging allows you to produce evergreen content that can continually drive in new customers year after year. The benefits are endless, granted that you know how to use it properly. Just like in any other content marketing strategy, you can’t be lazy or overly promotional when you are blogging.

You need to provide value to your audience by covering topics they care about while giving new information or a new take on a popular subject. Effective blogging is all about publishing well-written articles with a proper strategy in mind.

It’s easy to see why some entrepreneurs would think that it is a tedious process. But you need to keep your goals in mind. Blogging helps you reach those goals in no time.

You can grow your community, drive traffic, nurture and convert customers, and keep your current customers engaged. Blogging is also the perfect vehicle for your branding, allowing you to set yourself apart from the competition.

Through blogging, you can create more interest around your products and services, which isn’t easy to do with just traditional advertising. And the best part is that they leave an impact long after you’ve posted them. So even though you are investing a lot of time on researching, writing, and optimizing your content, this is a worthwhile investment because of all the benefits we’ve listed below.

Improve Your Rankings with SEO

One example of a long term benefit of blogging is SEO, also known as search engine optimization. The more you blog, the more keywords you get out there, and the more links you get to your website.

SEO is all about ranking higher in search results so that it’s easier for people to find you when they do their own research on your industry. It involves the use of relevant keywords that people typically use when they look up your industry in search engines. If you rank high for those keywords, you will appear first and people are more likely to go to your website.

This is a highly effective marketing strategy that most businesses are already using, but it’s a long term strategy that takes time to pay off.

So when you start posting content on a regular basis, you will begin to improve your rankings on search results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Ultimately, it drives more traffic to your website or whatever social platform you are using to promote your content. Post highly valuable blogs frequently and you will improve your SEO rankings in no time.

Learn about SEO best practices and continuously promote your brand by posting content online.

Get Discovered by Potential Customers

On that note, SEO and content marketing help you get discovered by more people online. Its main purpose is to attract new customers who otherwise may have never heard of your brand. Think about how you would often do your research online before making a purchase or visiting a store. Most consumers want to know as much as possible before spending their money on something.

By posting blogs, you can introduce yourself and your business to those people who are browsing online for your products and services. Without content, they would have to rely on things like word of mouth or paid advertising just to discover your business.

But with blogs, you can continuously push your brand into the spotlight using keywords and SEO. Done effectively, you can drive more attention to your website.

To achieve this, your articles need to be valuable and helpful. They need to answer questions that people may have about your industry, products, and services. Your goal is to give them a reason to click on your blog and read it.

Think about what type of content your audience would be interested in that are related to your niche. If you are a roofing company, talk about different kinds of roofing systems and how certain roofing services work. If your business sells apparel, you can effectively run a fashion blog and talk about what the latest trends are.

Content marketing, including blogging, is a great way to enhance your online visibility and reach new customers.

Entertain Your Audience

Some people read blogs because they want to learn something new. Others read because it’s fun for them and they want to be entertained. For your content marketing strategy to succeed, you need to find a way to target both audience types.

There’s a way to reach both of them at the same time: by writing blogs that are both entertaining and educational at the same time. But you need to refine your content if you want to achieve this.

You can also just write different types of content based on who you are targeting. You can make informative blogs and guides that will help readers who need that information and you can also write more “want-based” articles for people just looking for entertainment. A lot of people spend time online just reading at their leisure.

Think about lifestyle news channels and magazines that post articles that are just pure entertainment. Blogs aren’t news articles that have to be formal and straightforward all the time. You can flex your creative muscles every now and then.

Since these readers aren’t necessarily looking for solutions to their problems, they might not be interested in purchasing your products. But blogging for this audience opens up the possibility of attracting their attention and showing them something that they might need. While they may not be looking to buy anything, they might want something when they get exposed to your brand and content.

With that in mind, always try to keep your blogs interesting and engaging no matter who you are targeting.

Blogging for entertainment fosters a strong connection with your readers, building brand loyalty in the process. As a business owner, you want to nurture your community as much as possible. It may not lead to sales now, but it will definitely help your sales later on.

Show Them What You Can Do

Aside from delivering value to your target audience and allowing your brand to get discovered by them, blogging is also the perfect opportunity to show people what you can do. You can share your knowledge and demonstrate that you are a thought leader in your industry—that you know all the latest trends and everything there is to know about your niche.

When you are able to show your value, you get to build a stronger connection with your community and earn their trust. People only want to buy things from brands that they trust. So if you are an unfamiliar name, you need to find a way to earn that trust. You need to be able to show that you know what you are talking about and therefore a safe investment.

Blogging helps you accomplish all that and more. By posting blogs regularly, you stay on top of everyone’s minds and you get to showcase that you are the best in the industry.

Use blogs to showcase past successes while simultaneously promising good results for new clients. It reminds existing customers why they chose you and also emphasizes the value that you’ve been able to provide so fat.

Blogs can be incredibly versatile. You can post blogs that talk about your brand in between high value articles talking about your industry. With a collection of impressive articles, your leads can have plenty of information about your company before they even buy from you. They can do all their research through your blog.

Blogging Provides Long Term Results

Blogging is a long term strategy. It’s not going to bring you a continuous stream of leads right away. You can’t post one article and expect amazing results. It takes time and perseverance to benefit from blogging. But once you do get your blog going and you start building that community, the results will begin to multiply significantly.

With each post, you have the chance of going viral and reaching a much larger audience than you have ever reached. This will translate into sales in the long run.

Like we said previously, your blogs stay online long after you have posted them. So they can be discovered by anyone at any time just by existing on your webpage. If you use SEO, you will keep attracting people who are looking up those keywords. Before you know it, you have plenty of blogs that are pulling new leads to your website—without you even trying.

But to get to this point, you need to keep updating your blog with new information and new posts so that they will stay relevant. You have to cover new developments within your industry, because the information in your earlier blogs can become outdated over time.

There are also plenty of topics that simply do not have an expiration date—usually these are the entertainment-based articles. But both old and new articles will be able to drive traffic to your website.

Build a Following

All of the benefits mentioned above will help you gain a healthy following within your industry. Your community will consist of people who love your brand and find value in your articles. These are the people you can convert into paying customers.

This is one of the biggest reasons why business owners should run a blog. If it’s possible, hire professionals for your content marketing team so they can handle the blog for your business. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping your website updated with new posts and you can focus on running your business.

That said, if you do need to run your own blog, stick with a consistent but realistic posting schedule. As long as you post great content on a regular basis, this strategy should work for you.

Blogging is worth your time because it opens up a lot of opportunities for networking by letting you establish a following. Every time you post something and someone leaves a comment, it’s a chance to engage with a potential new customer. Blogs not only drive traffic but also engagement.

Start Blogging to Make More Money

The benefits of blogging may not be readily apparent to most entrepreneurs, but with all the benefits listed above, you should start considering it for your website. It’s not a waste of time. In fact, you can even share your blogs across your different social media channels to cast a wider net and reach even more people.

Savvy marketers also repurpose their own blogs into different content types. You can take an old blog you’ve written and turn it into a video or an infographic. The possibilities are endless.

Content marketing in general is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal right now because everyone is spending time online. Your target audience is on social media, watching videos and reading blogs. They are doing their research on your industry as we speak. So bring your brand to them and give yourself the chance to be discovered by these leads. Your business will definitely make more money with a blog than without one. Get your blog running today!

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